OTT in a Pay-TV World

This report analyzes trends and market dynamics for OTT services and the implications for the pay-TV industry. The report examines consumption of and attitudes towards OTT services, the new competitive environment in OTT, business models and content licensing issues, and moves by operators to offer pure OTT services to consumers who are not their pay-TV subscribers. It reveals which consumers are using multiscreen services and provides a forecast for future services.

“Competition in the OTT world is global and is increasing,” said Brett Sappington, director of research, Parks Associates. “Pay-TV operators throughout the world have added multiscreen video delivery capabilities, and new players are emerging in the OTT video space. As awareness and use among consumers grow, service providers need to understand OTT service usage, the trends affecting the market, and the business models that are producing successful results.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0          Consumers and OTT Services

1.1          Internet Video Use

1.2          Adoption of OTT Services

1.3          OTT Use on CE Devices

2.0          Pay TV Going OTT

2.1          TV Everywhere Services

2.2          Adding OTT Services

3.0          OTT Services in Global Markets

4.0          Trends in OTT Services

4.1          Growth of Original and Exclusive Content

4.2          Streaming Media Players

4.3          Online Rebroadcasting

5.0          Implications / Recommendations

5.1          Pay TV

5.2          OTT Services

5.3          Content Creators

6.0          Forecast

7.0          Report Methodology

7.1          Data Sources

8.0          Glossary

Timeline: Major Events in Online Video
Consumption of TV Shows and Movies
Sources Used to Watch Movies / TV Shows at Home
Top Sources Used to Watch TV Programs at Home
Top Sources Used to Watch Movies at Home
Watching Free Online TV Programs
Penetration and Share of U.S. OTT Subscriptions
Weekly and Daily Use of OTT / VOD Services
Strongest Attributes of OTT Video Services
Reasons for Canceling Netflix Subscription
Online Consumption of TV Shows and Movies by Platform
Weekly OTT Viewing on Connected Devices
Reasons to Buy a Smart TV
Awareness of TV Everywhere from Current Provider
TV Everywhere Awareness by Pay-TV Provider
Examples of Operator-based OTT Initiatives
Intention to Pay $9.99/Month for New VOD Services
Assessment Criteria for Operator OTT Launch Strategies
OTT Services Available in Various Global Markets
Brands of Streaming Media Players Owned
Examples of Streaming Media Player Offerings
Global Online Video Forecast Methodology
Global Forecast: Total Online Video Viewers (2012-2018)
Global Forecast: Total Online Video Revenues by Region (2012-2018)
Global Forecast: Total Online Video Revenues by Business Model (2012-2018)

Publish Date: 4Q 2013

Pages: 55

Authored By:
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst

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