Digital Lifestyles: U.S. (Second Edition)

This report provides analysis and five-year forecasts for a variety of digital lifestyle product categories, including Internet, television services, digital content services, and connected home products, including home networks and connected CE.

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of the Report

1.2 Data Sources

2.0   Digital Lifestyles

2.1 Digital Lifestyle Timeline

2.2 What Does the Connected Home Look Like Today?

2.3 Consumer Adoption of Digital Lifestyles

3.0   Digital Lifestyles: Product and Services Trends

3.1 Broadband Services

3.1.1    Innovations in Access and Entertainment

DOCSIS 3.1 Provides Faster Speeds and More Capacity

Telcos Can Provide Faster Copper Speeds With Vectoring

3.1.2    Trends to Watch

Peering Agreements Are Increasing

Net Neutrality Generates Discussion

3.1.3    Growth Areas and Opportunities

Wi-Fi Hotspot Deployment is Increasing

Usage-based Pricing is a Double-Edged Sword

Providers Are In a Race to Offer Gigabit Speeds

3.2 Pay-TV Services

3.2.1    Innovation in Pay-TV Services

Video Compression Preserves Bandwidth

Providers Are Moving to Master-Client STBs

3.2.2    Trends to Watch

The Pay-TV Industry is Consolidating

Netflix Partners with Cable Providers

TV Everywhere Enters a New Phase

3.2.3    Growth Areas and Opportunities

The Aereo Decision Has the Potential to Change the Pay-TV Landscape

Pay-TV Providers Are Offering OTT Services

3.3 Digital Media

3.3.1    Innovations in Digital Media

Video Quality Gets Better with 4K/UHD

Multiscreen Services and Apps Are Playing an Important Role

Pay-TV Providers Are Implementing New Content Discovery Options

3.3.2    Trends to Watch

End-to-End Digital Video Solutions Growing in Importance

Content Owners Continue to Focus on Rights Protections

3.3.3    Growth Areas and Opportunities

Digital Multiplatform Services Are Growing

Content Costs Continue to Rise

Diverse Content Outlets Are Opening Up Opportunities

3.4 Advanced Advertising Trends & Innovations

3.4.1    Innovations in Advanced Advertising

Sync-to-Broadcast Technologies Enhance Promotion and Advertising

3.4.2    Trends to Watch

ACR-enabled Smart TV Advertising is Gaining Attention

Apps Are No Longer a Niche Advertising Channel

Multiscreen Video Engagement is on the Rise

3.4.3    Growth Areas and Opportunities

Smart TV Adoption Will Increase Addressable Market for Advertising

Mobile Advertising is Growing

Demand for Multiscreen Video Engagement is Growing

3.5 Mobile Services and Devices

3.5.1    Innovations in Mobile Services and Devices

Mobile Network Management and Optimization Challenges Addressed

3.5.2    Trends in Mobile Services and Devices

U.S. Market LTE Adoption Accelerates

Data Plan Competition Intensifies

Carriers Develop New Strategies for Device Pricing and Upgrades

Smartphone Adoption Drives New Mobile Lifestyle

Mobile Apps are Changing Mobile Entertainment

3.5.3    Growth Areas and Opportunities

Mobile Commerce and Payments Open Up New Opportunities

Wearables Emerge as a New Growth Market

The Tablet Market Has Potential to Replace the PC

3.6 Connected CE and Platforms

3.6.1    Innovation in Connected CE

Virtual Reality Can be a Game Changer

New TV Innovation is Unlikely to Drive an Upgrade Cycle

3.6.2    Trends to Watch

Internet-to-TV Connections Will Continue to Grow

Personal Computer Penetration Will Continue to Decline

Operators and CE Makers Will Collaborate on the User Experience

3.6.3    Growth Areas and Opportunities

TV Growth is in Larger Screens

Streaming Media Players Have Room to Grow

3.7 Digital Health and Fitness

3.7.1    Innovations in Digital Health

3.7.2    Trends to Watch

Demographics Drive Demand for Digital Health Products and services

Home Health Monitoring Becomes Part of Coordinated Care

PERS Platform Transformation is Underway

Consumer Interest in Wellness and Fitness Products Continues to Grow

3.7.3    Growth Areas and Opportunities

Healthcare Practices are Transitioning to Coordinated Care Models

PERS and Independent Living Systems are Going Mobile

Wearables for Wellness and Fitness Are Attractive to Consumers

The Convenience of Virtual Care Provides New Technology Opportunities

3.8 Smart Home Systems and Services

3.8.1    Innovations in Smart Home Systems and Services

Cloud Services Will Enable Differentiation and Operational Efficiency

Personalized Recommendations and Advertising Will Grow

Real-Time Data Analytics Will Change the Game

3.8.2    Trends to Watch

Individual Sensor Products Will Consolidate

Software Will Become the Main Differentiator for Smart Devices

3.8.3    Growth Areas and Opportunities

Data Analytics Will Create a Seamless User Experience

Horizontal Interoperability Will Increase the Value of the Internet of Things

Integrating Unstructured Information is a Huge Opportunity

3.9 Consumer Tech Support

3.9.1    Innovation in Consumer Tech Support

Automating Tech Support Will Increase Efficiency and Reduce Error

3.9.2    Trends to Watch

Tier-0 Support Will Reduce Calls and Lower Labor Costs

Warranty Services Are Bundled With Tech Support Packages

3.9.3    Growth Areas and Opportunities

4.0   Digital Lifestyles – Optimizing Growth Opportunities

4.1 Cloud Services

4.2 Real-Time Data Analytics

4.3 Smartphones as a Primary Digital Lifestyles Controller

4.4 Device Interoperability

4.5 Content Streaming

4.6 Mobile Commerce

5.0   Core Industry Forecasts

5.1 Broadband Services

5.2 Smartphones

5.3 Connected CE Devices

5.4 Smart Home Services


The Digital Lifestyle Timeline
The Connected Home
Number and Type of Devices in the Average Connected Home
Consumer Electronics Adoption (2009 - 2014)
Percentage of Broadband Households Connecting CE Devices to the TV and Internet
Video Consumption by Platform (2010 - 2014)
Consumer Intentions to Buy a Smart Home Control Device
U.S. Broadband Households and Penetration
Most Popular Video Services for Connected CE Devices
Relative Importance of Services in Bundle
U.S. Pay-TV Households and Penetration (2010 – 2013)
Awareness of TV Everywhere Service
Video Viewing Habits (2011 - 2013)
Most Important Video Sources by Age
U.S. TV Households, Smart TV HHs & ACR-enabled Smart TV HHs 2014-2018
U.S. Mobile App Revenues
Network Management and Optimization
U.S. LTE Rollouts
Shared Data Plan Adoption in the U.S.
Tier 1 Wireless Carrier Upgrade Programs
U.S. Smartphone Penetration (2010 - 2014)
Mobile App Usage by Smartphone OS
Mobile Commerce/Payment/Banking App Use
Preferred Device Platforms for Digital Activities
Most Frequently Used Connected CE Device
Flat-Panel TV Penetration
U.S. Households with Internet-Connected CE (2010 - 2014)
Screen Sizes of Flat Panel and Smart TVs
U.S. Patient Population with Common Chronic Conditions
Smart Home Service Provider’s Approach to Safety and Security
Layers of Data Analytics and Value Added Services
Automation Strategies
Forecast: U.S. Broadband Households
U.S. Smartphone Sales Forecast
U.S. Streaming Media Player Unit Sales Forecast
U.S. Smart TV Unit Sales Forecast
U.S. Smart Home Controller Unit Sales Forecast

Publish Date: 2Q 2014

Pages: 84

Authored By:
Barbara Kraus - Director of Research
John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics
Tom Kerber - Senior Director, IoT Strategy and Custom Research
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

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