Online Video and Internet TV Services: Global Outlook

Online Video and Internet TV Services: Global Outlook examines the worldwide IP video entertainment space, focusing on diverse business factors, including consumer online video habits and consumption patterns; innovative delivery and monetization models; and shifting roles for existing and emerging industry players. The report also offers industry recommendations and forecasts for online streaming video revenues over the next five years.

“The competitive content delivery field is shifting," said Tricia Parks, CEO, Parks Associates. "Increased content options for Internet video are shuffling the playing field, bringing pay-TV operators into direct competition with over-the-top content providers, ISPs, telcos and consumer electronics OEMs.”

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Part I

The Bottom Line

1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2          Data Sources

1.3          Companies Briefed

2.0          The Current Landscape

2.1          North America

2.1.1  Online Video Sources

2.1.2  Connected Device Use

2.1.3  Business Model Trends

2.1.4  The Surge of Online Video in Canada

2.2          Western Europe

2.2.1  France

2.2.2  Germany

2.2.3  Italy

2.2.4  Spain

2.2.5  United Kingdom

2.3          Asia-Pacific

2.4          Rest-of-World

2.4.1  Latin America

2.4.2  Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and other Developing Markets

3.0          Business Models

3.1          Transactional

3.2          Subscription

3.3          Ad-supported

3.4          Subsidized OTA

4.0          Market Dynamics

4.1          Market Drivers

4.1.1  Connected Devices

4.1.2  Competition: Remaining and/or Becoming a Relevant Player

4.2          Innovations and Enablers

4.2.1  Video Delivery Workflow and Mechanisms

4.2.2  Content Protection Technologies

4.2.3  Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

4.3          Inhibitors

4.3.1  Broken Business Models

4.3.2  Network Capacity

4.3.3  Licensing Issues

4.3.4  Device Development Costs

4.3.5  A Lack of Consistent Reporting and Management

4.4          Cord Cutting and Shaving

5.0          Implications and Recommendations

5.1          Pay-TV Providers

5.2          OTT Online Outlets

5.3          OEMs

5.4          Free, Ad-supported Outlets

Appendix A: Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Part II

1.0      Market Forecasts

1.1          A La Carte Movie Rentals and Downloads

1.2          Online Video Subscriptions

1.3          Total Revenues

1.4          Forecast Models

1.4.1  United States

1.4.2  Canada

1.4.3  Western Europe

Online Video Transactional Forecasts - North America and Western Europe

U.S. Online Video Forecast

Canada Online Video Forecast

W. Europe Online Video Forecast

Average Pricing - Movie Rentals

Average Pricing - Movie Purchases

Average Pricing - Sub Services

Annual Revenues: A La Carte Movie Rentals and Downloads

Annual Revenues: Online Video Subscriptions

Annual Revenues: Online Video A La Carte Purchases and Subscriptions

Part I
List of Companies Briefed
comScore and Nielsen Top Four Video Sites (as of May 2011)
Top Ten Online Properties – comScore & Nielsen, May 2011
Preferred Sites for User-generated Content
Preferred U.S. Online Movie Sites
Preferred Online Sites for TV Shows
Online Content Accessed Through PC
Connected Devices in U.S. Households (as of 2Q 2011)
Content Type Accessed via Connected Devices
U.S. Online Video Trends: 2009 and 2010
Canada: Devices Used for Watching Video
"Most Watched" European Commercial Online Video Services
Pan-European Online Video Traffic Ranking
Ownership and Usage of Connected Products
Rate of Online Purchase/Rent for Online Content
German Broadband Household Ownership and Active Usage of Connected Products
Number of Online Purchases and Rentals by Those Engaging in Activity
Italian Broadband Household Ownership and Activity with Internet Capable Products
Purchase and Rental Rates per Week among Active Online Video Users
Spanish Ownership and Usage of Connected Products for Internet Access for Video
Online Purchasing and Rental of Videos among Broadband Households
Broadband Households Ownership and Usage of Products for OTT Displayed on the TV
U.K. - Average Amount of Online Video Content Purchased/Rented
Asia-Pacific Operator Online Video Outlets
Latin America Online Viewer Trends
Top Online Video Sites in Lain America
Subscription-based Online Streaming Video Providers
Netflix Subscriber Growth 2001-2010
Netflix Revenue and Subscriber Trends
Ad-supported Player Comparison
Connected Device Ownership
OEM-branded Content Portals
Online Video Delivery Workflow
Content Protection Providers and Technologies
Device Development Costs
Measurement Inconsistencies – comScore and Nielsen

Part II
Online Video A La Carte Movie Rentals and Downloads: Forecast Methodology
Annual Revenues: A La Carte Movie Rentals and Downloads
Online Video Subscriptions: Forecast Methodology
Annual Revenues: Online Video Subscriptions
Total Revenues: Online Video A La Carte Purchases and Subscriptions

Publish Date: 3Q 2011

Pages: 91

Authored By:
Tricia Parks - Founder
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

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