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In-car connectivity transforming consumer automotive experiences

by David Mitchel | Mar. 5, 2018

While only 2% of shared data plan holders currently share their mobile data with a connected vehicle, this figure is already expected to grow in the near future. The growth pattern is already emerging, as a higher percentage of cars less than three years old have a shared data plan. Changes with in-car connectivity are one of the many ways that automakers and their suppliers are rethinking traditional approaches to the automobile, which will transform the automotive experience for the consumer.

In forthcoming years, the consumer will experience their automobile in ways that were only presented in fiction before. New interface methods, such as voice control, will served as centerpieces of this enhanced experience aimed at making connected driving a safe and seamless experience. Apple’s personal assistant Siri is already available in vehicles that support Apple CarPlay, and Google’s Google Assistant will be integrated into Android Auto this year.

One of the great challenges/opportunities right now in the automotive industry is monetizing connectivity. MSPs and other third-party players have an opportunity to play crucial billing and data aggregation roles to improve the consumer experience and advance the market.

Shared Car Data by Car Age

David Mitchel

David Mitchel

Research Analyst

David Mitchel is part of the Parks Associates Consumer Analytics research team. He studies market and consumer trends in a number of areas, including Access & Entertainment, Connected CE, Energy Management, Connected Home Systems, Digital Media, Digital Health, and Mobile Devices.

Prior to working at Parks Associates, David spent 5 years working in a variety of marketing roles, gaining experience in a variety of industries. He earned a BA in Communication from the University of Arizona and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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