Mobile Data and Applications: Market Update

This report provides an updated analysis of the dynamic mobile data market from both mobile operator and over-the-top service provider perspectives. It also covers the mobile app industry to gauge its revenue potential for mobile operators and app developers. The report also includes the latest consumer data from Parks Associates’ mobile tracking study.

"2012 will be a watershed year for mobile operators,” said Harry Wang, Director of Mobile and Health Research at Parks Associates. "Now that 4G networks are rolling out across the globe, operators have to do three things right: find new revenue sources for their faster and more efficient networks, fend off over-the-top competitors, and manage their networks efficiently-including modifying data plan pricing to align revenue with network cost. None will be easy, but they have to roll up their sleeves and get them done.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0            Purpose of Report

1.1            Scope of Report

1.2            Source of Information

2.0            Mobile Operators’ Data and App Strategy

2.1            Growth of Mobile Data Revenue and Network Traffic

2.1.1        Global Data ARPU Trends

2.1.2        Changing Mobile Data Plan Pricing: Work in Progress

2.1.3        Network Bandwidth Management

2.1.4        4G/LTE Deployment Update

2.2            Mobile Value-added Services (VAS)

2.2.1        Mobile Entertainment Services

2.2.2        Mobile Location/Navigation Services

2.2.3        Mobile Video Communications Applications and Services

2.2.4        Cloud Service from Operators

2.3            Mobile Operators’ App Store Initiatives

2.3.1        Update on Wholesale Application Community (WAC)

2.3.2        App Stores from Mobile Operators

3.0            Over-the-top Mobile Data Market: Apps and Beyond

3.1            Non-operator App Stores: Growth and Competition

3.2            Content Services via Apps: Revenue Model Analysis

3.3            Technology Snapshots: Native Apps and HTML5

4.0            Consumer Mobile Data and App Usage

5.0            Market Forecasts

5.1            Mobile Data Market Drivers and Barriers

5.2            Forecast Methodology

5.3            Forecasts of Operator Mobile Data Revenue

5.4            Forecast of Mobile App Downloads and Revenues

6.0            Market Implications and Recommendations

7.0            Appendix

7.1            Glossary

7.2            Company Index

Data ARPU Trends: Major Mobile Operators
Mobile Data Pricing Trends: Examples by Operators
Network Bandwidth Management Solution Providers
Mobile Operator’s Revenue Growth Drivers: From 2G to 4G and Beyond
Mobile Entertainment Services: Initiatives and Strategies from Operators
Mobile Video Calling App Developers
Mobile Cloud Solution Providers
Mobile Operators’ App Store Initiatives
Non Operator App Stores: Key Statistics
App Store Preference by Smartphone OS
Smartphone App Download Statistics by Region: 2009-2011
Smartphone App Download Statistics by OS: 2009-2011
Smartphone App Download Revenues by Region: 2009-2011
App Development Approaches: Native, HTML5, or Hybrid
Mobile Data Plan Size by U.S. Operators
Consumer Mobile Data Consumption Patterns by U.S. Operators
Most Frequently Downloaded App Types by OS
Spending on App Downloads by OS
Smartphone V.S. Tablet: Usage Differences
Forecast Models for Mobile Data Revenues and Mobile App Downloads/Revenues
Global Mobile Data ARPU Trends by Region: 2009-2016
Worldwide Mobile Data Revenue Forecasts 2009-2016
Worldwide Mobile Data Revenue Forecasts by Region 2009-2016
Worldwide Mobile Data Revenue Forecasts by Data Categories
Worldwide Smartphone App Download Forecasts: 2010-2016
Worldwide Smartphone App Download Forecasts by OS: 2010-2016
Worldwide Smartphone App Download Revenue Forecasts: 2010-2016
Worldwide Smartphone App Download Revenue Forecasts by OS: 2010-2016

Publish Date: 1Q 2012

Pages: 56

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research
Jennifer Kent - Vice President, Research

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