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Over 200 OTT services now available in U.S. market alone

by Chris O’Dell | Aug. 13, 2018

Parks Associates estimates more than 265 million households worldwide will have more than 400 million OTT video service subscriptions by 2022. Players in the U.S. are battling for a piece of that pie, as new services enter the market each month.

More than 200 services are now available in the U.S. OTT video market alone. While Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu remain the industry leaders, a second tier of services has emerged, led by recognized TV brands such as HBO Now, DIRECTV NOW, STARZ, Showtime, and CBS All Access.

In this environment, services are adapting their marketing plans, content mix, and the consumer experience in ways to foster greater attraction and retention of customers. The effectiveness of their actions is reflected in the perception of these services, both among their own customers and in the market overall.

However, the limited amounts of high quality content still hinder OTT video services from taking a greater share of pay-TV subscribers than they currently do. This finding suggests there remains opportunities for OTT services to capture leading positions for particular content genres.

For more information on this topic, see Parks Associates’ 360 Deep Dive: Adoption and Perception of OTT Video Services.

Number of OTT Service Subscriptions (2014-2018)

Chris O’Dell

Chris O’Dell

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