Envision: Digital Lifestyles in 2025

This report examines significant emerging technology trends and disruptions which will change the shape of the digital home in the next decade. The report serves the need of companies considering opportunities beyond a five-year time horizon in order to anticipate emerging opportunities.

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Data Points

The Bottom Line

1.0                  Introduction

1.1                  Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2                  A Look Back in Time

1.3                  Research Approach

1.4                  Elements Impacting All Technology Industries

2.0                  A Snapshot of Demographics and Implications–The U.S. in 2025

2.1                  Population

2.2                  Labor Force & Income

2.3                  Economy

2.4                  Big Ideas and Implications

2.4.1               Big CE Spenders and the New CE Market

2.4.2               Diversity & Fragmentation

2.4.3               Greater Desire for Independence and Health

2.4.4               Multi-generational Households

2.4.5               An Increasingly Harder Sell

3.0                  Broadband and Access Services

3.1                  Current Trends

3.2                  Big Ideas and Implications

4.0                  Authentication

4.1                  Current Trends

4.2                  Big Ideas and Implications

5.0                  Video Services and Content

5.1                  Current State of the Market

5.2                  Trends

5.3                  Anticipated Changes

5.4                  Big Ideas and Implications

6.0                  Energy

6.1                  Current Trends

6.2                  Big Ideas and Implications

7.0                  Consumer Electronics

7.1                  Current State of the Marketplace

7.2                  Trends

8.0                  Mobile Broadband and Communications

8.1                  Current State of Market and Trends

8.2                  Big Ideas and Implications

9.0                  Mobile Devices

9.1                  Current State of Market and Trends

9.2                  Big Ideas and Implications

10.0                Health and Fitness

10.1                Current State of Market and Trends

10.2                Big Ideas and Implications

11.0                Enabling the Coming Smart Home

11.1                Sensors

11.2                Current Trends

11.3                Big Ideas and Implications

12.0                Internet of Things

12.1                Current State of the Market

12.2                Trends

12.3                Big Ideas and Implications

Sources of Data
U.S. Population by Age
U.S. Population by Ethnicity
U.S. Population by Household Income
Annual Spending on Electronics
Expenditure by Spending Groups as % of All CE Expenditure
Household Broadband Penetration by Region (2013 – 2025)
Average Broadband Speed by Region (2013 – 2025)
Frequency of People Working at Home
Ownership of CE Devices with Connected Cameras
Global Penetration of Pay TV by Region (End of 2013)
Percentage of Weekly Viewing by Platform
Home TV Program Viewing by Age
EIA Rate of Growth for U.S. Electricity Demand
Source: NREL Energy Analysis Office, Renewable Energy Cost Trends
NHTSA Minimum Efficiency Standards for Passenger Cars (MPG)
Metric Tons of Carbon
Past, Present, and Future for CE
U.S. Mobile Broadband Users (2013 – 2025)
Major Application Areas for Wearables
Consumer Health Behavioral Changes in 2025
A Smart Home Vision
U.S. Smart Home Controller Forecast 2013 - 2017
Canary’s Integrated Sensor and Today’s Security System with Sensors
Advancing Smart Home Platform Capabilities

Publish Date: 2Q 2014

Pages: 81

Authored By:
John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics
Barbara Kraus - Director of Research
Tom Kerber - Senior Director, IoT Strategy and Custom Research
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

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