AMI Fact Book: 2012 Update

This report provides a full perspective on advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart grid-related activities – the organizations around advanced metering, the technologies supporting the smart grid, and the utilities deploying AMI-capable meters. It analyzes trends in smart meter deployments over the last three years and forecasts AMI-capable meters and HAN-enabled meters for the next three years.

Volume I of the report contains information on smart grid legislation and regulation, smart grid data, and smart grid applications, including Demand Response (DR) programs and dynamic pricing. The report also contains profiles of selected utilities with smart meter deployment status, number of residential customers covered, and energy management programs being implemented. Detailed data are provided in a separate Excel file for 1,700 utilities for review and analysis.

“The smart grid has evolved over the past three years," said Melissa Duchin, Research Analyst. "Funding from the government back in 2009 kick-started upgrades to AMI-capable meters. Of the utilities that will deploy smart meters over the next three years, the vast majority have already announced plans and have funding in place. Now the focus of the smart grid is turning to consumer acceptance and applications, such as demand response programs and dynamic pricing. This report is a comprehensive snapshot of the current status and activities of utilities throughout the U.S. The 2012 update provides an analysis of the past three years of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and assesses trends in smart grid data, legislation and regulation. Volume II includes detailed and up-to-date data on utilities deploying smart meters.”

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Volume I

The Bottom Line

1.0   Introduction

1.1 Definition of AMI / Smart Meter

1.2 The AMI Fact Book Volume II

2.0   Legislation and Regulation

2.1 Legislation and Regulation by State

2.2 Opt-out Policies

2.3 Access to Data and Privacy

3.0   Smart Grid Data

3.1 Feedback on Energy Usage

3.2 Green Button

3.3 Data Sources on Pricing

4.0   Advancing Demand Response

4.1 OpenADR

4.2 Time-based Pricing

5.0   Consumer Perspective

5.1 Consumer Benefits

5.2 Smart Grid Marketing

6.0   Utility Profiles

6.1 Austin Energy

6.2 Central Lincoln PUD

6.3 City of Fort Collins Electric Utility

6.4 Duke Energy

6.5 Entergy New Orleans, Inc.

6.6 Georgia Power

6.7 Lakeland Electric

6.8 Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OGE)

6.9 Pacific Gas and Electric

6.10  Salt River Project

7.0   Smart Meter Forecast

7.1 Overview of AMI Benefits

7.2 Forecast of AMI-capable Meters

8.0   Notes on Methodology

8.1 Data Sources

9.0   Appendix A:  Acronyms

10.0 Appendix B: Glossary

Volume II Master Spreadsheet

Appendix A: Acronyms

Appendix B: Glossary

AMI meter deployment summary

AMR meter deployment summary

Smart Meter Forecast

List of Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs)

List of Utility Cooperatives (Co-ops)

List of Municipally Owned Utilities (Munis)

Other types of utilities

Expected Smart Meter Penetration in 2015
State AMI Adoption Requirements
State Dynamic Pricing (DP) and Energy Efficiency (EE) Requirements
Meter Data Management Company Profiles
Energy Savings from Consumption Feedback
Consumer Satisfaction with Energy Programs
Oklahoma Gas & Electric Variable Peak Pricing
Familiarity with Smart Meters
Consumer Perceptions about Smart Meters
Key Benefits, Drivers, and Obstacles of AMI
Forecast of Households with AMI-capable Meters

Publish Date: 3Q 2012

Pages: 56

Authored By:
Tom Kerber - Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy
Melissa Duchin - Research Analyst

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