Tracking Eyeballs: Video Analytics and Measurement

With margins for content shrinking in the on-demand digital video world, many digital video service providers must rely increasingly on advertising revenue to retain customers with low-price or free content services. The mass audience measurement tools from the past are proving ineffective in the age of personalization, requiring new focus by content and service providers to demonstrate the value of digital "air time" to potential advertisers.

This report evaluates current audience metrics tools being implemented in digital video, identifies key players in the audience measurement services industry, and assesses the future for digital video advertising and audience measurement.

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1.0         Report Summary

1.1         Purpose of Report

1.2         Scope of Report

1.3         Research Approach/Sources

2.0         Measuring Digital Video Viewership

2.1         Watching Video in a Multiscreen Environment

2.2         Data Collection Methods

3.0         Analytics and Digital Advertising

3.1         Programmatic TV

3.1.1      Trends in Programmatic TV

3.1.2      Success Factors in Programmatic TV

3.1.3      Challenges for Programmatic TV

3.1.4      Implications

3.2         Dynamic Ad Insertion and Addressability

3.2.1      Trends in Dynamic Ad Insertion and Addressability

3.2.2      Success Factors in Dynamic Ad Insertion and Addressability

3.2.3      Challenges for Dynamic Ad Insertion and Addressability

3.2.4      Implications

3.3         Ad Blocking Technology

3.3.1      Trends in Ad Blocking Technology

3.3.2      Success Factors in Mitigating Ad Blocking Technology

3.3.3      Challenges Regarding Ad Blocking Technology

3.3.4      Implications

4.0         Forecast

4.1         Forecast Methodology

4.2         Forecast

5.0         Recommendations

5.1         Publishers and Service Providers

5.2         Audience Measurement Providers

5.3         Ad Networks and Enablers

5.4         Advertisers

6.0         Appendix

6.1         Glossary

6.2         Index

Video Consumption on TV Sets by Source
Video Consumption on TV Sets by Source
Analytics Case Study: Symphony Advanced Media
Video Consumption by Platform
OTT Video Service Growth in North America
Likelihood to Engage in Advertising Activity
Likelihood of Using Ad Blocking Programs by Age
Digital Advertising Revenues Forecast Methodology
Global Forecast - Total Digital Video Advertising Revenue
Global Forecast - Digital Video Advertising Revenue for Connected TV
Global Forecast - Digital Video Advertising Revenue for Tablets
Global Forecast - Digital Video Advertising Revenue for Smartphones
Global Forecast - Digital Video Advertising Revenue for Computers

Publish Date: 2Q 2016

Pages: 44

Authored By:
Glenn Hower - Senior Analyst

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