Solving the Five Security Threats: Complete Consumer Protection

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 | On-demand Download

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35% of consumers experienced a data privacy or security issue in the past 12 months.

This webinar details the evolution of security and privacy risks and presents step-by-step strategies to deliver peace of mind to connected consumers on the five key risk fronts:

1. Internet-connected smart devices in the home
2. Personal mobile device usage with online browsing and apps
3. Children spending time online
4. Use of public Wi-Fi networks
5. Identity theft with any online transaction or use of an online service

Consumers need seamless security solutions that can protect any device, against any threat, anywhere. However, security and privacy solutions are typically fragmented and cumbersome, leaving consumers exposed in one or more of these areas. Consumers today have different solutions, or no protection, across laptops and mobile devices and for their children, home network, and public networks.

The rising need for seamless and more holistic digital protection creates a business opportunity for many ecosystem players in the connected home security space. ISPs are in the best position to ensure the customer digital experience is not disrupted by privacy and security threats. Service providers can deploy a variety of business models for security solutions, from value-added services that shore up the value of a broadband subscription to segmentation strategies leveraging freemium models with premium service tiers that generate additional revenue.

Regardless of the specific model, ISPs will help increase the lifetime value of their customers by providing security and privacy protection, thereby increasing revenue and impacting customer loyalty.

This webinar highlights the data security protection market opportunities for service providers, with analyst insights, consumer research, and industry perspectives from security and broadband service providers.


  • Explore consumer concerns driving demand for internet security and privacy solutions along with preferred method of acquisition and payment for security services
  • Understand the availability and capabilities of comprehensive internet security and privacy solutions
  • Discover criteria service providers can apply in selecting an internet security and privacy partner and various go-to-market decisions critical to a successful offering


Christine Bejerasco, Vice President, Tactical Defense Unit, F-Secure

Tom Gaffney, Principal Consultant, Business Development, F-Secure

Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates

Christine Bejerasco Christine Bejerasco, Vice President, Tactical Defense Unit, F-Secure

Christine has been at F-Secure for 12 years in a variety of roles. Most recently she served as a member of F-Secure’s Board of Directors. She’s currently VP of Tactical Defense Unit, the team that runs the defense services that create rules and detections that power the F-Secure security products against the latest threats. The team also researches threats and creates external reports on those.

Tom Gaffney Tom Gaffney, Principal Consultant , F-Secure
Twitter ID: @gaffto

Tom has been at F-Secure for 10 years in a number of technical and customer journey related roles. He currently leads the pre-sales community focusing on Communication Service Providers and is instrumental in evangelizing F-Secure's current Connected Home Security development. Prior to F-Secure, Tom worked in the Communication Service Provider industry for a decade, largely in product development roles.

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Brad Russell Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates
Twitter ID: @bradrusselltech

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Connected home technologies and services, IoT data privacy and security, home networking, insurtech, connected health, housing innovation, home energy management

Brad leads Parks Associates’ connected home team, exploring leading-edge issues converging in the connected home—smart home devices and services, residential security, home networking, IoT data privacy and security, data-driven applications, and platform services. Brad’s custom research work includes market sizing and forecasts, ecosystem and competitive landscapes, channel analyses, and go-to-market strategies. Brad balances the art and science of market research to generate insights that lead to more astute business strategy and value-generating practices. He has a background in marketing communications, technology startups, and online media.

Brad received his Bachelor of Science degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Texas at Austin. He also earned a M.Div. and a D.Min. with concentrations in ethics and cross-cultural collaboration.

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