Engaging Consumers in the Integrated Life

June 5, 2018 | Westgate Las Vegas

Parks Associates has partnered with AVIXA™ to support the inaugural Integrated Life Day at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas. Integrated Life is a one-day thought-leadership event focused on the crossover opportunities between the commercial and residential audio/visual markets.

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8:00 a.m.  Integrated Life: How the Enterprise and Connected Home Are Converging

8:45 a.m.  Simplifying the AV Experience: User Interface Innovations

9:45 a.m.  Delivering Value by Safeguarding Security and Privacy

10:30 a.m.  Networking Break

11:00 a.m.  Enabling the Integrated Life: Interoperability, System Design, and Managed Services

12:00 p.m.  Lunch

1:00 p.m.  Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Voice: The Impact of Innovative Technologies

2:00 p.m.  How Sensors, Automation, and Big Data Create Personalized Experiences

2:45 p.m.  Networking Break

3:00 p.m.  Understanding Consumers’ Expectations and Why They Buy “Smart” Devices

3:45 p.m.  Changing Consumer Habits and the Effect on Technology Experiences in Hospitality and Entertainment

4:45 p.m.  Closing Comments


8:00 a.m. Integrated Life: How the Enterprise and Connected Home Are Converging - presentation

The connected lifestyle is creating a variety of new experiences with technology that have crossover effects into all the contexts that consumers live, work, and play. This panel of industry experts explores the technology convergence across residential, enterprise, mobile, hospitality, and other commercial/public spaces, including the role integrators can seize in these expanding ecosystems. As the rapid adoption of connected consumer devices creates new experiences, there are new expectations for that same kind of seamless experience across all areas of their lives.

Opening Presentation by Parks Associates and AVIXA

Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates
Sean Wargo, Senior Director of Market Intelligence, AVIXA

8:45 a.m. Simplifying the AV Experience: User Interface Innovations

Discovery and access to video in the home have become easier over time through innovations in devices, cloud services, new features, and improved user interfaces. Yet the AV experience in the business space often remains complex. Join industry leaders as they examine the innovations that are delivering premium, yet simplified, AV experiences in the home and in business environments as well as the partnerships necessary to accomplish this vision.

Vince Bruno, President, AlltecPro
Arsham Hatambeiki, VP Product, Technology, Strategy, Universal Electronics Inc.
Nathan Spear, Corporate Director of Software Development, Audio Visual Design Group, Guitar Center
Mark Taylor, Principal Technology Manager, Microsoft
Garry Wicka, Head of Marketing, LG Electronics USA 
Moderated by Hunter Sappington, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

9:45 a.m. Delivering Value by Safeguarding Security and Privacy

Voluntary data sharing is critical to delivering the personalized and enhanced experiences made possible by fusing data from connected devices, sensors, and services; however, two-thirds of U.S. broadband households want “tight control” over their personal data. Keeping that control is increasingly difficult as personal devices often double for work purposes and vice versa. Panelists address the premium value proposition of face-to-face, consultative support, enterprise-grade security, end point monitoring, and privacy offerings for the home, including how integrators can offer managed services that work best in support of consumer security and privacy.

Abhay Bhorkar, Director of Product Management, Connected Home, NETGEAR
Rob Conant
, CEO, Cirrent
Jennifer Mallett, CEO and President, LevelUp Your Home
Paul Zielie, Manager, Enterprise Solutions, HARMAN
Moderated by Patrice Samuels, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

10:30 a.m. Networking Break

11:00 a.m. Enabling the Integrated Life: Interoperability, System Design, and Managed Services

Consumer expectations for entertainment experiences are transforming use cases and opening up new pathways to profitability through various forms of managed services. The majority of today’s smart home products are purchased as stand-alone devices, but they will need to work as part of integrated systems within the home and in hospitality, commercial, and other venues where the user goes. This session addresses new business available to integrators and how partnerships can help actualize these opportunities.

Mitchell Klein, Executive Director & Chairman, Z-Wave Alliance
Toine Leerentveld, Technology Manager, Control Solutions, Crestron
Josh Srago, Design Engineer, TEECOM
Moderated by Patrice Samuels, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

12:00 p.m. Lunch

1:00 p.m. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Voice: The Impact of Innovative Technologies

Fifty-five percent of U.S. broadband households having a connected entertainment device are interested in controlling their devices with their voice. Voice innovations have already expanded consumer expectations for an intuitive interface. New applications of sensors, data analytics, and augmented reality will further redefine the UX with increases in interactivity, personalization, and personalized content. Panelists examine global trends in IoT and AV technologies to predict near-term trends in technology innovation and how companies/integrators can provide the best UX to consumers.

Sean Burke, CEO, Paladin Armor
Colin Morris, Director, Product Management, Adobe Analytics Mobile
Armand Rabinowitz, Senior Director Strategy and Workgroups, Hospitality Technology Next Generation
Moderated by Hunter Sappington, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

2:00 p.m. How Sensors, Automation, and Big Data Create Personalized Experiences

Physical and home security use cases always score highest when Parks Associates tests smart home value propositions: 67% of U.S. broadband households are interested in receiving alerts when someone enters their home. New smart technologies can enhance this value proposition. Sensor innovations are increasing range, IP cameras and smart sensors can add a visual data and interaction, and AI and analytics can contextualize the information. This session posits the next generation of innovations that will expand the connected home and how industry can prepare for these advances.

Kenneth Freeman, Senior Vice President, Demand Creation, Legrand
David Friedman, CEO, Ayla Networks
Gene LaNois, Head of Professional Channel, Nest Labs
Moderated by Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates

2:45 p.m. Networking Break

3:00 p.m. Understanding Consumers’ Expectations and Why They Buy “Smart” Devices - presentation

U.S. broadband households will buy almost 55 million smart home devices in 2020, with the expectations that these IoT solutions will enhance their lifestyles and simplify daily home and work tasks. Learn what consumers expect when they acquire new IoT solutions and their interest in managed services that integrate new and existing products. Examine with these industry experts how product and system designers can anticipate and innovate in response to evolving consumer demands for work at home and on-the-go trends.

Chris Carradine, Executive Vice President, Business Development, ecobee 
Ed McConaghay
Moderated by Hunter Sappington, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

3:45 p.m. Changing Consumer Habits and the Effect on Technology Experiences in Hospitality and Entertainment

Over the past few years, entertainment habits have shifted dramatically, ranging from streamed content to immersive interactivity. Today’s behaviors and preferences related to audio and video experiences are very different from habits of only a few years ago. New devices and greater interactivity affect perception of in-home AV needs for the newest generation of consumers and influences their expectations at hospitality, dining, or entertainment venues. This session examines the changing consumption habits of consumers and how those changes will affect all areas for AV products, services, and installation.

Vic Caruso, Vice President, Sales, Miralupa
Bill Lally, President and Founder, Mode:Green
Robert Rippee, Director, Hospitality Innovation Lab & eSports Lab, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Moderated by Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates

4:45 p.m. Closing Comments


Abhay Bhorkar Abhay Bhorkar, Director of Product Management, Connected Home, NETGEAR

Abhay Bhorkar is the Director of Product Management at NETGEAR. He has a BE from Mumbai University in India, an MS in Computer Science from Iowa State University, and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Abhay has been in the WiFi industry for the past 13 years, with a focus on consumer electronics. At NETGEAR, Abhay has been in charge of delivering cutting edge Nighthawk routers, as well as delivering services such as Circle Smart Parental Controls and NETGEAR Armor. He is passionate about working to reduce barriers in the adoption of new technologies, so that everyone can unlock the potential of their home network to the fullest.

Vincent Bruno Vincent Bruno, President, AlltecPro

Vincent Bruno is a highly accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, and Thought Leader with more than 30 years of success in the design and installation, technology, consumer electronics, and product development industries. Leveraging extensive experience positioning organizations as industry leaders and negotiating M&As, Vincent is a valuable asset for startup to established manufacturing, innovate tech products for homes and business, IOT, and energy efficiency companies seeking expert assistance with analyzing new innovation tech products, developing go-to-market strategies, reputation enhancement, financial management, or M&As. His key areas of experience include engineering management, multi-media, product development, P&L, forging partnerships, technology, team building, and strategic planning. Vincent is a results-driven visionary with demonstrated proficiency at planning and building businesses from concept to operational to profitable established companies.

Throughout his executive career, Vincent has held leadership positions with AlltecPro, VCOM, CEDIA, and Creston Electronics. He recently began working with AlltecPro, a division of VCOM as President. Prior to that, he was Chief Executive Officer of CEDIA®, the international trade association for 3,700 member companies that design, manufacture, and install technology for the home, luxury transportation, boutique hotels, and small businesses. During his tenure with the organization, he sold the CEDIA Expo Show to Emerald Expositions, formally integrated a licensed organization called CEDIA EMEA into CEDIA to create one global organization governed by one global Board of Directors, and rejuvenated the organization through aggressive marketing efforts. Vincent and his team produced nearly 300 collateral pieces including videos, blog posts, and consistent social media efforts which resulted in more than $2M in earned media relations in one year.

Previously, Vincent was Board Director/Chairman for Integrated Systems Events (ISE), an organization that manages and develops leading trade shows and conference events for the professional audiovisual, systems integration and IT industries. Manufacturers, distributors, systems integrators, specifiers, and technology managers from more than 140 countries attend ISE events.

Vincent holds a Master of Science, Management from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration from Montclair State University. He is a well-known online educator, trainer, and sought-after keynote speaker. Vincent is former Chairman of the Board for Integrated Systems Events, and is a Board of Directors Member of Tower Products, an engineering and distribution manufacturing company.

Sean Burke Sean Burke, Chief Executive Officer, Paladin Armor

Sean Burke is a 25 year veteran of the high tech and consumer markets. Mr. Burke has held executive positions with world-class companies like Dell, Compaq, HP, Flextronics, and Nortek. Sean has been built multiple technology-driven businesses from concept to scale and profitability. Sean has demonstrated excellent operational execution across small and large organizations and has grown every business that he has led across his entire career. Sean recently worked at AMD and led the Professional Graphics business comprised of workstation and GPU compute applications. Sean made significant organizational, strategy, and product improvements to grow the business from $65 million to over $100 million in less than two years. Sean held the position of Group President at Nortek Inc, responsible for leading the Technology Solutions Group of companies which included the Security & Control and Automation businesses. Sean led significant restructuring, acquisition, and integration activities to grow the business and lead the Nortek Security & Control business to the number two position in security product market share. Under his 2 ½ year leadership, the Technology Solutions Group sales grew from $420 million to over $620 million, growing EBITDA from $29 million to over $65 million. Sean was the President of FlexComputing, a division of Flextronics International, responsible for high-tech design and manufacturing of PCs, servers, and storage products where he grew his business from less than $400 million to almost $6 billion in annual sales. Sean also created IMERJ Ltd. and developed highly innovative Android smartphone products. Under his leadership, this group filed over 300 United States Patents within a two year period, with over 200 U.S. Patents granted so far. Sean held several executive positions during his 12 years at HP Inc., including leading the Consumer and iPAQ product divisions. Sean created multiple new categories of digital products like wireless mobile devices, digital music players, and wireless music systems leading the organization to achieve over $1 billion in sales within two years. Sean also held the position of Vice President of Compaq Consumer Division for Asia and was located in Singapore from early 1997 through late 1999. Sean received a B.B.A. degree from the University of North Texas. Sean has also attended executive management programs at Harvard Business School and the London Business School.

Chris Carradine Chris Carradine, EVP, Business Development, ecobee

Chris Carradine is Executive Vice President, Business Development at ecobee where he is responsible for strategic partnerships for utility, commercial and OEM customers. ecobee was the first company to launch a WiFi connected thermostat and today is on a mission to create smarter products that are beautifully designed, easy to use, provide comfort and savings for families and are good for our planet. Chris has a long track record of driving strategic change to help organizations deliver on financial, social, and environmental performance targets. Prior to ecobee, Chris was Chief Operating Officer at Jantzi Research Inc., a top ranked investment research firm specializing in the performance of global securities with a social mandate. Chris also spent time at not for profit where he helped secure $50MM in funding to develop what is now recognized as the leading International Center for the Development of Cities. Chris has held other North American Sales and Marketing roles managing teams of 4 to 4000 staff.

Vic Caruso Vic Caruso, VP, Sales, Miralupa

Vic has over 30 years of experience in high-tech. As an executive, he has been impactful in business development mandates and managing strategic alliances. He has held various senior positions, including Director of Sales of Matrox Networks, Director of New Business Media at Matrox Electronic Systems and VP of OEM Sales and Strategic Alliances at VuWall Technology.

Kenneth Freeman Kenneth Freeman, Senior Vice President Demand Creation, Legrand

David Friedman David Friedman, CEO & Co-Founder, Ayla Networks
Twitter ID: @aylanetworks
Website: http://www.aylanetworks.com/

David Friedman is the CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks, a leading end-to-end cloud platform for the Internet of Things. Prior to founding Ayla Networks, David served as Vice President, business development for ZeroG Wireless, a company providing low-power Wi-Fi products to the embedded space. In that role, David forged partnerships with leading micro-controller companies, and built relationships with OEMs serving a variety of markets including health, fitness, home controls and smart energy.

Prior to ZeroG, David was an early employee at Matrix Semiconductor, serving in various sales and marketing roles before Matrix was acquired by SanDisk. In earlier roles, David helped drive pricing strategy at Intel, and was an analyst in the mergers and acquisitions group at Chase Bank. David has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BA from Colgate University; he holds five US Patents.

Arsham Hatambeiki Arsham Hatambeiki, VP Corporate Product & Strategy, Universal Electronics Inc.
Twitter ID: @arsham11

Arsham Hatambeiki has served as Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Product Development at Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI), since 2014, where he is responsible for developing and overseeing corporate technology and product roadmaps, including IoT product family for the Smart Home as well as strategic platforms such as QuickSet Cloud. Hatambeiki joined UEI in 2004 as a lead system architect for home connectivity, where he developed an ecosystem of home control products leveraging multiple connectivity solutions such as Z-Wave, ZigBee and Wi-Fi. In 2008, he became Director of Advanced Technology, responsible for innovation in advanced communication and technologies. During this time, Hatambeiki played a critical role developing numerous groundbreaking and award winning products (including 2017 Technology & Engineering Achievement Emmy® Award for work on Contextual Voice Navigation Technologies) and contributed to multiple wireless standards alliances including the ZigBee® Alliance and the Wi-Fi Alliance®. Hatambeiki holds a Master of Science degree in Computer and Communications Engineering from San Francisco University, and research background in areas of data communication networks and security, artificial intelligence and optimization algorithms. 

Mitch Klein Mitch Klein, Executive Director & Chairman, Z-Wave Alliance

Mitchell Klein joined the Z-Wave Alliance in September 2015 with over 30 years of experience as a results-driven leader in the CE and smart home industries. As the director of business development for Universal Remote Control for eight years, Klein was a key member of the senior team that grew URC from a remote control company to a smart home integration system supplier to the CEDIA channel. He transformed the company into a dealer-focused system supplier by developing multi-level strategies for new products and dealer training.

The CEO at the award-winning integration firm Media Systems for 14 years, Mitchell also co-founded industry consulting firm StayTuned LLC and launched CEDIA’s certification program, it’s first regional events and media tours as its two-term president. In these positions, he elevated each company by developing unique approaches to drive sales, launch products and coordinate teams across departments.

Mitchell is a CEDIA Fellow and committee chair and has been a feature columnist for Technology Integrator, Systems Contractor News, and Residential Systems; a blogger on CEPro.com, a guest on AV Nation video podcasts and a speaker at CEDIA, Infocomm, NSCA and CEA.

Contributing to his Bachelor of Science in business management with a minor in economics from State University of New York College at Oswego, Mitchell has been recognized with over 22 awards including the 2011, 2012 and 2013 CEPro Quest for Quality Platinum Award Winner for Best Training, the inaugural CEPro Dealer of the year (1996) and the 2003 Dealer of the Year – CEA/TechHome Mark of Excellence Award.

Mitchell lives in the greater Boston area with his family.  

Bill Lally Bill Lally, President and Founder, ModeGreen

Bill Lally is the president of hospitality integration firm Mode:Green. A serial entrepreneur, Bill has extensive experience and a unique background in a variety of areas ranging from commercial audiovisual and control systems to energy management, broadcast, recording, post-production and hospitality. In 2008, the culmination of this experience resulted in the successful foundation of Mode:Green, which provides advanced control systems and energy management in the hospitality and commercial markets with the goal of bridging the current gap between integrators, MEP engineers and contractors, GCs, lighting designers and architects. Capitalizing on having become the first LEED-AP / Crestron Master’s Level Certified programmer, Bill grew Mode:Green from a small independent programming house (with clients such as Disney, Four Seasons, Baccarat, 1 Hotel and even NASA), to an enterprise completing several fully integrated multi-million dollar projects over the past five years. Mode:Green has become the foremost authority in meeting the demands of the luxury hospitality market and the ever-changing technology expectations of the world’s most advanced hotel guest rooms. Bill is on top of new technology trends in the latest and upcoming audio/video, energy management and automation technologies to use in work for his clients, and is a continuous technology tinkerer on the side. He was also a founding member of the STEP InfoComm Task Force and is part of the InfoComm Smart Building Task Force, which drew on his ability to create energy management solutions for commercial buildings. Bill attended the University of Miami for Music and Audio Engineering, and is a member of the US Green Building Council.

Gene LaNois Gene LaNois, General Manager of Professional Channels, Nest Labs

Gene LaNois is the General Manager for the Professional Channel at Nest, where he leads all business and partnerships with professional trades around the world. Gene began his career as the owner of an HVACR contracting business and brings more than two decades of experience in sales, distribution and installation to his current role. Prior to joining Nest, Gene served as an integral member and leader for teams at Honeywell, Carrier Enterprise, and Watsco.

Toine Leerentveld Toine Leerentveld, Technology Manager, Control Solutions, Crestron

As Crestron’s Technology Manager for Control Solutions and Network Infrastructure products, Toine C. Leerentveld spearheads the enterprise market for the industry’s global leader in automation technology.

With over 20 years of experience in IT for high profile financial institutions like JP Morgan, Barclays, Chase, and Credit Suisse First Boston, Toine’s deep knowledge of networking infrastructure and security provides a strong foundation to lead Crestron’s charge in enterprise network solutions. Additionally, he served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Netherlands Navy in an IT management role.

Since joining Crestron in 2003, Toine has led the development of Crestron’s leading edge .NET hardware platform, and helped to set up Crestron’s Network Interoperability Committee, which is responsible for setting Crestron’s security, communication, and deployment standards.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science from the Hogeschool van Utrecht, in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Ed McConaghay Ed McConaghay, CEO, RTI
Twitter ID: @RTICorp

W. Edward (Ed) McConaghay currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RTI, a leading control and automation manufacturer. Prior to joining RTI, he served as interim CEO and strategic advisor for technology companies through his consulting practice Key Indicators, Inc., which has been in business for more than 22 years. In that role, Ed has supported businesses ranging from startups to middle market companies, providing leadership and direction for business transitions, planning and implementing growth strategies, and developing technology products. Among his executive leadership positions, he was the interim CEO for WELLBEATS™; co-founder of PhotoBook Press; CEO and Director of XL Technology Systems, Inc.; CEO and Director of ViA Inc.; CEO and Director of Telident, Inc.; CEO and Director of Digital Technics, Inc.; and Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, of Deluxe Corp. He also served as Senior Executive at Nortel Ltd. for 10 years, most recently as Vice President of Marketing for the Asia Pacific region. Ed is a U.S. Military Academy graduate and served as a Communications Officer in the U.S. Army. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from West Point and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Colin Morris Colin Morris, Director, Product Management, Adobe Analytics Mobile

Colin Morris is a director of product management for Adobe Analytics. Morris is responsible for business growth in emerging channels, including the strategy, roadmap, and solutions for analytics on voice assistants, mobile apps, connected car intelligence, and connected device/IoT. He’s focused on helping customers surface critical insights for driving business outcomes, better user experiences, and cross-channel customer intelligence. Colin has spent the last 9-plus years in the mobile space, building and managing apps, analytics tools, and ad networks, at Flurry (now Yahoo) and Goodshop. Prior to his mobile experience, Colin led product, content, and business development efforts across various startups in the ad tech, social networking and online media space.

Armand Rabinowitz Armand Rabinowitz, Senior Director Strategy and Workgroups, Hospitality Technology Next Generation
Twitter ID: @armandrab

As Senior Director of Strategy and Workgroups, Armand leads strategy with a mission to foster collaboration among industry members working to improve technology that is critical to business operations in the globally connected era. Armand excels at bringing people and products together to create new technology solutions. Armand also focuses on enabling the HTNG workgroups to continue the tradition of creating educational content, solutions and standards. Armand received a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University’s School of Engineering. A patent holding inventor, Armand has an extensive background in information technology and emerging technology, working for over a decade in the technology and hospitality industries. In his free time, Armand enjoys cooking with his wife, photographing his daughter's dance recitals and coaching his son’s hockey team.

Robert Rippee Robert Rippee, Director, Hospitality Innovation Lab & eSports Lab, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Robert Rippee is the Director of the newly formed Hospitality Lab at the International Gaming Institute. As the gaming innovation class has brought innovation to the casino industry, the Hospitality Lab seeks to do the same with the global hospitality industry. The lab is a project oriented innovation lab addressing the top needs and opportunities within an entire industry.

Rippee is a technology and hospitality consultant with Elysian LLC. He is the former senior vice president of marketing for Las Vegas Sands Corporation. He brings more than 25 years of innovation experience in hospitality along with a powerful network of advisors and mentors across venture capital, big tech, big hospitality, and gaming. He serves as a board advisor and consultant to several early stage technology startup companies. Rippee has provided CXO consulting and mentoring to both startups and growth stage enterprises as well as consulting services on innovative thinking and product development to mature brands.

Rippee holds an MBA in Operations Management from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business and an undergraduate degree in Finance from The University of Wyoming. Throughout his business career, he has received several prestigious industry awards and he’s been tapped as a thought leader and asked to lecture at organizations as diverse at the Luxury Marketing Council in Manhattan to The Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University.

He is a Veteran, serving as a Pilot in the United States Navy.

Expert Areas
Hospitality, innovation, business development, technology start-up and Incubation, mobile applications, applied data science

Nathan Spear Nathan Spear, Corporate Director of Software Development, Audio Visual Design Group, Guitar Center

Prior to joining Audio Visual Design Group, Nathan had been programming control systems and designing user interfaces for nine years. In between projects he has obtained full certification from control manufacturers such as AMX and Crestron. Nathan's journey into AV integration was serendipitous after graduating from Western Illinois University in 2003 with a Computer Science degree and a minor in mathematics. He came upon a small but well respected programming house in Chicago where he honed his AV integration skills and was responsible for crafting standards and protocols within the programming division. Nathan has extensive experience in Military, Educational, Residential and Commercial spaces, some notable projects include: Loyola University, CNA, OSF Medical and the residence of LeBron James. Moving his family to the west coast in 2013 and joining the AVDG team, he looks forward to instituting processes that allow for timely implementation of top-tier AV systems and solidifying AVDG as the premier integration option to the world.

Josh Srago Josh Srago, Design Engineer, TEECOM
Twitter ID: @Jsrago

Josh Srago, CTS is an award winning audiovisual professional. As an AVIXA volunteer he has served as a CTS representative of the Certification Steering Committee, as Adjunct Faculty for AVIXA educating on topics like tech policy and audiovisual system design. He works as a design engineer for TEECOM consulting group in the San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally, he serves as Editor-at-Large at AVNation.tv, is the founder of SoundReason.org, and writes for several industry publications. His pieces often focus on the effects of tech policy on the AV industry. In his career, Srago has served as a national training manager for a manufacturer, a tech manager for a corporate facility, and as director of engineering for an integration firm. It’s this diverse background that helps him understand all sides of the story and advocate for the best solution that benefits the client. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter. 

Mark Taylor Mark Taylor, Principal Technology Manager, Microsoft

Mark Taylor is a Principal Technology Manager at Microsoft. In his current role Mark is accountable for ensuring global supportability of conferencing solutions across the enterprise, including standardization. Mark has been working in the AV/IT space for the past 10 years. In previous roles with Compass Group Mark led engineering teams which developed global standards and researched best practices for lifecycle management and space utilization. He also led AV project delivery and support teams at Microsoft. Taylor contributed to InfoComm International’s first edition of the Networked Audiovisual Systems. The book serves an on-the-job reference and a study tool for the Certified Technology Specialist exams. In addition, Taylor served for three years on the InfoComm Professional Education and Training Committee.

Sean Wargo Sean Wargo, Senior Director of Market Intelligence, AVIXA

Sean Wargo is Senior Director of Market Intelligence for the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA). He is the former Vice President of BDS Research and Director of Industry Analysis for the Consumer Technology Association. He earned his MBA from George Mason University and his B.A. in Sociology from the University of Vermont.

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Paul Zielie Paul Zielie, Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Harman

Paul Zielie, CTS-D,I is a multi-disciplined generalist with 30 years of experience designing and integrating IT, telecommunications and audiovisual (AV) solutions.  

Currently Mr. Zielie is the Manager of Enterprise Solutions for Harman Professional, a leading manufacturer of control and automation, system-wide switching and audio/video signal distribution, as well as digital signage and technology management. His primary responsibilties are solving the integration issues of enterprise wide AV integration including, security, scalability and maintainability.

Prior to joining Harman in 2013. Mr. Zielie was a Principal Engineer for Lockheed Martin working primarily in Unified Communications and Network Video Transport.

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