Global Connected Living Outlook: The Era of IoT

This report provides an analysis of global digital lifestyle trends in service categories, including broadband, television, digital content, and digital health, and connected home product categories, including home networks and connected consumer electronics. It includes five-year forecasts for select product categories.

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1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose of Report

1.2          Scope of Report

1.3          Research Approach/Sources

2.0          Global Connected Living Overview

2.1          Timeline of the Connected Lifestyle

2.1.1      Connected Device and Services Adoption

2.2          IoT Opportunities

3.0          Connectivity

3.1          Fixed Broadband

3.1.1      “Very High Speed” Broadband Services Proliferate

3.1.2      In-Home Broadband Performance Proves as Critical as To-Home Broadband Performance

3.1.3      Wi-Fi Hotspots Become a Hot Area for Operator Competition

3.1.4      Forecast for Fixed Broadband Services

3.2          Mobile Broadband

3.2.1      Forecast for Mobile Broadband Services

4.0          Connected Lifestyles: Product and Services Trends

4.1          Connected CE and Platforms

4.1.1      Growth Rate for Connection of CE Devices Flattens

4.1.2      User Experiences Becoming More Immersive

4.1.3      CE Makers Push 4K UHD

4.1.4      4K UHD TV Forecast

4.2          Entertainment Services

4.2.1      Expansion of OTT Service Offerings

4.2.2      Original and Exclusive Content Gains Legitimacy

4.2.3      Alternative Digital Video Outlets

4.2.4      Forecast for Online Video Viewers

4.3          The Smart Home

4.3.1      Smart Devices

Interoperability will Grow in Importance as Device Diversity Rises

Consumers are Increasingly Interested in Self-Installation

Device Data Enables Creation of Value-Added Services

4.3.2      Energy Management

Advanced Energy Management Features are Driving Smart Thermostat Adoption

Utilities will Enhance Energy Efficiency Campaigns

Consumers are More Receptive to Smart Energy Services than Devices

4.3.3      Security

Smart Home Features Drive Growth of Professionally-Monitored Security Services

Cable and Telco Providers Will See Continued Growth

Self-Installation is Becoming More Popular

4.3.4      Security Forecast

4.4          Connected Cars

4.4.1      Standardization is Needed to Alleviate Market Fragmentation

4.4.2      Connected Car Platforms will be Adapted to New IoT Use Cases

4.4.3      The Value of Connected Car Data will Rise

4.4.4      Apple and Google’s Influence on the Connected Car Industry will Expand

4.5          Digital Health and Fitness

4.5.1      Health Care Industry is Exploring Aggregation of Health-Related Data

4.5.2      There is Continued Interest in Patient Portals

4.5.3      Health Big Data Moves from Lip Service to Experimentation

4.6          Wearables

4.6.1      Forecast for Wearable Device Sales

5.0          Implications and Recommendations

6.0          Appendix

6.1          Glossary

6.2          Index

The Connected Home Lifestyle
Average Number of Smart Devices Owned by U.S. Broadband Household
Timeline of the Connected Lifestyle
Percent of Connected Streaming CE Devices
Smart Home Privacy Concerns
Projected Volume and Penetration of Broadband by Region (2015)
Global Fixed-Line Broadband Households Forecast
Global Mobile Broadband Forecast
Percentage of U.S. BB HHs with a CE Device Connected to the Internet
Increase in New CE Device Connections among U.S. BB HH
Broadband Households with Internet-Connected CE
Penetration of Connected CE Devices
4K UHD TV Unit Sales Forecast by Region
OTT Subscriptions by Service (2012 - 2014)
OTT Subscriptions (2013 – 2014
Pay-TV Subscriptions by Age Group
Linear vs. Non-Linear Video Consumption on TV Sets
Video Consumption by Platform
Online Video Viewers by Region Forecast
Smart Device Adoption as Part of a Home System
Professionally Monitored Security System Adoption in the U.S.
Professional Monitoring Service Provider
Home Security Installation by Length of Ownership
Professionally Monitored Security Services Forecast
Connected Health Market Segments and Solutions
Global Wearables Forecast

Publish Date: 1Q 2015

Pages: 67

Authored By:
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst
Barbara Kraus - Director of Research
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research
Tom Kerber - Senior Director, IoT Strategy and Custom Research
Maia Hinkle - Research Analyst
Glenn Hower - Senior Analyst
Patrice Samuels - Sr. Manager, Market Research

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