Consumers and App Business Models

Consumers and App Business Models analyzes app revenue models and provides insight into consumer expenditure on apps, in-app purchases, and consumer response to in-app advertising. It also examines the emerging role of smart TVs and game consoles in the app ecosystem and their revenue potential.

“Smartphone and tablet apps have become major revenue sources, and the app ecosystem is now expanding to game consoles and smart TVs. These platforms are going to bring additional revenue opportunities for multiple players, including content providers, service, providers, and app developers.”
                                - John Barrett, DIrector, Research, Parks Associates

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Consumers & App Business Models

About the Research

Previous Research

Key Findings


Growth of App Platforms

Smartphone and Tablet Adoption (2010 – 2012)

Percentage of Broadband Households  Connecting CE Devices to the Internet (2010 - 2013)

Smart TV App Platforms

Game Console App Platforms

Using Apps by Platforms (Q3/12)

App Usage and Sales on Mobile Devices

App Revenue Models: App Sales

Mobile/Tablet App Usage (Q3/12)

Mobile/Tablet App Usage by Age (Q3/12)

Mobile/Tablet App Usage by Household Income/Children at Home (Q3/12)

Mobile App Usage by Smartphone OS (Q3/12)

Free Apps Used on Smartphones or Tablets (Q3/12)

Free Apps Used by Smartphone OS (Q3/12)

Free App Usage And Monthly Spending on Mobile Apps (Q3/12)

Smartphone App Discovery Methods (Q3/12)

In-App Advertising

App Revenue Models: In-App Advertising

Entertainment Application Usage

Social Application Usage

Connected Device Ad Recall and Response Rate (Q3/12)

Connected Device Ad Recall by Generation (Q3/12)

Connected Device Ad Response by Generation (Q3/12)

Consumer Comfort Level with Targeted Ads by Generation (Q3/12)

In-App Purchases

App Revenue Models: In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases on Smartphones/Tablets (Q3/12)

In-App Purchases on Smartphones by Age (Q3/12)

In-App Purchases on Tablets by Age (Q3/12)

Average Monthly Smartphone In-App Purchases by Generation (Q3/12)

Average Monthly Tablet In-App Purchases by Generation (Q3/12)

Indirect Revenues

App Revenue Models: Indirect Revenues

Finance/Shopping Application Usage (Q3/12)

Using Pay-TV Apps on Mobile Devices (Q1/12)

Mobile Pay-TV App Monthly Usage (Q1/12)

Interest in Cloud Service (Q3/12)

Number of Tested Cloud Services in which Respondents Are Highly Interested  (Q3/12)

Demographic Profile of Those Interested in New Cloud Services

Publish Date: 1Q 2013

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