Greenfields: IP Safety, Energy, Control & Monitoring Business Models

This report provides an assessment of how the business models for the utility, security, and home controls industries are evolving. Standards and open protocols are removing barriers to entry, flattening markets, and inviting new entrants with differentiated value propositions and novel monetization strategies. The convergence of channels in the connected home is just beginning, as traditionally separate channels expand their offerings and compete for business on a new playing field.

"The connected home is driving convergence of traditionally separate energy, security, and home controls industries,” said Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls and Energy Management at Parks Associates. “Understanding the business models behind this convergence is important not only for those in the energy, security, and home controls industries but for every manufacturer developing a connected home strategy.”

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1.0   Introduction

1.1 Key Questions & Issues Addressed

1.2 Scope

2.0   Business Models

2.1 Elements of a Business Model

2.2 Business Model Overview

3.0   Utility Business Model

3.1 Industry in Transition

3.2 Open Information and Standards

3.3 Incentive Based Demand Response Business Model

3.4 Open Demand Response Markets

3.5 Pricing Based Demand Response

3.6 Distribution System Operator Business Model

3.7 Decoupling

3.8 Value Added Services

4.0   Energy Management Business Models

4.1 Utility Demand Side Management Programs

4.2 Energy Consumption Information

4.3 Energy Cost Information

4.4 Energy Modeling Services

4.5 Choreographing Loads

4.6 Energy Management Devices

5.0   Security Business Model

5.1 New Channels and Platforms

5.2 Integrating Energy with Security Services

6.0   Home Control and Monitoring Business Model

6.1 New Channels and Platforms

6.2 Manufacturers and Connected Products

6.3 Mobile Device Application Platforms

6.4 Cloud Service Platforms

7.0   Bundled Solutions and Convergence in the Connected Home

7.1 Bundled Solutions

8.0   Notes on Methodology

8.1 Data Sources


Utility, Home Automation, and Security Service Business Models
Per Capita Electricity Consumption
Price Sensitivity for Energy Saving Devices
Impact of Granularity of Consumption Data
Energy Savings from Different Energy Consumption Feedback Methods
Disaggregation Company Profiles
Energy Cost Information Company Profiles
EcoFactor’s Energy Scorecard
Energy Modeling Company Profiles
Home Energy Management Platform Profiles
Service Provider Profiles
Consumers Rating Energy, Security Services Highly Appealing
CEDIA Channel - Home Control Platform Profiles
Service Provider Home Control Platform Profiles
Telecom Home Control Solutions Profiles
Cable Operator Home Control Solutions Profiles
IBM’s Cloud Services Platform
Convergence in the Connected Home
Home Control Segmentation
Security Dealer Revenue Breakdown Forecast
Profiles of Utilities Offering Communication Services
Breadth of Services by Channel

Publish Date: 3Q 2012

Pages: 57

Authored By:
Tom Kerber - Senior Director, IoT Strategy and Custom Research

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