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2016 Agenda

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Wednesday, 2 November – Monetization Strategies: Business Cases, Partnerships, Consumer Adoption






Welcome and Opening Comments


Business Case for Smart Home and Connected CE Products

European households can acquire smart home products from retailers, security providers, telcos, energy utilities, and insurance providers. Home security penetration in the U.S. is over 20% of all households, leading the charge for smart products. European markets, with far lower security penetration, are exploring a variety of smart home value propositions and pricing models. The need for energy management and comfort and control follow peace of mind as smart home drivers. This session addresses the pricing models, smart home channels, emerging partnerships, and new technologies that are disrupting this nascent space.


Johan Ambuhm, Vice President, Digital Solutions, Inwido AB

Amit Kroll, Business Development & Integration EMEA, ASSA ABLOY

Remko van den Berg, Head of Sales, EMEA, Logitech

Antti Vihavainen, Partner, Business Development, Cozify

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


Keynote - Creating a More Thoughtful Home

François Girodolle - Nest - CONNECTIONS Europe Keynote

François Girodolle

Head of Product Partnerships, Nest Europe

Nest Labs, Inc.

Nest - Google - CONNECTIONS 2015 Keynote

Nest Labs is creating a more thoughtful home by reinventing unloved but important products that combine simple, beautiful, and thoughtful hardware, software, and services to delight their customers. In his keynote, Francois Girodolle, Head of Product Partnerships for Nest in Europe, discusses the future of the connected home - one that is safer, more energy-efficient, and more aware of its occupants and surroundings. He discusses how our homes can begin taking care of us instead of the other way around and the role of developer programmes and standards that will help make this vision a reality.


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Monetizing Consumer Demand for Safety and Security

Safety and peace-of-mind value propositions garner the strongest consumer interest in the smart home, but finding the right strategy to sell these services has proven difficult, often because of varying perceptions of the value of peace of mind. This session looks at the challenges in building a base of home security consumers across cultures and countries, including strategies to attract a broader base of consumers.


Alistair Hoyes, General Manger, Homes, Honeywell

Rishi Lodhia, CEO, Panasonic Cloud Management Service Europe

Jean-Marc Prunet, CEO, myFox

Andrew Thomas, Co-Founder, CRO, SkyBell Video Doorbell

Daniel Wong, Vice President - Sales, Marketing, & PLM, MivaTek / Home8

Moderator: Erik Overbeeke, European Research Associate, Parks Associates


Lunch & Interactive Networking


Opportunities to Deliver Smart Home Solutions through Different Channels

The smart home is evolving along many paths, and consumers have multiple options in adopting connected products, including retail, their energy provider, or a bundle from a telco. Each channel has its own unique business model, but they must all contend with the same challenge in expanding consumer awareness of the smart home and IoT use cases. This session examines the different advantages for each sales channel in engaging consumers and the use cases in security and energy that are gaining traction in Europe. Speakers also discuss potential partnerships across channels as smart home ecosystems converge.


Steve Moore, Director of Connected Home, Dixons Carphone

D'Arcy Rossiter, Head of Insight, Centrica Connected Home

Moderator: Jason Paris, Director, Business Development, Parks Associates


Securing the Smart Home: Privacy and Security

From a consumer perspective, the topics of data privacy and security cover a broad range of potential threats, from spyware to hacking. Seventy-six percent of U.S. broadband households express concern about connected device security, which is a barrier to their adoption. The industry must balance the need for security with the need for simple, easy installation and operation. Panelists examine the biggest vulnerabilities, steps to implement protective solutions, and strategies to communicate the necessary security measures for devices and cloud services to the consumer.


Pierre Hunter, VP Sales Europe, Verimatrix

Wojtek Makowski, CTO, SoftAtHome

Christopher Schouten, Senior Director Product Marketing, Kudelski Security

Allen Scott, Director Secure Home Gateway & IoT, Intel Security

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


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Sponsored by SoftAtHome


Value Propositions: Accelerating Adoption of Connected Home Solutions

Security and energy management have driven early adoption of the connected home in Europe, but voice control technologies have captured the interest of a larger market. This session examines the leading value propositions that will open up the IoT to a wider audience. Executives discuss current consumer demands, the right marketing messages to expand interest, and how advances in interfaces, data analytics, and personalization will drive the next stage in IoT growth.


Marco Dorjee, International Business Development, Centralite Systems

Cees Links, General Manager Low Power Wireless, Qorvo

Thomas Rockmann, Vice President Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom AG

Daniel Schellhoss, Founder of ProSyst, Bosch

Lukas Tobis, Head of Sales, Fibaro Group

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


Keynote - It’s All about Customer Experience

Blanc - CONNECTIONS Europe Keynote - Centrica

Stephane Blanc

International Commercial Director, Hive

Centrica Connected Home

Centrica - CONNECTIONS Europe 2016 Keynote


IoT and Smart Home Integration: Wearables and Entertainment               

The discussion focuses on the integration of wearable devices and entertainment devices to create a seamless connected home experience. Wearables have the potential to do more than track our fitness, but can also inform our houses who is home or away, and can be controllers for entertainment, communications and controls. Integration, however, requires cooperation between vendors, or comprehensive solutions from powerful brands.


Max Amordeluso, EU Head of Alexa Skills Kit, Amazon

Itai Tomer, Head of Cloud DVR, Ericsson

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


Sponsored by Parks Associates

Thursday, 3 November – The Consumer Experience: Value Propositions, Interoperability, Personalization




Welcome and Recap of Day One


Smart Home and Controls: Value Propositions for a Complete IoT Experience

The use cases for connectivity in the home across multiple sectors continue to grow as consumers learn about different benefits, such as health and fitness tracking, cloud services, and ultimate home control. Consumers may first buy new devices and services for the “wow” factor, but many of these devices and the growing app ecosystem allow them to support multiple smart home experiences. This session addresses innovative partnerships that increase the value of the connected home experience.


Michel Arrede, Head of Marketing, Connected Home, Amdocs

Lewis Brown, President, MiOS

Asit Goel, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Business Line Secure Monitoring & Control, NXP Semiconductors

Reed Grothe, SVP of Global Business Development, Alarm.com

Rafi Zauer, Head of Marketing, Essence

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


Keynote - Voice Control: Breakthrough in the Smart Home and IoT

Amazon Keynote - CONNECTIONS Europe

Dave Isbitski

Chief Evangelist, Alexa and Echo


Amazon - CONNECTIONS Europe keynote

Voice control is breaking into the smart home space in a big way. Using voice as a device and application interface enables customers to interact with smart home devices in a more intuitive way and indicates the beginning of the post-app era of consumer engagement. But what are the limits, if any, to a product that provides a hands-free interface to the smart home, voice-controlled search, and now voice-controlled banking? This keynote session addresses what role voice control will play as the community of partners grows and use cases expand across traditionally separate verticals.


Networking Break


IoT Impact on Home Services and Insurance

New products are entering the market that can help prevent or mitigate loss for home owners from fire, smoke, and water damage. Insurance companies can leverage data from these devices to avoid costs, segment customers by risk profile, and increase customer value and satisfaction. This session addresses how IoT will disrupt the insurance industry.


Leigh Calton, Head of R&D, Ageas UK  

Nicolas Georgy, Director, EMEA, Swiss Re

Kevin Meagher, SVP Business Development, ROC-Connect 

Patrick Strauss, Supply Chain Visibility & Internet of Things Subject Matter Expert, IBM UK

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


Keynote - IoT and Connected Services: The Perfect Match

Christoph Döbrich, Allianz Worldwide Partners - Europe Keynote

Dr. Christoph Döbrich
Innovation Manager

Allianz Worldwide Partners

Allianz - CONNECTIONS Europe Keynote
David Tuerk, General Manager, Smart Home & Telecom Europe, Panasonic - Europe Keynote

David Tuerk

General Manager, Smart Home & Telecom Europe


Panasonic - CONNECTIONS Europe 2016

As an increasing amount of sensors and actors are entering our private houses, automated detection of burglary, fire, smoke, and water damages becomes a reality for homeowners. Connected services are activated based on direct or algorithm-generated data from these devices. Who wins? Everybody!

OEMs have created a new market segment for high-end electronic devices, customers profit from lower insurance premiums due to decreasing losses, and insurance has found a new way of constantly engaging and interacting with their customers, increasing both differentiation and customer loyalty/retention.


Lunch & Interactive Networking
Sponsored by CONNECTIONS Summit at CES


Smart Home and Connected Health: The Role of Caretakers

The market for aging-in-place solutions is emerging as a key benefit of the smart home, with components including wearables, security systems, sensors, and home controls. This session examines the role of connected health and wellness in driving smart home adoption and discusses the partnerships necessary to provide a valuable experience to consumers.


Jérôme Arnaud, CEO, DORO AB

Omer Sagi, Director Business Development Smart Door Locks EMEA, ASSA ABLOY

Moderator: Erik Overbeeke, European Research Associate, Parks Associates


Seamless Interoperability: Standards in IoT and Smart Home

New alliances have evolved to address the need for device interoperability at the application layer. Device manufacturers seek to differentiate products through feature enhancements and proprietary extensions. Consumers simply desire products that are functional and extensible. This panel discusses the current standards and alliances and assesses the progress of the industry in achieving interoperable product ecosystems.


Avi Barel, Director Business Development, ULE Alliance

Gordon Padkin, Thread Group Evangelist, Thread Group

Tobin Richardson, President & CEO, ZigBee Alliance

Ricco Winther, Director of Sales, Sigma Designs

Martin Woolley, Technical Program Manager, Bluetooth SIG

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


Bluetooth SIG - CONNECTIONS Europe sponsorNetworking Break
Sponsored by Bluetooth SIG


Personalizing the User Experience: Innovative Interfaces

The user experience is emerging as the primary differentiator of smart home experiences. Apple, Google and Amazon have generated new interest in smart home solutions through the use of voice-controlled personal assistants. Executives in this session discuss new ways consumers will interact with their smart home products, including the role of voice in connected products, the latest advances in natural-language recognition, and potential new applications employing VR and big data.


Charles Dawes, Senior Director, International Marketing, TiVo

Ashley Hathaway, Senior Developer Evangelist, IBM Watson

Catherine Van Aken, Senior Director Strategy, Business Development and Marketing, Technicolor

Moderator: Jason Paris, Director, Business Development, Parks Associates


Smart Home Solutions: Business Models Shifting to the Cloud

Smart home penetration in Western Europe is roughly 15% of broadband households. Adoption has lagged behind the U.S. due in large part to lower security penetration. Diversity in markets and consumer preferences requires flexibility and value. Cloud functionality enables highly secure and powerful solutions at low price points. This session examines the role of the cloud in driving the next stage of smart home adoption, with manufacturers and solution vendors discussing the role of hardware and the virtual counterparts in the IoT.


Cornel Ciocirlan, CTO, EMEA, ARRIS

Shane Dyer, Founder, Arrayent

Dr. Chris Mitchell, CEO and Founder, Audio Analytic

Curt Schacker, Senior Vice President, Connected Products, EVRYTHNG

Philip Steele, Founder & CEO, nCube

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


IoT Infrastructure: The Impact of Data Analytics

Data analytics have the potential to radically change the IoT experience, as vendors leverage usage data to better support and enhance products – creating superior experiences for consumers who will engage more deeply with superior products. Data analytics will not only provide competitive advantage but will become a requirement for success. The stringent EU privacy regulations, further complicated by Brexit, will complicate data collection and provide additional challenges to device makers and service providers. In this session, platform vendors discuss the difficulties in creating predictive solutions that can both secure consumer data and provide in-depth insights into behavior and preferences.


Seb Chakraborty, CTO, British Gas Connected Homes

Oliver Cockcroft, Product Architect, Ayla Networks

Jennifer Sewell, Product Marketing Manager, mnubo

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates


Wrap up

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