Real-time Bidding: The Online Ad Exchange

Real-time Bidding: The Online Ad Exchange evaluates the online real-time bidding (RTB) landscape in North America from two viewpoints – the buy-side and the sell-side. The study highlights the core market sectors, profiles the key players, assesses factors defining market growth, and offers strategic direction for stakeholders. It provides five-year online display advertising revenues generated from RTB methods in North America from 2012 to 2017.

“The online real-time bidding (RTB) market is a complex environment born out of advertisers' and publishers' needs to form an efficient and effective online display advertising buying and selling system,” said Heather Way, research analyst, Parks Associates. “As media buyers realize the benefits of RTB such as cost efficiencies, reduced ad waste, scalable reach, transparency, and control, ad spend from traditional display advertising will quickly transfer to RTB platforms.”

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The Bottom Line

Data Points

1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Research Approach

1.3.1 Data Sources

1.3.2 Glossary of Terms

1.4 Defining Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

2.0 The Buy-side

2.1 Media Buying Desks (MBDs)

2.2 Demand-side Platforms (DSPs)

2.3 Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

3.0 The Sell-side

3.1 Supply-side Platforms (SSPs)

4.0 Online Buying/Selling Intermediaries

4.1 RTB Ad Exchanges

4.2 Ad Networks

4.3 Ad Monitoring and Verification Services

5.0 Real-Time Bidding Online Advertising Revenue Forecasts in North America (N.A.) 2012 – 2017

5.1 Forecast Methodology

5.2 Forecast Assumptions

6.0 Market Implications & Recommendations

Resource Book

Appendix A Company Profiles: Media buying desks

Appendix B Company Profiles: Demand-side Platforms (DSPs)

Appendix C Company Profiles: Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

Appendix D Company Profiles: Supply-side Platforms (SSPs)

Appendix E Company Profiles: RTB Ad Exchanges

Appendix F Company Index

Source of Data
Glossary of Terms
The Core Benefits of RTB
Real-time Bidding (RTB) Technical Workflow
Real-time Bidding Online Advertising Ecosystem
Who's Who in Real-time Bidding
RTB Advertising Revenue Flow
Media Buying Desks (MBDs)
Demand-side Platforms (DSPs)
Data Management Platforms (DMPs)
Pubmatic Ad Price Prediction Workflow
Supply-side Platforms (SSPs)
RTB Ad Exchanges
Private Ad Exchanges
DoubleVerify's 6 Critical Areas of Media Verification
RTB Online Display Ad Revenue Forecast Methodology
Drivers and Barriers of Growth of RTB Ad Market
RTB Online Display Advertising Revenues North America 2012-2017
Total Internet, Online Display, and RTB Advertising Revenues in N.A. 2012-2017

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