Networked Medical Devices: Innovations and Business Models

This report examines the market for networked medical devices for personal/home use. It also analyzes the technology trends that impact the design and use cases of these devices in meeting consumer DIY care needs.

"With networking technology integrating into devices that capture patient vital signs and help diagnose health conditions, health professionals are able to extend the point of care to locations more convenient to patients, most notably the household," said Harry Wang, Director, Health and Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates. "Networked medical devices enable patient-centered care and drive care cost away from the most expensive premises."

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Research Approach

2.0   Networked Medical Device Industry Overview

2.1 Consumer Ownership and Purchase Behaviors

2.2 Medical Device by Category

2.2.1    Glucometer, Insulin Pump, and CGMS

2.2.2    Cardiac Care: ECG, Event Recorder, and the Implantable

2.2.3    Blood Pressure Monitor

2.2.4    Pulse Oximeter

2.2.5    Home Sleep Apnea Test Kit and Sleep Monitoring Devices

2.2.6    Home INR/PT Test

2.2.7    Digital Weight Scale and Others

2.2.8    Health Data Gateway

2.3 Software-based Solutions

3.0   Technology Impact on Networked Medical Device Market

3.1 Networking technology

3.2 Semiconductor Market for Medical Devices

3.3 Cloud Services for Health Care

4.0   Impact of Health Care Reforms and FDA Regulation Changes

4.1 Health Care Reform and Payment Model Changes

4.2 510(K) Reform, MDDS and MMA Regulations

5.0   Market Forecasts

5.1 Market Drivers and Inhibitors

5.2 Forecast Methodology

5.3 Forecasts of U.S. Networked Medical Device Sales (2013-2018)

6.0   Market Implications and Recommendations

Appendix A: Definitions and Acronyms

Appendix B: Company Index

Companies Interviewed and Researched for this Report
Healthcare Product Ownership
Digital Healthcare Product Data Transfer
Medical Device Data Transferring, by Age
Digital Health Data Transfer Methods
Networked Glucometers
Networked Insulin Pumps
Form Factor Evolution for ECG Devices
Networked ECG Monitoring Devices
Networked Automatic Arrhythmia Detection Devices
Leading Connected Implantable Device Platforms
New Blood Pressure Monitors from Innovators
Innovative Pulse Oximeter Designs
Leading Home Sleep Test (HST) Solution Vendors
Leading INR Test Device Vendors
Leading Networked Weight Scale Makers
Health Data Gateway Designs: Physical, Virtual, and Hybrid Gateways
Tablet-based Health Data Gateway Provider
Comparison of Major Software-based Gateway Providers
Medical Apps for Consumer Use with Medical Devices
Major Wireless Networking Technologies for Networked Medical Devices
Comparison of WPAN Technologies
Consumer’s Likelihood to Pay for Care Navigator Service
IC Vendors for Networking Technologies
Examples of Health Cloud Services
Estimated Costs of UDI Regulation
Unique Device Identifier Regulatory Timeline
Addressable Market of Connected Medical Device Industry in the U.S.
Macro Market Drivers for Networked Medical Device Industry
Device Categories and Forecast Breakdowns
Unit Sales Forecast (2013-2018): U.S. Networked Medical Devices by Category
Revenue Forecasts (2013-2018): U.S. Networked Medical Devices by Category
Networking Technology Breakdown (2013-2018): U.S. Networked Medical Devices
Definitions and Acronyms

Publish Date: 4Q 2013

Pages: 81

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

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