Parks Associates research tracks the impact of digital technologies on the delivery of health services and identifies opportunities for technology companies and service providers to accelerate the consumerization in the health and wellness markets.

This ongoing research service analyzes consumer adoption and usage of healthcare devices and services and identifies the opportunities, business models, and engagement opportunities for care providers, device makers, fitness companies, and health programs.

Clients have access to connected health research throughout the year, with four Connected Health Trackers, delivered quarterly and focused on two core areas:

  • Consumerism of Healthcare
  • Digital Disruptions in Healthcare Service Delivery

This Service Benefits:

  • Hospitals, health systems, and health Insurers
  • Ambulatory care providers and care management service/solution providers
  • Medical device makers and supply providers
  • Analog and digital IC suppliers
  • Drug companies/pharmacies
  • Broadband service providers and smart home service providers
  • Personal health and wellness product OEMs
  • Healthcare product retailers and distributors
  • Developers of health and wellness apps and system integrators

Consumerism of Healthcare Trackers analyze adoption and use of personal technologies by consumers to advance their healthy living priorities. They combine Parks Associates’ industry expertise and consumer data, based on nationwide surveys conducted throughout the year, to highlight consumer needs and wants and their attitudes toward personal care and caregivers. The Trackers also include case studies of care providers that successfully leverage technologies to change consumer health behaviors.

Digital Disruptions Trackers examine emerging technologies and solutions in the health and wellness market as well as solutions that help consumers shop and use healthcare services in innovative/disruptive ways. They leverage Parks Associates’ extensive industry connections and research capabilities to help clients understand the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, identify emerging and crossover opportunities, and assess potential partners and competitors as this market space gets more crowded.

This research can assist clients in market entry, product roadmap design, competitor/partner assessment, and establishing benchmarks for business performance.


About Parks Associates Digital Health Research

  • Fifteen years of experience by Parks Associates’ analyst team on research and market coverage of healthcare IT, care management services, and consumer adoption and usage of personal technologies.
  • More than five years of consumer survey data and ongoing consumer research that document consumer behaviors regarding their use of and interests in personal health and wellness solutions.
  • Thirty years of research and market data on the connected home industry, with technology adoption and consumer insights at the core of Parks Associates’ coverage.
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