This consumer survey highlights value propositions driving adoption of smart home products and services and the role of energy within this expanding market area.

This research study reveals the consumer perspective with the expanding smart home market. It also provides analysis and in-depth details of the rapidly changing landscape of energy management and smart home products and services, including specific programs targeting smart thermostats.

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  • Adoption of connected CE and security with home controls
  • Penetration of smart home systems
  • Consumer attitudes and actions toward reducing energy consumption
  • Familiarity with utility-led energy programs and interest in home management packages including security, smart thermostats, and lighting control
  • Evaluation of demand response (DR) programs with different levels of consumer control, comfort, and incentives
  • The role of energy in the context of smart home systems

Research Benefits

  • Identification of household products and services acquired independent of utilities that can be leveraged to meet DR and energy-efficiency program objectives
  • Strategies to refine DR programs to meet the needs of different industry segments
  • Insight into consumer attitudes toward energy and trends in energy-reduction activities
  • Recommendations for selling and integrating energy management solutions within smart home systems, including interest levels in different home system packages
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