Executive Brief — Home Health Monitoring for Heart Failure Patients

Heart failure represents a costly and debilitating burden on families and health system alike. This report analyzes an emerging solution that remotely monitors heart failure patients at home using the latest telecommunication infrastructure and medical device technologies. Besides highlighting the solutions, the report evaluates this market in comparison to existing approaches like heart failure disease management practices and the traditional clinical intervention model. Furthermore, the report examines the target market segments and compares different business models employed by technology vendors. Finally, the report provides a five-year revenue forecast for heart failure home monitoring technologies and profiles major solution providers.

“The healthcare industry is slowly moving away from intervention-based care to preventive care, and home monitoring is arriving at the right junction,” said Harry Wang, Senior Analyst with Parks Associates. “To make home monitoring a sustainable business venture, however, solution vendors must clear away a few significant hurdles first, including addressing the high cost issue of the solution and expanding into new markets where successful business models are still elusive.”

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1.0   Executive Summary

2.0   Prevalence and Socioeconomic Costs of CHF

2.1 Prevalence and Cost of CHF

2.2 CHF under the Acute Care Model: Intervention and Reimbursement

2.3 CHF under the Disease Management Model

3.0   Home Monitoring: Emerging Service Models

3.1 Technology Review

3.2 Market Segments and Service Models

3.3 ROI Analysis

3.4 Industry Barriers and Drivers

4.0   Forecasts, Implications and Recommendations

4.1 Market Sizing

4.2 Business Model Implications

4.3 Recommendations

Appendix A: Profiles of Selected Companies

A&D Medical

Alere Medical




McKesson Provider Technology

Patient Care Technology

SHL Telemedicine



Prevalence of Congestive Heart Failure
Medicare Reimbursement Rate for CHF-related Hospitalizations
Number of Hospital Discharges and Costs of CHF Hospitalizations (2000-2005)
Clinical Studies that Demonstrate DM Practices’ Effectiveness for CHF Patients
Devices Used in CHF Patient Monitoring
Clinical Vital Signs and Variance for Alert for CHF Patients
Peripheral Devices Used in Monitoring CHF Patients
CHF Home Monitoring Companies and Their Marketing Strategies
Means to Enhance Return on Investment for Home Monitoring
Market Segment-Specific Barriers and Possible Solutions
U.S. Heart Failure Patient Home Monitoring Market Forecast: 2006-2011

Publish Date: 2Q 2007

Pages: 49

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
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