Smart TVs in a Pay-TV World

This report examines the phenomenon of smart TV diffusion on video delivery and consumption. It specifically analyzes the technology and business implications for delivering managed and over-the-top video services into a smart TV. It provides an overview of content delivery models, examines the role of pay-TV operators, and provides global forecasts.

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Data Points

The Bottom Line

Smart TVs in a Pay-TV World Dashboard

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Data Sources

2.0   Market Status

2.1 Catalysts to Bring Pay-TV Services to the Smart TV

2.1.1    Consumers’ Changing Habits

2.1.2    Pay-TV Providers’ Desire to Lower CAPEX

2.2 Previous Attempts to Bridge Pay-TV and Connected CE

2.2.1    CableCARD

2.2.2    Tru2way/OpenCable

2.2.3    AllVid

2.3 Smart TV Opportunities for Pay-TV Providers

2.3.1    TV Everywhere

2.3.2    Transactional or Subscription VOD Revenues

2.3.3    Augmenting or Replacing Set-top Boxes

2.3.4    Whole-home DVR Configurations

2.3.5    Virtual MSO Receivers

2.4 Smart TV Risks for Pay-TV Providers

3.0   Key Technologies

3.1 Video Delivery Solutions

3.1.1    Video Delivery Platforms

3.1.2    Systems Integrators

3.1.3    Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

3.1.4    Delivery via Residential Gateway or Primary Set-Top Box

3.2 Content Protection/Security

3.3 Smart TV Apps

3.3.1    Apps Platforms

3.3.2    Video Apps

3.4 User Interfaces

3.4.1    Electronic Program Guides

3.4.2    User Interface Innovations

4.0   Forecasts

5.0   Conclusions and Recommendations

5.1 For Pay-TV Providers

5.2 For Consumer Electronics Manufacturers

5.3 For Technology Vendors

5.4 For Content Owners

6.0 Glossary and Index

Companies Briefed for the Report
Worldwide Pay-TV Subscribers
Monthly Use of Connected Smart TVs for Online Video
Frequency of Using Connected Smart TVs for Online Video
Ideal On-Demand Programming Option – YouTube Video
For What Applications Has Smart TV Use Grown the Most Since 2010?
Pay-TV Content Available on Connected Consumer Electronics
Panasonic Smart TV Used for as a Whole-home DVR Receiver
Notable Video Delivery Platforms
System Integrators
Transcoding within the Residential Gateway
DLNA Certified® TVs and Set-top Boxes
Smart TV Development Ecosystem
Smart TV Third-party Apps Platforms
Smart TV OEM Apps Platforms
Smart TV Independent Platforms
Online Video Providers and Smart TV Availability: U.S.
Online Video Providers and Smart TV Availability: Europe
Smart TV Sales Forecast Methodology
Unit Sales of Smart TVs
Smart TV Households Using Product as a Pay-TV Receiver

Publish Date: 3Q 2012

Pages: 53

Authored By:
Pietro Macchiarella - Research Analyst

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