Delivering Quality Healthcare to the Digital Home: 2010 Update

This report reviews the digital health industry’s achievements and setbacks over the last five years and highlights new technology trends and application growth areas that will continue to drive the market in the next decade. This report focuses on consumer-driven care technologies and services and updates and expands on Parks Associates’ 2006 study Delivering Quality Care to the Digital Home.

“Digital technology’s foray into the healthcare industry has been arduous, but it sowed the seed for growth. Today the call for new care models supported by technologies resonates across the industry,” said Harry Wang, director, health and mobile product research, Parks Associates. “Technologies are finally starting to influence care models, and a new breed of entrepreneurs and business leaders are turning their visions into solid business plans. Now we don’t need proof that technology can work; we need error-free execution.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report
1.2 Scope of Report
1.3 Research Approach

1.3.1 Sources of Information
1.3.2 Definitions and Classifications

2.0 Five-Years in Retrospect: The Digital Health Industry

2.1 Changes in Healthcare System
2.2 Successes and Setbacks
2.3 Uptake of Technology from Provider Groups
2.4 The Fight for Money: Insurers and Technology Providers
2.5 Health Consumerism: A Recap

3.0 Digital Health Industry by Segment: Trends and Growth Opportunities

3.1 Chronic Care Management
3.2 Wellness & Fitness
3.3 Aging-in-Place Technology
3.4 e-Health Solutions and Services

4.0 The Future of Digital Health

4.1 The Accountable Care Act and Its Impact
4.2 New Care Models and Reimbursement Reforms
4.3 International Opportunities

5.0 Market Forecasts

5.1 Market Drivers and Barriers
5.2 Forecast Methodology and Source of Information
5.3 Five-year Market Forecasts

6.0 Market Implications & Recommendations

Terms and Acronyms
Successes and Setbacks in the Digital Health Industry
Major Mergers and Acquisitions in the Digital Health Industry
Examples of Provider Group’s Experiments with Digital Health Technologies
Healthcare Providers’ Mobile App Initiatives
Self-Insured Employers’ Experiment with Digital Health Technologies
Private Insurers’ Technology Investment
Digital Home Technology Adoption
Health Consumerism: Web Usage for Health and Well-being
Health Consumerism: Mobile App Usage for Health and Well-being
Leading Home Health Monitoring Companies and Their Strategies
Digital Health Platform Developers
Technologies and Services Used in a Fitness Program
Examples of Network Connected Fitness Tracking Devices
Types of Mobile Apps Downloaded for Wellness and Fitness Management
Examples of Wellness and Fitness Apps
Family Care-Givers’ Top Concerns of Their Elderly Loved Ones
Family Care-Givers’ Interest in Buying Senior Care Services
User Estimates: The Aging-in-Place Technology Industry
The Aging-in-Place Technology and Service Providers
Consumer Interest in e-Health Solutions
e-Visit Service and Platform Providers
Consumer PHR Solution Providers
Online Health Communities and Services
Market Forecast Methodology
U.S. Digital Health Market Revenue Forecasts: 2010-2015 (Table)
U.S. Digital Health Market Revenue Forecasts 2010-2015 (Figure)
Estimates of U.S. Digital Health Technology Users by Industry Segments 2010-2015

Publish Date: 4Q 2010

Pages: 61

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

Authored by Harry Wang
Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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Dallas, Texas 75230

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