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Pre-show Workshop

Digital Lifestyles: Services, Media, and Connected CE

A Pre-show Workshop, hosted by Parks Associates

June 28 | 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The market for consumer-oriented digital lifestyles products and services will surge in the next five years, driven by widespread broadband connectivity, advanced TV services, new entertainment and media options, and persistent connections among fixed and mobile CE.

In this interactive workshop, Parks Associates analysts discuss opportunities, challenges, and implications for service providers, media companies, CE companies, and technology providers, providing attendees with primary consumer research data, analysis, and forecasts in a variety of categories.

Analysts / Presenters



Brett Sappington

Brett Sappington
Senior Analyst

Kurt Scherf

Kurt Scherf
VP, Principal Analyst

Morning Sessions: Emerging Service Opportunities

8:30 a.m.

Welcome and Introductions

8:45 a.m.

Cloud-based Value-added Services

The changes occurring today in the broadband services market will affect the technology market far beyond communications. In markets of high penetration, operators are looking to value-added services to retain customers and increase their ARPU.

This session evaluates alternative broadband services and the growth of broadband value-added services including entertainment, home security, energy, and health services. It includes:

  • Understanding of the market dynamics for broadband services in a global context
  • An assessment of trends in value-added services and the strategies taken by various operators
  • An overview of key value-added services technology providers
  • Evaluation of customer premise equipment such as residential gateway and set-top boxes in helping operators deploy services
  • Primary research data from Parks Associates studies All Eyes on Video, Digital Media Evolution II, Consumer Demand for Technical Support Services, and The Connected Consumer in Europe
  • Worldwide forecasts

9:45 a.m.

Delivering Technical Support Services: The Consumer and SMB Opportunity

With the tremendous growth of personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and connected devices comes increasing complexity and frustration for consumers and small- and medium business technology managers. As such, the demand for professional technical support services has grown tremendously, as vendors across a wide spectrum are offering services ranging from installation and set-up to troubleshooting and maintenance.

This presentation examines the growth of the technical support market, providing:

  • Primary research data from Parks Associates studies Consumer/SMB Demand for Technical Support Services and The Connected Consumer in Europe.
  • Key trends in technical support delivery channels – including retail, remote, service provider, Internet security vendors, and third-party providers
  • An overview of the emerging market for smartphone support services
  • Understanding key differences between consumer and SMB technical support needs
  • Revenue forecasts – consumer and SMB technical support services

10:45 a.m.


11 a.m.

Cloud Media and the Digital Locker

The consumer desire to access content from any device, in any environment is pushing media into the cloud. This migration of content from hardware storage and access to cloud-based consumption is changing the distribution models for existing players and creating new opportunities for optimization, content protection and delivery solution providers. This session explores the current cloud media ecosystem from the viewpoint of content and solution providers within the space.

  • Examining cloud delivery models for premium content to a multitude of devices.
  • Identifying the technologies used for the optimization of media for delivery over mobile carrier and ISP networks.
  • Looking at the players within the space from content owners to technology and solution providers.
  • Exploring how the movement of content to the cloud has opened up opportunities for new players.

12 p.m.


Afternoon Sessions: Connecting with Consumers

1 p.m.

TV Everywhere and Multiscreen Services

In two years, TV Everywhere and multiscreen services have changed from theory to reality in many global pay TV markets. Savvy TV service providers see the potential in using PC, laptop, mobile phones, and tablet screens to fight cord-cutting, attract new subscribers, compete with each other, and ultimately improve their revenues.

This session examines the growth, strategies and technical solutions in providing these services. It includes:

  • An overview of the consumer and industry trends that are driving multiscreen initiatives
  • A look into the business models and digital rights issues involved in TV Everywhere
  • Details regarding the technologies and solutions that are making multiscreen services a reality
  • An understanding of the market forces and strategies that are shaping multiscreen services around the world
  • Primary research data from Parks Associates studies All Eyes on Video, Digital Video: Three Screens and Beyond, and The Connected Consumer in Europe
  • Forecasts for availability and service growth

2 p.m.

The Evolution of the Personal Cloud

Consumers have more opportunity than ever to enable ubiquitous access to their data, files, media, and communications features. This presentation examines the opportunity for a variety of vendors – from consumer electronics manufacturers to service providers – to help consumers organize and protect digital content and evolve services for more holistic cloud applications.

  • Identifying the key features of online backup services that allow them to evolve as cloud services
  • The role of consumer electronics devices and software in enabling “do-it-yourself” clouds
  • The role of the service provider in offering synchronization services for lifestyle and contacts
  • The growing role of smartphone-based backup and cloud media services
  • Primary consumer data from Parks Associates studies Mobile Cloud Media and Access Platforms and Consumer Demand for Technical Support Services

2:45 p.m.


3 p.m.

The Connected TV: Devices, Content, and Strategies

The growth of Internet-connected devices is expected to reach nearly 1 billion units by 2015, and includes consumer electronics as varied as connected TVs and Blu-ray Disc players to digital media players, mobile and portable devices, game consoles, and PCs connected to HDTVs. Regardless of their origin, the advent of Internet-enabled consumer electronics devices brings with it significant changes to the way in which consumers acquire entertainment content and other services and the business models pursued by consumer electronics companies, content providers, and technology developers.

This presentation covers the following topics:

  • Tracking growth of connected consumer electronics
  • Primary consumer data from Parks Associates Connected CE Tracker and The Connected Consumer in Europe– including data on household acquisition, use, and interest in future purchases.
  • Understanding the “Smart TV” value chain – from content development to delivery and presentation
  • Key technology trends in the design of connected TV solutions
  • Market forecasts for the growth of connected consumer electronics



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