Evolution of Smart Home and the Internet of Things

Devices in the home are increasingly connected to a cloud service, providing access to controls and content from anywhere. Connected devices become smart as they analyze and act upon consumer data (big data) to interpret consumer behavior and enhance comfort, convenience, and safety. This report provides forecasts for multiple industry categories of connected devices for the U.S. and concepts that apply globally.

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1.0      Introduction

1.1      Scope

1.2      Key Questions Addressed

2.0      The Internet of Things

2.1      Smart Home Benefits and Capabilities

2.2      Integrating Smart Home Systems and Smart Products

3.0      Evolution of the Smart Home

3.1      Enhanced Products

3.2      Business Transformation

4.0      Adoption of Home Control Products and Systems

4.1      Smart Home Systems

4.2      Smart Devices

4.3      Integrating Connected Products and Smart Home Systems

5.0      Evolution of Smart Product Categories

5.1      Door Locks

5.2      Motorized Garage Door Openers

5.3      Doorbells

5.4      Networked Cameras and Video Storage & Viewing

5.5      Smart Lighting Controls

5.6      Thermostats

5.7      MultiSensors

5.8      Blinds and Drapes

5.9      Wall Outlets, Smart Plugs, and Smart Power Strips

6.0      Future Trends and Select Smart Device Forecasts

6.1      Forecast: Smart Thermostats

6.2      Forecast: Smart Lighting Controls

6.3      Forecast: Networked Video Cameras

6.4      Forecast: Smart Door Locks

7.0      Notes on Methodology

7.1      Data Sources

8.0      Index of Companies & Key Words

Smart Home Definitions
Internet of Things
Smart Home Current and Future Capabilities
Smart Devices Integrated into a System or Standalone
In-App Revenue Generators and Value Added Services
Adoption of Technology in the U.S.
The Two Paths to Smart Home Adoption
Bundled Services among New Professional Monitoring Services Subscribers
Smart Home Consumer Segments
Smart Home Service Provider Positioning
Telecom Home Control Solutions Profiles
Cable Operator Home Control Solutions Profiles
Conflicting Business Motivations within the Connected Home
Type of Smart Networked Camera
Smart Lighting
Top Brand of Smart Lighting
Growth of Smart Thermostats
Top Smart Thermostat Brands
Smart Plug/Power Strip Ownership
Smart Plug Top Brands
Total Thermostat Forecast
Smart Thermostats by System Type
Smart Lighting Forecast
Smart Lighting by Type
Smart Lighting by System Type
Networked Security Cameras Forecast
Networked Security Camera by System Forecast
Smart Door Lock Forecast
Smart Door Lock Forecast by System Type

Publish Date: 2Q 2014

Pages: 68

Authored By:
Tom Kerber - Senior Director, IoT Strategy and Custom Research
Maia Hinkle - Research Analyst

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