TV Everywhere and the New World of OTT

The OTT video services marketplace continues its rapid rate of change, impacting the video ecosystem across world markets. Players throughout the industry are actively working to define their role and stake their claim in the new world of OTT. This report examines trends in OTT video services and TV Everywhere, including operator moves, new entrants, content implications, viewer behaviors, and consumer spending.

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1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Scope of Report

1.3        Research Approach/Sources

2.0        The State of TV Everywhere and OTT Video Services

2.1        TV Everywhere

2.2        OTT Video Services

2.2.1    The Explosion of OTT

2.2.2    Original Content

2.2.3    Operators and OTT Services

3.0        Consumer Demand for TV Everywhere and OTT Services

3.1        The Relationship between TV Everywhere and OTT Services

3.2        The Influence of Children on Online Video Spending

3.3        Reaching Beyond Pay TV

4.0        Cord-Cutting and Cord-Shaving

5.0        Threats to OTT Video Services

6.0        Success Factors for OTT Video Services

7.0        Forecast

8.0        Implications and Recommendations

9.0        Appendix

9.1        Glossary

9.2        Index

TV Everywhere Awareness by Country
Subscription OTT Adoption by Country
Video Consumption by Platform
Netflix Paying Subscriber Growth (2011-2014)
Examples of New OTT Video Services
Examples of Announced / Upcoming OTT Video Services
Influence of Original Programming on OTT Services
Penetration of OTT Subscriptions among Monthly TV Everywhere users
Influence of Children on Amount Spent on Video
Penetration of OTT Subscriptions among Pay-TV Subscribers
Size of OTT Services Market among Non-Pay-TV Households
Likelihood of Making Changes to Pay-TV Service by OTT Subscribers
Share of Content Sources for TV Viewing
Pay-TV Penetration vs. Intention to Cancel Pay TV (2012-2014)
Reasons for Subscribing to an OTT Video Service
Global OTT Video Service Forecast Methodology
Forecast: Global Consumer Paid OTT Video Service Revenues
Forecast: Global OTT Video Service Subscription Revenues
Forecast: Global OTT Video Service Transactional Revenues

Publish Date: 2Q 2015

Pages: 56

Authored By:
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst
Ruby-Ren Bond - Research Analyst

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