Digital Lifestyles: 2009 Outlook

Digital Lifestyles: 2009 Outlook provides analysis and forecasts for a variety of digital lifestyle product categories, including broadband Internet, television services, digital content services, and products (home networks and consumer electronics).

“Digital lifestyles solutions create compelling value as links among the individual spokes in the home become connected,” said Kurt Scherf, vice president, principal analyst, Parks Associates. “This is particularly true for value-added features and services coming from broadband, television, and communications service providers. For example, digital media and home technical support services in particular form the core of value-added services strategies from broadband service providers.”

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1.0   Digital Lifestyles: An Overview

1.1 Digital Lifestyle Categories

1.2 The Digital Lifestyle and Global Recession

1.2.1    Tracking the Consumer Mindset

1.2.2    Impact on Consumer Spending

1.2.3    Entertainment Habits: From Outside In

1.2.4    Video-on-Demand

1.2.5    Internet Video: Friend or Foe?

2.0   Access Services

2.1 Broadband and Value-added Services

2.1.1    Growth of Broadband Services

2.1.2    Key Trends in Broadband Services

2.1.3    Broadband Operators and Home Networking

2.2 Television

2.2.1    Growth of Television Services

2.2.2    Key Trends in Television Services

2.3 Mobile Services and Devices

3.0   Digital Media, Gaming, and Social Networking

3.1 Online Video

3.2 Digital Music

3.3 Gaming

3.4 Social Networking and Media

4.0   Consumer Electronics: Connected and Otherwise

4.1 Sizing the Market for Connected CE

4.1.1    Connected Game Consoles

4.1.2    Connected Media Center PCs

4.1.3    Digital Media Adapters

4.1.4    Network-attached Storage

4.1.5    Cloud Media Set-top Boxes

4.1.6    Multi-room DVRs and Connected Set-top Boxes

4.2 Driving Forces for Connected CE

4.2.1    Drivers for the Media Server-Connected CE Vision

4.2.2    Drivers for the Cloud Media-Connected CE Vision

4.3 Consumer Interest in the “Connected TV” Experience

4.4 Connected CE: 2009 Overview

4.4.1    Connected TVs

4.4.2    Connected Blu-ray Players

4.4.3    Networked Music Systems

4.4.4    Connected Photo Frames

4.5 3DTV as a Technology to Watch

5.0   Digital Home Tech Support

6.0   Home Systems

6.1 Home Systems Forecast

6.2 Recommendations for Channel Participants

Digital Lifestyle Elements
Impact of Economy on Household Spending
Economic Concerns and Spending Habits
Changes in Household Spending Habits
Future Household Spending: Potential Reductions
Canceling Services Due to Economy
Changes in Viewing Habits
U.S. Theatrical Box Office and DVD Revenues
Premium Video-on-Demand Use: Digital Cable Households
Satisfaction with Digital Cable Service
Television Features with the Highest Appeal
Appeal of Video-on-Demand Features
Frequency of Watching Online Videos
Video-on-Demand Revenues: Pay TV Services and Broadband Video
Likelihood of Canceling Pay TV Services
Worldwide Broadband Growth
U.S. Residential Broadband Growth: By Access Technologies
Worldwide Data Network and RG Growth
Home Networking and the Service Provider
Appeal of Place-shifting Features and Willingness to Pay
Worldwide TV Households
Digital Television Subscribers: U.S. Households
Cable Revenues
Appealing of Social Networking/Search Features
The Roadmap for Advanced Television Features
Which Advanced TV Features are Most Important?
Mobile Phone Subscribers, in Billions
Digital Media Activities
Monthly Broadband Users of Premium Internet Video
Music Activities
Number of Internet Gamer Households
Social Networking Activities: At Least Monthly
Social Media Activities (2007-2008)
Appeal of Social Networking Features on a Mobile Phone
Interest in Social Media Features on a TV
Penetration of “Stage 2/3” Home Networking Devices
Game Console – Internet Connection
Game Consoles and Internet Video Content
How are We Backing up Our Digital Content?
Interest in an Online Backup Service
Examples of Cloud Media Set-top Boxes
EchoStar ViP 922
Media Server Concept for Connected CE
Cloud Media Concept for Connected CE
Portable Media Device Penetration
DVR Penetration and Downloading Online Video
Millions of Internet Video Users: U.S. and Western Europe
Gigabytes Needed for Household Digital Media
Watching VoD Movie and Streaming Online Video
Appeal of Networked Set-top Boxes and Willingness to Pay
What Do Consumers Want from STB-to-PC/Internet Convergence?
Connected TV Product Announcements
Appeal of Television Features
Stand-alone Blu-ray Players Sold in U.S.
Connected Blu-ray Player Announcements
Appeal of Blu-ray Player Features
Networked Music Systems
Connected Photo Frames
3DTV Market Announcements: Autostereoscopic
3DTV: International
3DTV Market Announcements: Stereoscopic
Revenues from Digital Home Tech Support Services: 2008
The Digital Home Tech Support/Customer Support Lifecycle
Parks Associates History and Forecast for Housing Starts 1967-2013
U.S. Households with Smart Meters
Residential Channel Revenue & Yr-Yr Growth – 2005 to 2013 (U.S. Only)
Home Systems Integration Channel Revenue Breakdown

Publish Date: 1Q 2009

Pages: 88

Authored By:

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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