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2018 Agenda

Tuesday, 13 NovemberExpanding the Smart Home: Devices, Platforms, and Services






Welcome and Opening Comments

Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates


State of the Smart Home Market

Smart home solutions have disrupted every market targeting the home and consumer. Consumers can monitor their home through their smartphone, order groceries through a smart speaker, and check on family members through IP cameras. This session examines the current smart home market, challenges arising from the evolving concept of the connected home, and new revenue opportunities emerging from consumer demands.

Stephane Blanc, International Commercial Director, Centrica Hive

Matthieu de Broca, Director of International Business Development, OVERKIZ, a subsidiary of the Somfy Group

Vamshi Lingampally, Chief Commercial Officer, Intamac Solutions

Gorka Magaña, Product Manager, Smart Wifi, Telefónica

Mario Moura, Managing Director EMEA, Resideo

Moderator: Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates


Keynote - Focus on the Experience: Interoperability & Integration

CONNECTIONS Europe Keynote - Bosch Keynote

Gabriel Wetzel


Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH

Bosch - CONNECTIONS Europe keynote

One of the biggest challenges in the smart home market is overcoming the dilemma between ease of use, high interoperability, best-in-class security, and privacy protection. In this keynote, Bosch presents strategies from design to launch for smart home products that can overcome these challenges to deliver a quality user experience while maintaining security and full respect for data privacy. Gabriel Wetzel shares insight on how to leverage technological know-how, market access, and brand to create and deliver a smart home system that offers unique use cases in climate, comfort, and security and expands the smart home market.


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Smart Home Business Models: Shift to Services

Cloud functionality redefines a device into a dynamic service that can adjust to users’ needs and layer new benefits atop its original value proposition. This session examines the evolution of business strategies for the connected home and the necessary shift to a cloud-based ecosystem that starts to grow the minute the consumer unboxes a new product. Speakers discuss the multiple benefits and new services product makers are extending to their consumers to build their brand and create new revenues.

Aurelien Couderc, Head of Smart Home Program, Allianz Partners

Julian Harris, Senior Business Development Manager, Audio Analytic

Jeff Weiner, VP, Product, Marketing and Sales, Mersoft

Moderator: Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates


Keynote - What is the Customer Appetite for Consumer IoT?

Orange - CONNECTIONS Europe keynote

Alvaro Gallardo

VP, Smart Home, Energy, Assistance


Orange - CONNECTIONS Europe keynote

The consumer IoT is failing to take off beyond the niche, despite booming forecasts and high consumer interest shown for certain services (smart home, connected cars, etc.). With the arrival of smart speakers, there is evidence of steady growth, but there is still a lot of work for the industry to accomplish deeper penetration beyond the early adopters. This keynote addresses key questions on the interest and willingness to pay for smart home services and how to overcome the existing barriers preventing mass adoption by customers.


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Voice-First Smart Experience: Innovation and Disruption

Voice-first personal assistants mark a major step in the development of an ambient intelligent home. Personal assistants are increasingly embedded in a range of devices, from smartphones to smart speakers, lighting, security system panels, TVs, streaming media players, and even cars. Speakers discuss the challenge in tying together these diverse products sets and ecosystems to create a consistent voice-first experience for the consumer. This session also addresses the impact that voice will have on user interfaces and examines new partnership opportunities as voice controls extend to every room in the smart home.

Daniel Estrakh, VP Product Management, Connected Home & IoT, DSP Group

Bert de Haes, Co-CEO, digitalSTROM AG

Ermin Kosovac, Development Leader Home Smart Platform, IKEA

Yann Lechelle, COO, Snips

Mark Lufkin, CCO, Wondrwall

Moderator: Dina Abdelrazik, Research Analyst, Parks Associates


Making Magic: Interoperability and Integration

Consumers expect smart home products to work together seamlessly, and they prioritize general device interoperability when purchasing—74% of U.S. broadband households consider it important for a smart home product brand to work with other products in their home. This session highlights challenges in business models and the user experience arising from needs in interoperability. Speakers discuss the trends shaping device interoperability and the home network and the latest efforts to create a comprehensive product strategy for the smart home markets.

Avi Barel, Director Business Development, ULE Alliance

Victor Berrios, VP, Technology, Zigbee Alliance

Cees Links, General Manager, Qorvo, Inc.

Joep van Eijden, Business Development Executive, Silicon Labs

Moderator: Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates


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Data Security and Analytics: AI Challenges and Opportunities

The “Internet of Things” has entered the public consciousness, and advancements in voice and smart home technologies are driving consumer interest, reducing friction, and creating a more seamless user experience. These innovations also highlight new risks in data protection and privacy. This session examines technology changes and AI advances that can combine to create safe and rewarding connected consumer experiences, delivering personalized services while securing data and protecting user identities.

Jan Buis, Vice President Wireless LAN, IoT & Switches, LANCOM Systems GmbH, a member of OCF

Kristian Järnefelt, EVP Consumer Cyber Security, F-Secure Corporation

Nathan Taylor, EMEA - General Manager, CUJO AI

Razvan Todor, Head of IoT Security, Bitdefender

Moderator: Erik Overbeeke, European Partner Alliance, Parks Associates


Keynote - Opening the Doors and Windows to New Generation of Connected Products

CONNECTIONS Europe - Inwido keynote

Johan Ambuhm
Vice President, Business Development & Digital Solutions
Inwido AB

Inwido - CONNECTIONS Europe keynote
IBM - Jens Dahle - CONNECTIONS Europe keynote

Jens Dahle
Associate Partner, Digital Transformation

IBM - CONNECTIONS Europe keynote

The successful launch of a new generation of connected products requires building and maintaining a sustainable IoT platform while also having the ability to scale up to meet high volume demand. In this joint keynote, Inwido AB and IBM address these challenges, including platform choices, ecosystem development, and the use of AI and data analytics. This keynote shares insights from their journey to transform their portfolio, with the goal of 50% of products enabled for connectivity by 2020, and the importance of maintaining focus on the consumer and delivering smarter, digitally enabled and more user-friendly services.


Enhanced Experiences: Tech Support in the Smart Home

Consumers demand seamless experiences, but much of the setup, configuration, and maintenance in the smart home is not intuitive. This tension between IoT innovations and growing consumer expectations demands a comprehensive support structure. This session examines new support strategies, with speakers discussing innovations that personalize the experience while protecting consumer data and ensuring frictionless interactions.

Alton Martin, Co-Founder/Chief Evangelist, Trusource Labs

Daniel Moneta, CMO & EVP Corporate Development, MMB

Giles Sutton, Sr. Vice President, Industry Engagement, CEDIA

Simon Trudelle, Sr. Director Product Marketing, NAGRA

Moderator: Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates


A Device Maker’s Perspective on Smart Home Success

Bernd Grohmann, Executive Vice President, eQ-3


Homematic IP - CONNECTIONS Europe sponsor 2017Reception
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Wednesday, 14 November – Engaging Consumers: The Smart Home Opportunity


Registration and Breakfast


Welcome: New Consumer Engagement Strategies

This opening presentation addresses specific examples of European companies rolling out new partnerships, new products, and new smart services, with analyst insight on strategies to align new services with consumer demands.

Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates


Platforms: Creating Value and Competition in the Smart Home

Connected devices provide convenience, savings, security, and peace of mind to end users. Device manufacturers can build a new relationship with their consumers by promoting these new value-added services, which strengthens brand and creates new recurring revenue. This session examines strategies for product manufacturers and service providers as they redefine their relationship with the consumer in the smart home era. Industry executives discuss new platforms and partnerships enabling these new experiences.

Nabil Chair, Vice President EMEA Sales, Greenwave Systems Inc

Arjen Noorbergen, Founder and CEO, Olisto

Larry Poon, COO, IMONT

David Rimmer, Director Business Development - Europe, Alarm.com

Marcus Scheiber, CEO & Co-Founder, ROC-Connect, Inc.

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Senior Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


Keynote - Smart Lighting Beyond the Bulb: Embracing Brands and Creating Consumer Choice

Yianni - Philips - CONNECTIONS Europe 2018 Keynote

George Yianni

Head of Technology

Philips Hue

Philips - CONNECTIONS Europe keynote

Smart lighting is a natural starting point to building a smart home and has the potential to deliver far more than simple illumination, with a setup that is just as quick and easy as changing a light bulb and an impact that can be seen and felt immediately. However, lighting is also an important part of one’s interior design. Consumers select everything from their switches to their fixtures based on their personal taste and home’s style.

George Yianni, Head of Technology, Philips Hue at Signify, discusses the tremendous opportunity for brands, such as lighting control and luminaire manufacturers, in the smart home market. He explains how opening the Hue ecosystem is enabling seamless integration with these brands’ products and giving consumers even more design choice and freedom when it comes to illuminating their homes, while allowing them to enjoy the amazing benefits of smart lighting.


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Insurance and Consumer IoT Markets: Transforming Customer Engagement

The insurance market is poised to transform their industry by leveraging the massive amounts of data generated by smart devices. These data can enhance customer benefits, create new product categories, increase consumer awareness, and ultimately alter the consumer relationship with their insurers. This session examines the impact of smart home technologies on the insurance business and how these solutions can be implemented to influence consumer behavior and help customers reduce risk.

Scott Henry, Business Development Director, HomeServe

Espen Schrøder, COO, sfty AS

Matthias Wolff, Managing Partner, LUPUS-Electronics GmbH

Moderator: Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates


Special Session Fireside Chat: Fragmentation and the Future: Smart Products vs. Smart Systems

Providers of smart home solutions have attacked the market opportunity in contrasting ways. From the early days through today, a systems-centered approach touts the benefits of local control, reliability, and a unified user experience. Devices are system-dependent and expand their value through participating in an ecosystem of compatible products. Others have taken a fiercely product-centric approach, contending that systems are less necessary when concerns such as interoperability, security, and reliability can be achieved over the top through APIs and partnership relationships. Point-solution providers argue for open ecosystems that give consumers more choice.

These countervailing philosophies have implications for sales channels, interoperability, business models, voice platforms, and more.  As market matures, will one philosophy win, or are we still waiting for new models to emerge? Our special guests weigh in on how they view these classic decision points and the inflection points that might drive industry transformation.

Bernd Grohmann, Executive Vice President, eQ-3

Mitchell Klein, Executive Director, Z-Wave Alliance


Networking Lunch
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Keynote - Opportunities and Future Growth in the Smart Home: The U.K. Consumer

Jennifer Kent - Parks Associates

Jennifer Kent

Director, Research Quality & Product Development

Parks Associates

Parks Associates

This research keynote presents a profile of the U.K. connected consumer, based on new survey results from Parks Associates.


Integrating Energy Services with the Smart Home

Energy efficiency is increasingly intertwined with the value of a home. Smart home has included energy management services since its early days, but often these solutions operate without or with limited consumer engagement. This session looks at strategies to expand energy efficiency programs and new roles for energy services in IoT products throughout the home. Executives also discuss ways to impact consumer behavior and ways to narrow the gap between desire for energy efficiency and actual action.

David Boundy, GM, Energy Solutions, Intel

Marco Dorjee, VP Business Development & Strategy IoT, DSR Corporation

Michiel Fokke, CTO, Quby

Pierre Guillet, Solution Sales Manager, tado GmbH

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Senior Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


Independent Living: Serving Consumers at Home

Companies across industries are developing solutions to help people live independently at home as they age or deal with health-related challenges. Solutions include home automation, on-demand services, PERS/remote monitoring, telehealth, and even autonomous vehicles. This session addresses new solutions in connected healthcare, the needs of seniors and caregivers, and strategies to integrate these offerings within the larger smart home ecosystem.

Reinout Engelberts, CEO, Sensara

Rafi Zauer, Head of Marketing, Essence

More speakers TBA

Moderator: Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates


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Home Security: Proving Value

Smart home monitoring and DIY solutions create a new value proposition for security in Europe, where home security has traditionally struggled to increase adoption. In the U.S., the residential security market is experiencing market disruption from self-installed security system options, whereas in Europe, DIY solutions have a more open opportunity to expand into new channels. This session examines the market for security solutions in Europe, including analysis of market players, new strategies, and channel opportunities for smart home security offerings.

Edwin Aartman, Benelux Sales Manager, Netatmo

Steve Shapiro, General Manager Security and Connected Home, Johnson Controls

Jean-Marc Prunet, Managing Director - Security Business Group, Somfy

Dave Ward, European Product Director, Ring

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Senior Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


Connected Product Ecosystems: Entertainment and Smart Home

The vision of the connected home relies on a complete system of products and devices working in unison to deliver the best experience to each end user. This session presents the strategies to achieve this vision, including how to crossover opportunities among OTT, connected entertainment, and smart home silos.

Cornel Ciocirlan, CTO EMEA, ARRIS

Adam Thibault, GM of Dragon SmartHome and V2T, Nuance 

Moderator: Dina Abdelrazik, Research Analyst, Parks Associates


Closing Comments

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