The Base Survey for Consumer Decision Process tracks and analyzes the decision-making process, from interest to purchase, for consumers across 40 CE products. The study addresses brands and price points and quantifies the purchase process by category of product, exploring the factors critical to success in all phases of the purchase process, from awareness to interest to the final sale.

The Base Survey is a tool providing relevant information to help product planners, product marketers, and channel partners make the best marketing decisions and target consumers at the right time and place.

  • Triggers that prompt consumers to consider, shop for, and purchase 40 different CE products in 9 categories
    • Prices paid and brands purchased
    • In-store changes to intentions
    • Replacements, upgrades, additions, and extra revenue opportunities
  • Factors most strongly influencing decision purchases
  • Current familiarity with products and sources of that knowledge
  • Purchase intentions — the factors that prompt and inhibit purchase decisions
  • Stages in the Purchase Decision Matrix
  • Segmentation of current and likely buyers from the total population set of broadband Internet households
  • Brand awareness and preferences, by product category and demographics
  • Consumer interest in new features for established and emerging products
  • The role of familiarity in determining what, where, and how consumers shop
  • An analysis of the price effect on purchase decisions
  • Multivariant analysis of features and factors correlating to purchase satisfaction
  • Most influential information sources by product category, including the role of influencers by product type
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