Parks Associates’ Home Energy Management analyzes consumer engagement, business models, and technology trends for energy management solutions.

The $4 billion in smart grid stimulus has helped spawn many new start-up companies that bring new perspectives to energy management. This market expansion has prompted both new and veteran energy companies to apply technology in new and more effective ways in order to solve problems and tackle the difficult task of engaging consumers.

This service covers the following industry areas:

  • Key drivers of IP-based residential energy management
  • New business models including bundled services and deployment plans
  • Consumer engagement and awareness levels
  • The impact of factors like CE ownership on consumer energy preferences
  • Competitive profiles of innovative companies and utilities
  • Detailed market forecasts
  • Profiles of residential energy management products & services, including utility-based HAN and independent solutions
  • Smart grid and residential energy management activities in key regions in the world
  • The impact of government policy on new initiatives

This Service Benefits:

  • Utilities
  • Home Control Companies
  • Broadband Service Providers
  • Security Service Providers
  • OEMs
  • Hardware Manufacturers
  • Software Companies

Industry Reports

Home Area Network Solutions: Profiles and Assessments
AMI Fact Book: 2012 Update
Home Area Network Solutions: Profiles and Assessments, 2nd Ed.
Business Models for Energy Services

Residential Energy Management 2011: Trends & Opportunities
AMI Fact Book: 2011 Update
Global REM: Highlights of Key International Deployments

Consumer Segmentation Report

Technology Enthusiasts and Adopters of Energy Management

Primary Research—Multiclient Studies


A Survey of U.S. Electric Utilities & Consumer-Facing Programs
Engaging Customers & Overcoming Pushback

U.S. Electric Utilities and Value-added Services

Residential Energy Management: Consumer Motives, Actions and Intentions

Subscriptions also include:
Briefings by Webcast
Analyst Inquiry

The Smart Grid Infrastructure

  • Details by utility of smart meter installations
  • Demand response objectives by utility
  • Forecasts of the deployment of AMI
  • Governmental influence of smart grid policies

Consumer Interest and Adoption regarding Energy-saving Solutions

  • Consumer awareness and interest in energy-saving programs
  • Consumer motivations for implementing energy programs: savings or convenience?
  • Willingness to pay for energy management systems & devices
  • Preferred providers for energy solutions

Service Provider Strategies and Business Models

  • The utility’s role inside the home
  • Telcos and MSOs as energy managers
  • Home controls and security vendors as energy managers
  • Smart appliances
  • Revenue opportunities and pricing models: what works?

Consumers and Utilities

  • Subscriber satisfaction with utilities
  • Awareness of utility programs
  • Willingness to purchase new services
  • Segmentation of HEM enthusiasts
  • Compelling features and value propositions

HAN Devices and Systems

  • Leaders in the HAN device marketplace
  • Forecast for the uptake of HAN devices
  • Beyond the HAN: solar, wind, and storage
  • Interoperability of HAN devices
  • Emerging technologies

Parks Associates gathers information from consumer and industry sources.

Online consumer surveys, sampling U.S. households both with and without smart meters, surveyed to determine their awareness and use of various energy-related products and services
One-on-one interviews with firms developing energy management technologies, systems, and services
One-on-one interviews with utilities deploying or evaluating AMI and executives of selected meter manufacturers
Interviews with federal and local government bodies responsible for overseeing utilities, electricity pricing structures, and energy conservation programs

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