Incentivizing Behavior Change: Improving Connected Health Outcomes

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 | 1 p.m. CT (2 p.m. ET)

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Co-hosted by GiftCard Partners and Parks Associates

Healthcare has long struggled with the challenge of driving positive consumer behaviors. The right actions can improve health outcomes and dramatically save costs, but creating and sustaining those consumer behaviors have proven difficult.

This webcast discusses strategies to leverage non-cash incentives, including gift cards, to create and sustain consumer engagement with connected health solutions and drive positive behavioral changes. Connecting gift card incentives to connected technologies creates important benefits, including targeting through big data, improving quality metrics, and delivering immediate confirmation and gratification to consumers.

Parks Associates’ consumer data shows predictable patterns of user engagement, with high initial usage rates followed by dramatic declines after 6-12 months. Just 60% of fitness tracker owners who have owned their devices for 7-12 months use it at least weekly, compared with 88% of those who have owned a fitness tracker for three months or less.

One key challenge is that realization of positive outcomes, including saved costs and improved health, does not occur until long after the actual behavior, creating “disincentives” to stay the course. Penalizing “bad behavior” has the opposite desired effect by worsening patient outcomes (and increasing emergency room visits), but gift cards rewarded throughout a healthcare journey can ensure consumers continue on their treatment plan.

Parks Associates research finds the majority (57%) of U.S. consumers in broadband households believe that they are accountable for behaviors that affect their health. They are willing to take responsibility for their healthcare and often need just a modest financial reminder to sustain positive behavior.

Non-cash incentives are already part of short- and long-term strategies for many healthcare providers, used to incentivize key positive outcomes:

• Smoking cessation

• Cancer screening

• Mammogram

• Weight management

• Diabetes management

• Grocery shopping to eat healthier

• Close healthcare gaps in vulnerable populations

In this webcast, Parks Associates and GiftCard Partners examine current efforts to offer healthcare incentives among health plans, medical practices, Medicaid programs, insurers, and employers.

Speakers also examine the role of connected technologies, apps, and smartphones to create these incentives and increase awareness among targeted populations. They discuss the changes in this market as major CE players, such as Samsung and Apple, increase their role in the clinical healthcare space and how these players can use non-cash incentives to increase consumer response and satisfaction.


Kate Balboni, Director of Sales & Marketing, GiftCard Partners

Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates

Matthew Miller, VP, Behavior Science, StayWell

Michelle Snyder, Chief Marketing Officer, Welltok

Kate Balboni, Director of Sales & Marketing, GiftCard Partners

Kate Balboni - GiftCard webcast - Parks Associates

Kate leads the direct customer channel at GiftCard Partners. She brings more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development. As sales director, Kate has driven gift card sales in many markets, particularly in healthcare.

Prior to GiftCard Partners, Kate worked in the retail advertising sales group for The Boston Globe and as a Marketing Specialist for Talbots.


Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates

Parks Associates - Jennifer Kent

As Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Jennifer manages Parks Associates' process for producing high-quality, relevant, and meaningful research. She acts as an internal advocate for Parks Associates clients and leads the company’s efforts at conceptualizing and implementing digestible, relevant research presented in an optimal manner. Jennifer is always looking at the most effective ways to provide research to Parks Associates clients.

Since joining Parks Associates in 2009, Jennifer has worked on the mobile and health research team, specializing in the connected health, mobile payment, and connected car markets, as well as the consumer research team, analyzing consumer data related to the connected home and consumer electronics markets.

Jennifer earned her Ph.D. in religion, politics, and society and an M.A. in church-state studies from Baylor University. She earned her B.A. in politics from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

Industry Expertise: Digital Health Products and Services, Portable and Mobile Access Platforms and Applications.

Michelle Snyder, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Welltok

Parks Associates Webcast - Welltok

Michelle Snyder leads all corporate marketing, brand development, marketing communications and public relations activities for Welltok.

Michelle is a recognized as a marketing and strategy leader in the digital health space. She was most recently an Executive-in-Residence at InterWest Partners, investing in digital health companies and serving as an advisor to InterWest portfolio companies.

She was also one of the early executives at Epocrates and worked for over a decade to build the company into one of the leading mobile healthcare technology companies and the most recognized technology brand among clinicians. Previously, she worked as a health strategy consultant with the Wilkerson Group and in health policy formation and implementation with the Lewin Group and the Georgetown Center for Health Policy Studies.

Michelle earned her bachelor’s degree from Carleton College and MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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