Music App Partnerships: Global Insights

Mobile business is becoming increasingly competitive, and carriers are experimenting with strategies such as music offerings to reduce churn and generate additional revenues. This report examines the business models, partnerships between mobile carriers and music apps, and the strategic objectives among the different players in the mobile music ecosystem. This report includes case studies highlighting the partnerships between music apps and mobile carriers worldwide and the underlying business models. It also provides a five-year market forecast of streaming music revenues from the mobile carrier perspective.

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1.0                Report Summary

1.1                Purpose of Report

1.2                Scope of Report

1.3                Research Approach/Sources

2.0                Evolution of Music Services and Apps

2.1                From Ownership to Access: the Rise of Music Streaming

2.2                The Expansion of Music Content

2.2.1            Music Video Content

2.2.2            Live Music and Live Streaming

2.2.3            Social Media Integration

2.2.4            Content Exclusivity

2.3                Key Players

2.3.1            Content Providers: Record Labels and Artists

2.3.2            Music Content Aggregators

2.3.3            Music Service Providers

2.3.4            Channel Partners: Telco/Mobile Operators

3.0                Music Partnerships and Business Models

3.1                Music Bundling

3.2                White Labeling

3.3                Zero Rating

4.0                Future Roles: Mobile Operators & Digital Music Business

5.0                Forecast

5.1                Definition and Forecast Methodology

5.2                Market Forecasts

6.0                Implications and Recommendations

7.0                Appendix

7.1                Glossary

7.2                Company Index

Companies Researched
Adoption of Online Music Subscription Services
Pandora’s Mobile Growth: Listening Hours and Revenues
Streaming Music Listening on Smartphone: Average Length of Time Spent per Day
Digital Music Industry Key Players and Their Roles
Adoption of Online Music Service Subscriptions by Audio Streaming
Market Shares of Paid Digital Music Service Subscription Services
Streaming Music Listening Habits on Smartphone by Mobile Operator Brand
Smartphone User Activities: Music Streaming vs. Other Content Activities
Free Online Music Streaming Service’s Potential Impact on Broadband Service Churn
Next Frontier: Use of Music Apps While Driving
Forecast Methodology
Forecasts of Global Active Mobile Streaming Music Listeners
Global Mobile Operator Revenues from Direct-to-Consumer Music Streaming Services

Publish Date: 1Q 2016

Pages: 51

Authored By:
Kristen Hanich - Director of Research
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

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