Business Strategies: Profiting from the Cloud

This report analyzes the ecosystem and business strategies for the storage cloud, a key segment of the personal cloud that provides online, remote access to stored content.

The report details the various players within the storage cloud ecosystem, their motivations, and the business models that best align with their goals. It assesses areas of differentiation, how to reach consumers, and the future for storage cloud revenues.

“Although the storage cloud has been an important element of the personal cloud for several years, generation of adequate consumer revenues has been elusive,” said Barbara Kraus, director of research, Parks Associates. “The ecosystem, business models, and approaches to reach consumers continue to evolve for this industry. Though current strategies focus on consumer adoption, several new approaches may provide avenues to greater profitability.”

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1.0            Report Summary

1.1            Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2            Data Sources

2.0            The Business of Consumer Cloud Storage

3.0            Consumer Habits and Preferences

3.1            Consumer Storage Concerns

3.2            Demand for Cloud Storage

3.3            Mobile Devices and Cloud Storage

4.0            Cloud Storage Ecosystem

4.1            Online Cloud Storage Providers

4.2            CE Makers and Digital Content Distributors

4.3            Storage CE Makers

4.4            Broadband and Mobile Operators

4.5            Security Providers

4.6            Social Networks

4.7            Technology Enablers

4.8            White Label Services

4.9            Vertical-Specific Services

5.0            Cloud Storage Business Strategies

5.1            Direct Consumer Pay Strategy

5.1.1         Freemium Strategy

Freemium Growth Enablers

Freemium Strengths

Freemium Weaknesses

Key Freemium Industry Players

5.1.2         Promotional Strategy

Promotional Growth Enablers

Promotional Strengths

Promotional Weaknesses

Key Promotional Players

5.1.3         One-Time Payments

Network-Attached Storage Growth Enablers

Network-Attached Storage Strengths

Network-Attached Storage Weaknesses

Key Network-Attached Storage Players

5.2            Free Storage Strategy

5.2.1         Free Storage Growth Enablers

5.2.2         Free Storage Strengths

5.2.3         Free Storage Weaknesses

5.2.4         Key Free Storage Players

5.3            White Label Strategy

5.3.1         White Label Growth Enablers

5.3.2         White Label Strengths

5.3.3         White Label Weaknesses

5.3.4         Key White Label Players

6.0            Forecast

6.1            Methodologies and Assumptions

6.2            Cloud Storage Growth

7.0            Implications

8.0            Glossary


Concerns about Hard Drive Failure
Content Loss in Hard Drive Failure
Concerns about Cloud Storage Services
Number of Storage Locations
Frequency of Cloud Storage Usage
Frequency of Cloud Storage Usage
Number of Online Storage Locations Used
Use of Mobile Device Apps to Access Files/Content Online
Accessing of Digital Files via Tablet Apps by Age
Cloud Storage Provider Examples
General and Specialized Cloud Storage Providers
Most Used Cloud Service Providers
Percent of Content on Home Computer Stored Elsewhere
Use of Online Storage/Backup Service Offered By ISP
Cloud Storage Market-Facing Strategies
Companies Using Freemium Approach
Freemium Pricing Examples
Freemium Providers
Companies Using Promotional Approach
Promotional Providers
Companies Using the One-Time Payment Approach
NAS Providers
Companies Offering Free Storage
Free Storage Providers
Companies Using a White Label Strategy
White Label Providers
Cloud Storage Forecast Methodology
Consumer Cloud Storage Revenue Forecast
North America Revenue Forecast by Business Approach
Western Europe Revenue Forecast by Business Approach
Developed Asia Pacific Revenue Forecast By Business Approach
Cloud Storage Households Forecast
Cloud Storage Accounts Forecast
General Storage Revenues Forecast
Specialized Storage Revenues Forecast
Revenue Trends for General and Specialized Storage
White Label Revenue Forecast

Publish Date: 2Q 2013

Pages: 59

Authored By:
Barbara Kraus - Director of Research

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