The Evolution of Advanced TV Advertising Strategies

This report provides a contextual review of the evolution of advanced TV advertising strategies and examines their transformation as a result of rising Internet-connected device penetration and consumer demand for multiscreen video viewing.  The report assesses the up-and-coming market trends reshaping how content owners, service providers, and brand advertisers engage consumers in multiscreen video environments. It also provides examples of strategies implemented across the major types of stakeholders.

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Data Points

The Bottom Line

Timeline: The Evolution of Advanced TV Advertising

1.0              Report Summary

1.1              Purpose of Report

1.2              Defining the Advanced TV Advertising Industry

1.3              Research Approach

2.0              Advanced TV Advertising Ecosystem

2.1              Broadcast & Cable TV Viewers

2.2              TV Content Owners

2.2.1           Broadcast TV Networks, Cable TV Networks, and O&O Local TV Stations

2.2.2           Independent Local TV Stations

2.3              TV Distribution Channels

2.3.1           Pay-TV Service Providers

2.3.2           OTT TV Distribution Platforms

2.4              TV Advertising Technology & Solutions Providers

2.5              TV Advertisers/Ad Agencies

2.6              TV Audience Measurement Services

3.0              Trends & Innovations in Advanced TV Advertising

3.1              Multiscreen TV Engagement is Growing

3.2              Enhanced Smart TV Advertising Emerges

3.3              Programmatic Ad Buying and Selling Enters the TV Ad Marketplace

4.0              U.S. Advanced TV Advertising Revenue Forecasts 2013–2018

4.1              Forecast Methodology and Assumptions

4.2              Advanced TV Advertising Revenues in the U.S. from 2013–2018

5.0              Market Implications and Recommendations


Glossary of Terms

Company Index

TV Advertising Today
Sources of Data
Advanced TV Advertising Ecosystem
TV Viewing Trends by Distribution Channel
U.S. Standard TV & Pay-TV Households 2014–2018
U.S. Households & Broadband Households 2014-2018
U.S. TV Households, Smart TV HHs and ACR-enabled Smart TV HHs 2014-2018
U.S. Smartphone & Tablet Users 2014-2018
U.S. Broadcast and Cable TV Network, and O&O Local TV Station Advertising Revenues 2008-2013
Leading U.S. Media Companies: TV Holdings
Top 25 U.S. Local TV Markets
U.S. Independent Local TV Station Groups Advertising Revenues 2011-2013
Leading U.S. Independent Local TV Station Groups
U.S. Pay-TV Service Advertising Revenues 2009-2013
Pay-TV Service Provider Advanced Advertising Strategies
TV Advertising Technology & Solutions Providers
Top U.S. Advertising Agency Companies
TV Audience Measurement Services
Smartphone or Tablet Activities While Watching TV
TV Channel/Network App Usage Trends: Age, Gender, & HH Composition
Leading Smart TV ACR Advertising Solutions Providers
Enhanced Advertising on Smart TVs: Attributes, Use Cases, & Benefits
Advanced TV Advertising Revenue Forecast Methodology
U.S. TV Advertising Revenues: Local TV, Broadcast & Cable TV Networks, & Pay-TV Service Providers 2013-2018
U.S. Advanced TV Advertising Revenues by Format 2013-2018

Publish Date: 2Q 2014

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