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This report analyzes the social media market. It defines the market and outlines current initiatives to monetize it. It also presents alternative business models and profiles technology vendors who can facilitate them. The report also provides market forecasts for social networking through 2013.

"Social media can be an extremely profitable market for advertisers and media companies,” said Parks Associates. “However, it is radically different from traditional media and would require new and unique business models to monetize the market successfully.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Methodology and Scope

1.1 Sources of Data

1.2 Consumer Data

1.3 Scope of the Report

1.3.1    Defining Social Media

1.3.2    Scope of the Report

2.0   Current Status of the Social Media Market

2.1 Market Overview

2.2 Market Evolution and Trends

2.2.1    United States

2.2.2    Western Europe

2.3 Growth Prospects for Social Media Market

2.4 Market Drivers and Inhibitors

3.0   Analysis of the Social Media Value Chain

3.1 Social Networks

3.1.1    General Purpose Sites

3.1.2    Specialized Sites

3.2 Video-sharing Sites

3.3 Applications

4.0   Consumers and Social Media

4.1 Creators vs. Consumers

4.2 Social Media Transcends Platforms

5.0   Analysis of the Social Media Business Models

5.1 Ad-Supported Model

5.2 Pay Models

5.2.1    Transactional

5.2.2    E-commerce

5.2.3    Subscription

5.2.4    Optimal Business Model for Social Media

6.0   U.S. Social Networks User and Ad Revenue Forecast

6.1 Methodology and Assumptions

6.1.1    Social Network Users

6.1.2    Social Network Advertising Revenue

6.2 U.S. Social Network User Forecast

6.3 U.S. Social Network Ad Revenue Forecast

7.0   Recommendations

7.1 Advertisers

7.2 Publishers

7.3 CE Manufacturers

Resource Book

1.0   Consumer Analysis

1.1 Consumer Demographics and Usage Trends

1.2 Social Networking and Demand for Devices and Features

1.3 Social Media Consumption and Trends in Western Europe

2.0   Company Profiles

2.1 MySpace

2.2 Facebook Inc.

2.3 YouTube, Inc.

2.4 Veoh Networks, Inc.

2.5 Metacafe

2.6 Dogster Inc.

2.7 TurnHere

2.8 Bunchball

2.9 Slide, Inc.

2.10, Inc.

Social Media Platforms
Definitions of the Social Media Platforms
Monthly Social Media Activities (2007-2008)
Top 3 Activities on a Social Network Site
Consumers Use Web for Product Research
Comparing Social Media with Traditional Media
Ad Placement Heat Map
Evolution of the Social Media Market
Social Media Consumption - Beyond 24 Year Olds
Social Media Consumption in Europe
Blogging in Europe
Social Network Sites Use in Europe
Monthly Internet Audiences
Media Sharers (by Age)
Social Media Market Drivers and Inhibitors
Social Media Value Chain
Comparing Social Networks
Comparing Video-sharing Sites
Daily Consumption of Social Media among 25 to 34 Year Olds
Creators vs. Consumers of Social Media
Social Media Activities on a Mobile Phone
Appeal of Social Media Features on a Mobile Phone
Interest in Social Media Features on a TV
U.S. Monthly Social Network User Forecast Methodology
U.S. Online Advertising Spend ($Bil.) 2000 - 2013
U.S. Social Network Ad Revenue Forecast Methodology
Total Monthly U.S. Social Network Users (Mil.) 2008-2013
U.S. Online and Social Networking Advertising Spend ($ Mil.) 2008-2013
Consumer Internet Activities
Monthly Internet Activities by Gender
Monthly Internet Activities by Age
Media Sharing Habits by Gender
Media Sharing Habits by Age
Interest in Belonging to Themed Social Networks
Online Affiliation Interest by Age
Consumer Preference for Social Network Experience
Social Media Activity on the Mobile Phone
Mobile Entertainment by Age
Consumer Interest in Social Features on TV by Age
CE Purchases
Mobile Phone Purchases
Consumer Interest in Camera Features
Willingness to Pay for Desired Camera Features
Most Appealing Features on a Mobile Phone
Consumer Interest in TV Features
Willingness to Pay for Desired TV Features
Concurrent Consumer Activities by Country
Activities Concurrent with Watching TV by Country
Online Social Activity by Country
Using Multiple Social Networks by Country

Publish Date: 1Q 2009

Pages: 92

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Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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