Top-Quality Video: The Emergence of 4K (and 8K)

The report assesses the timing for display innovations such as OLED, 4K, and ultra-HD TVs to become affordable to the mass market. It also provides trends in consumer adoption and the impact of content streaming on today’s adoption patterns. In addition, the report addresses innovations beyond OLED, 4K, and ultra-HD, such as 8K. It provides global forecasts for consumer adoption based on pricing changes that support mass-market affordability.

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1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Research Approach/Sources

2.0   The New Look of Video

2.1 Resolution and Aspect Ratios

3.0   The 4K UHD Video Landscape

3.1 The 4K UHD Services Market

3.2 The 4K UHD Device Market

3.3 4K UHD Geographic Markets

3.3.1    China

3.3.2    North America

3.3.3    Western Europe

3.4 The 4K UHD Industry Ecosystem

3.4.1    The 4K UHD Device Ecosystem

3.4.2    The 4K Content and Services Ecosystem

4.0   Technology Enablers and Innovations

4.1 Green UHD

4.2 4K UHD Upscaling

4.3 Frame Rates

4.4 Color Standards

4.5 H.265 / HEVC

5.0   4K UHD Content and Services

5.1 Content Production

5.1.1    Classes of 4K UHD Content and Current Availability

Live Content

Recorded Content

Motion Pictures

5.2 4K UHD Content Services

5.2.1    Broadcast

5.2.2    Pay-TV Services

5.2.3    OTT Services

6.0   4K UHD Adoption

6.1 4K and 8K Timeline

6.2 4K UHD Adoption Drivers and Inhibitors

6.2.1    Consumer Awareness

6.2.2    Pricing

6.2.3    TV Replacement Cycle

6.2.4    Larger Screen Sizes

6.2.5    4K UHD on Mobile Devices

6.2.6    User-Generated 4K UHD Video

6.2.7    Broadband Speed

6.2.8    Network Capacity

6.2.9    Content Availability

7.0   Forecasts

7.1 Adoption of 4K UHD TVs

7.1.1    Forecast Methodology

7.1.2    Global Forecast

7.2 Adoption of 4K UHD TV Subscription Services

7.2.1    Forecast Methodology

7.2.2    Global Forecast

8.0   Implications and Recommendations

8.1 Original Equipment Manufacturers

8.2 Multiple System Operators

8.3 OTT Providers

8.4 Content Creators

9.0   Appendix

9.1 Glossary

9.2 Company Index

Resolution and Aspect Ratios
Desktop Computer Adoption (2009 - 2014)
China Consumer Spending (2004 - 2014)
Examples of Key Industry Players in the 4K Device Ecosystem
Brand of Flat-Panel TV Purchased in the U.S. in 2013
Examples of Key Industry Players in the 4K Content and Services Ecosystem
STB Hardware Support for HEVC
4K Adoption Timeline
4K Adoption Drivers and Inhibitors
Awareness of 4K UHD TVs
Additional Price Broadband Households are Willing to Pay for 4K Resolution
Screen Sizes of Flat-Panel TVs
Percent of Smart TV Owners Watching User-Generated Video
Online Video Content Accessed on Smart TVs
Forecast Methodology for 4K TV Unit Sales
Forecast for Global 4K TV Unit Sales
Forecast for 4K TV Unit Sales by Global Region
Forecast for Percentage of 4K TV Sales by Global Region
Comparison of Global Unit Sales for All Households and Broadband Households
Forecast for 4K TV Unit Sales in China
Forecast for 4K TV Broadband Household Penetration in China through 2018
Forecast for 4K TV Unit Sales in the U.S.
Forecast for 4K TV Broadband Household Penetration in the U.S. through 2018
Forecast for Broadband Household Penetration of 4K TV Sales by Global Region through 2018
Forecast Methodology for 4K Service Subscriptions
Global 4K Pay-TV Service Subscriptions
4K Pay-TV Service Subscriptions by Region
4K Pay-TV Service Subscriptions: South Korea

Publish Date: 3Q 2014

Pages: 69

Authored By:
Barbara Kraus - Director of Research
Glenn Hower - Senior Analyst

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