Pay TV and the Spanish Language Household

This consumer research analyzes the video consumption habits of bilingual Spanish-English households in the U.S., an increasingly important demographic segment. This analysis sheds new light on this unique consumer group, their adoption of technology and services, and their affinity for entertainment offerings.

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About the Research

Previous Research

Industry Insight

Key Findings



Daily Use of Spanish in the Home (Q4/15)

Comparison of Spanish-bilingual BB HHs with All BB HHs (Q4/15)

Pay-TV Service & Feature Uptake:

Pay-TV Service Subscription (Q4/15)

Pay-TV Service Subscription (2014 - 2015)

Pay-TV Service Providers (Q4/15)

Uptake of Premium Pay-TV Services (2015)

Premium Pay-TV Features (Q4/15)

Monthly Cost of Pay-TV Service (Q4/15)

Average Monthly Cost of Home Services (Q4/15)

Feature Use:

Weekly Use of Premium Pay-TV Service Features (Q4/15)

Weekly Use of Complimentary Pay-TV Service Features (Q4/15)

App/Website Sources for Watching TV Programs on Specified Platforms (Q4/15)

Changes to Pay-TV Service:

Changes to Pay-TV Service (Q4/15)

Previous Pay-TV Subscription Period (Q2/15)

CE Devices Owned and Used:

Adoption of In-Home Entertainment Devices (Q4/15)

Adoption of Connected In-Home Entertainment Devices (Q4/15)

Attitudes and Adoption of Video Services:

Attitudes About Pay-TV Service (Q4/15)

Appeal of Television Channel Types in a Pay-TV Service Package (Q4/15)

Attitudes About Video Services (Q4/15)

Adoption of OTT Subscription Services (Q4/15)

Personal Use of OTT Services (Q4/15)

Publish Date: 2Q 2016

Slides: 47

Authored By:
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics
Katherine Li - Data Analyst
David Mitchel - Research Analyst

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