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Combating Consumer Fears of Health Data Security

by Parks Associates | Aug. 4, 2015


Connected health devices and health apps are making headway in the market. According to Parks Associates research, 29% of U.S. broadband households now own a connected health device. Connected fitness trackers account for 6.7 million units sold in the U.S. in 2014, making it the largest connected fitness device category.


However, consumers have substantial privacy concerns about health apps and connected health devices. One-third of U.S. broadband households are worried that health data on apps, devices, and web portals will not remain confidential. These fears are not unfounded—several high-profile data breaches, including at Anthem, Target, and most recently, at UCLA Health System, demonstrate that in many cases, sensitive data is not being protected adequately.


Consumer concerns over data security have the potential to be a significant inhibitor to adoption and therefore needs to be addressed. Device manufacturers, developers of health apps, and those offering online health tools all need to ensure they have strong security measures in place and that consumers are aware of those measures. Additionally, a bill of rights setting clear limits and consumer control over the collection and use of health data will do much to address a potential market inhibitor before it grows into a bigger problem.

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