Webcast - Creating Product Differentiation for Connected Consumer Electronics

LEVEL StudiosThe Impact of Cloud Services and Improved On-Device Content Experiences

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DATE: Thursday, July 28, 1:00 p.m. CT
Complimentary Webcast, Co-hosted by LEVEL Studios and Parks Associates

Daniel Blackburn
, Vice President | Mobile, LEVEL Studios
Tom Kotlarek, Vice President | Technology, LEVEL Studios
Kurt Scherf, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates

Connected Device Penetration

New and converging device categories are making it difficult for manufacturers to understand where to fill the gaps and how to best position their product in the market.

As the lines blur between product categories and consumers come to expect certain features, manufacturers will have to find different ways to create real differentiation.

In this webinar, Parks Associates will examine recent data describing usage of consoles, Blu-ray, connected TVs, smartphones and tablets, and outline some key drivers of purchases that help answer the question:

How can I differentiate my product?

This session is sponsored by LEVEL Studios, an agency that delivers integrated marketing and product development for brands like VIZIO, HP, Cisco and RIM.

LEVEL will discuss how they have helped their clients differentiate by creating a deeper relationship between the product and customer, driving product adoption and loyalty. Specifically, LEVEL will address ways to leverage the cloud and optimize cross-device experiences to drive differentiation.

LEVEL delivers integrated marketing and product development for global brands. Through the interplay of branded content, technology platforms and connected devices, we design a total user experience that amplifies the relationship between brand and consumer. Our methodology is proven; our behavior is adaptive.


Daniel Blackburn - LEVEL

Daniel Blackburn, Vice President | Mobile, LEVEL Studios

Daniel leads the agency’s mobile practice, crafting strategy and creating experiences that go beyond the desktop to connect customers with brands across multiple devices. While helping clients keep pace with rapid innovations in the mobile space, he remains grounded in the principle that experiences must consider the consumer, their context, and the constraints of device platforms and form factors. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with brands like Kraft, RIM, Toyota and Intel. Mobile marketer by day, Daniel's true devotion is to his family and to soccer teams Chelsea and Real Madrid. Gooaall!

Tom Kotlarek - LEVEL

Tom Kotlarek, Vice President | Technology, LEVEL Studios

Tom Kotlarek takes technology very seriously. A 25-year technology veteran, Tom's resume reads like a spy thriller. He has produced spacecraft database systems for Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA and has also dabbled in red carpet appearances while heading up IT for DreamWorks SKG. Tom has been leading the Technology and Core teams at LEVEL since 2004. His current brainchild is SWITCH, the company's fourth generation content management platform. Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Michigan Tech: affirmative. Graduate degree in Computer Information Systems from Claremont Graduate University: roger.

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