This survey of U.S. SMB executives explores their interest in and demand for new IT and cloud solutions. It investigates the types of companies that are most interested in these solutions as well as the technical capabilities of the products and services to help identify the primary target markets for these products and services.

  • Technology / IT services used by SMBs
  • Leading problems and concerns related to technology
  • Current SMB strategies to deal with technical support / technology problems
  • Interest in new cloud-based services
  • Preferred and trusted providers for IT and cloud-based services
  • Impact of broadband services on IT and cloud service adoption
  • Bundling of access, IT, and cloud-based services
  • Factors in selecting a provider
  • Willingness to purchase

This Research Identifies

  • Services in greatest demand among SMBs
  • Target groups for cloud and IT services
  • Criteria for SMB decision makers when buying technology, adding subscriptions, and choosing vendors
  • Pain points for SMBs in choosing and implementing new solutions
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