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Voice altering consumer interaction with technology

by Dina Abdelrazik | Oct. 17, 2017

The new age in conversational interfaces is shifting the interaction model away from touch, type, and swipe to voice and this is changing the way consumers can interact with technology in various market segments.

From the smart home to the connected car, voice-based technologies are bringing about the emergence of new use cases. While voice-based assistants are key features of smartphones, the smart home and connected entertainment are two key areas for the consumer where voice interfaces will be able to demonstrate their full potential.

Smart home adoption continues to be stymied by competing protocols and fragmentation, creating complexity for the end user. This is further intensified by the growing number of connected devices in consumers’ lives. Parks Associates research shows the average U.S. broadband household has 8.1 connected computing, entertainment, or mobile devices, plus another 2.1 smart home devices.

Dina Abdelrazik

Dina Abdelrazik

Contributing Analyst

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Residential Security, Smart Home Products and Services, Smart Home Strategies, Voice Technology Devices and Platforms

Dina leads Parks Associates residential security research and is a member of the connected home team. She has authored numerous reports covering topics such as home security market trends and competitive landscape, voice assistant technologies, smart home strategies, and technology solutions for seniors. She leads custom research projects on connected home topics and is a certified focus group moderator, with training from the Burke Institute.

Dina earned her MS in Marketing, with a concentration in Marketing Analytics, from the University of Texas at Dallas and a BA in Advertising from Southern Methodist University.

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