2013 Holiday CE Purchase Intentions

2013 Holiday CE Purchase Intentions analyzes consumer intentions to purchase CE devices during the holiday shopping season. It gauges which products are in highest demand, which brands consumers intend to purchase, how much they intend to spend, and from which channels they intend to purchase. Particular attention is given to tablets and game consoles.

“The percentage of consumers intending to spend more on holiday CE purchases has not risen, and the percentage willing to spend less is proportional to the percentage intending to spend more. This suggests the CE market is reaching a new equilibrium point where spending will hold steady.” - John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates

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About the Research

Previous Research

Key Findings


Overview of Planned Holiday Purchases:

2013 Holiday CE Purchase Intention (Q4/13)

Holiday Season Purchase Intentions (2009-2013)

Average Holiday Budget (2009-2013)

Top 10 Holiday CE Purchase Intentions (2009-2013)

Top 10 Replacement Purchases (2011-2013)

Top 10 Additional Purchases (2011-2013)

Consumer Electrics Spending Plan Comparison (2008-2013)

Reasons for No Intention to make a CE Purchase (Q4/13)

Planned Holiday Purchase Details

Holiday Purchase Intention Among CE Intenders (Q4/13)

Types of CE Devices Intended to Purchase (Q4/13)

Most Desired CE Device(s) by Total Number of Device Planned to Purchase (Q4/13)

Computing/Home Networking Device Holiday Purchase Intention (2010-2013)

Home Entertainment Device Holiday Purchase Intention (2010-2013)

Mobile Device Holiday Purchase Intention (2010-2013)

Accessory Holiday Purchase Intention (2010-2013)

Anticipated Purchases on Black Friday (Q4/13)

Anticipated Purchase Location Among Holiday Intenders (Q3/13)

Anticipated Purchase Location (Q4/13)

Anticipated Purchase Location (Q4/13)

Holiday Gift Purchases (Q4/13)

Computers & Home Networking Devices: Top 5 Intended Brands (2011-2013)

Home Entertainment Devices: Top 5 Intended Brands (2011-2013)

Brand of Streaming Media Player: Apple TV vs. Roku (Q4/13)

Game Consoles & Mobile Devices: Top 5 Intended Brands (2011-2013)

Start Shopping for Holidays (Q4/13)

Information Sources (Q4/13)

Use of Mobile Apps for Holiday Shopping by Holiday Budgets (Q4/13)

Steps for Holiday Shopping: Price Comparison (Q3/13)

Steps for Holiday Shopping: Examine Products Before CE Purchases (Q3/13)

Steps for Holiday Shopping: Online Review vs. Recommendations (Q3/13)

The Big CE Spenders

Annual Amount Spent on Electronics (Q4/13)

Holiday Purchase Intentions by CE Spenders (Q4/13)

Intention to Purchase CE Devices by CE Spending Levels (Q4/13)

Big CE Spenders: Portion of Holiday Budget (Q4/13)

Consumer electrics Spending Plan by Typical Expenditure on CE (Q4/13)

Reasons for No Intention to Make a CE Purchase by Typical Expenditure on CE (Q4/13)

Tablets & Gaming Consoles

Annual Device Purchases: Tablets vs. Gaming Consoles (2010-2012)

Annual Device Purchases: Tablets vs. Gaming consoles (2010-2012)

Purchase Intentions: Tablets vs. Gaming Consoles (Q3/13)

Purchase Intentions: Tablet vs. Gaming Console by Age (Q3/13)

Intended # of Device Type Purchases by Tablet/Gaming console Intenders (Q4/13)

Average Holiday Spending Budget by Tablet/Gaming console Intentions (Q4/13)

Average Holiday Spending Budget by Tablet/Game Console Intenders (Q4/13)

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Publish Date: 4Q 2013

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John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics

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