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2015 Agenda

Tuesday, 10 November – Innovations Driving the Connected Consumer Experience


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Breakfast - Opal Room


Welcome and Opening Comments - The Grand Ballroom


Drivers of Growth: Accelerating Entertainment, Smart Home, & Health Services - The Grand Ballroom

The Internet of Things and the connected home have transformed vertical markets and created new opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. Companies need to show new value propositions and create awareness to establish a strong position in this new ecosystem. Partnerships, compelling business models, and technology integration are all critical to growth and mass-market adoption for the connected home. This session examines the drivers—connected and mobile devices, innovative technologies, competition, usage habits, and new service offerings—that are pushing growth in key sectors of the market in Europe and worldwide.


Michel Arrede, Head of Marketing, Connected Home, Amdocs

Jon Carter, UK Head of Business Development - Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom AG

Patrice Slupowski, Vice-President Digital Innovation, Orange

Antti Vihavainen, Partner, Business Development, Cozify

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


Keynote: The EU vs. U.S. Smart Home Market: Differences and Opportunities - The Grand Ballroom

Greg Roberts - Icontrol Networks - CONNECTIONS Europe Keynote

Greg Roberts

VP, Marketing

Icontrol Networks

CONNECTIONS Europe - Icontrol Networks Sponsor

Security companies and service providers are driving mass-market adoption of the smart home in North America, generating significant incremental revenue, increasing customer satisfaction, and decreasing churn. But what works in North America doesn’t necessarily apply to the European marketplace. This session explores alternative approaches to delivering the smart home specific to the European market and highlights use cases that apply to a global audience. 


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Evolution of the Video Experience - The Grand Ballroom

The competitive landscape for video content and services is changing alongside the fundamentals of video quality and content delivery. As 4K content and TVs reach the consumer market, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is emerging and could have an even greater impact on video quality. OTT video services are appearing in several markets, offering new features and new competition, and pay-TV providers are responding with innovations of their own. This session examines the evolution of the video experience and the impact on the industry and the consumer experience.


Charles Dawes, Senior Director, International Marketing, Rovi

Carl Furgusson, Head of Strategy, Compression Business, Ericsson

Oliver Lewis, SVP Customer Planning & Analysis, Sky Deutschland

Moderator: Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates


Networking Lunch - The Winter Garden
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Balancing Personalization Solutions with Privacy & Security - The Grand Ballroom

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the use and vulnerability of their personal data, even as they rely on their devices and services to reflect their preferences and adjust to their lifestyle. This panel examines trends in and the impact of personalization, including consumer privacy and security concerns, and strategies to balance personalization solutions with regulatory limits and consumer concerns.


Olivier Carmona, Board of Directors Member, DLNA; Director of Business Development, AwoX

Philip Steele, Founder & CEO, nCube Home

Werner Styrdom, VP of Technology, Irdeto

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


IoT: Adding Value to the Smart Home Experience - The Grand Ballroom

The smart home market in Europe continues to progress as service providers and OEMs introduce new offerings and show value to consumers. Smart products are extending value and offering unique use cases to different markets throughout Europe. This session examines emerging smart products and value-added services that enhance the consumer experience and expand the competitive landscape.


Seb Chakraborty, CTO, British Gas Connected Homes

Kurt Hoppe, VP, Applications & Services, Prodea

Scott Hublou, VP of Global Connected Services, Salus

Joe Liu, CEO, MivaTek

Sumit Parab, Director of Product Management, UXP Systems

Sebastian Popovic, CEO, Zipato

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates


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Smart Home: Partnerships, Monetization Strategies, & New Business Models - The Grand Ballroom

The IoT and connected home are dissolving existing barriers between service areas and are bringing in new players such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. For companies active in the smart home ecosystem, partnerships are necessary, as new competition and business models move them into new and unfamiliar sectors. This panel discusses uncommon and uncomfortable partnerships in the smart home and strategies to make them successful and profitable.


Eamon Conway, Managing Director, climote

Simon Harrison, Head of Technology, UK Innovation, RWE

Rafi Zauer, Head of Marketing, Essence

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


Keynote: From Connected to Thoughtful: How Technology is Transforming the Future of the Home - The Grand Ballroom

Francois Girodolle - Nest Keynote - CONNECTIONS Europe

François Girodolle
Head of Product Partnerships, Nest Europe

Nest Labs, Inc.

Nest - Google - CONNECTIONS 2015 Keynote

Nest Labs is creating a more thoughtful home by reinventing unloved but important products that combine simple, beautiful, and thoughtful hardware, software, and services to delight their customers. In his keynote, François Girodolle discusses the future of the connected home - one that is safer, more energy-efficient, and more aware of its occupants and surroundings. He discusses how our homes can begin taking care of us instead of the other way around. And he explores the wide-ranging potential impact on our lives and our planet - from automatic energy savings to helping seniors live independently. Girodolle also discusses how disruptive developer programmes and standards will realise this vision and what this looks like for Nest.


Connected Entertainment: Expanding Revenues through Innovative Services - The Grand Ballroom

As the market continues to change, service providers need to offer new and unique services in order to maintain or increase ARPU. Some operators have launched their own OTT video, music, or gaming services. Others are turning to network-based offerings such as cloud DVR. This session explores the types of experiences consumers expect and the role of service providers in creating them in order to drive adoption of new services and to expand revenues.


Cornel Ciocirlan, CTO EMEA, ARRIS

Andrew Ferrone, VP of Pay TV, Roku

Raghav Gupta, GM of EMEA, Ooyala

Klaus Milczewsky, Senior Manager, Deutsche Telekom AG

Brynhild Vinskei, Chief Marketing Officer, Xstream

Moderator: Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates


Reception - Opal Room
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Wednesday, 11 November – Securing Mass-Market Revenues through Innovations


Zipato - CONNECTIONS Europe SponsorBreakfast - Opal Room
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Welcome and Recap of Day One - The Grand Ballroom


Integrating OTT Content with Pay-TV Services - The Grand Ballroom

Europe has served as an early market for new online video services. As the wave of OTT video breaks across European markets, new opportunities for partnerships are opening up between OTT services and pay-TV providers. This session examines the impact of these new partnerships, opportunities and challenges of blending OTT with pay TV, the unique value of the user interface, and future opportunities that will shape the progression of OTT video services.


Thomas Guss, Head of Business Development at Watson Nordic, Watson Nordic

Adam Nightingale, VP EMEA, Accedo

Alain Nochimowski, EVP Innovation, Viaccess-Orca

Moderator: Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates


Keynote: TV RE[DEFINED] - The Grand Ballroom

Viacom Keynote - CONNECTIONS Europe

Christian Kurz

SVP Research, Insights and Reporting

Viacom International Media Networks

Viacom - CONNECTIONS Europe Keynote

TV RE[DEFINED] confirms that contrary to popular belief, television is very much alive and well. In an ever-more digitally connected world, television and great stories (content) still connect people to each other now more than ever - over 60% globally agree that television has never been this good. This study sheds light on how global viewers discover and consume content, illustrating how content creators and TV providers can redefine their relationship with viewers in the new TV landscape.


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Supporting the IoT & New Consumer Experiences - The Grand Ballroom

The ability to offer ease-of-use and a positive user experience creates an immediate competitive advantage for companies in the connected home. The ubiquitous use of smartphones and other connected devices to remotely control experiences also creates high expectations for a trouble-free experience. This session examines the new and innovative support technologies working to ensure an optimal experience and their role in driving consumer adoption while also protecting privacy and providing online security.


Bulent Celebi, Co-Founder and Chairman, AirTies Wireless Networks

Farah Khan, Director – Business Development, CSS Corp

Marcus Scheiber, CEO, ROC-Connect

Tom Van Leeuwen, Product Line Manager, Alcatel-Lucent

More speakers to be announced

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


Keynote Fireside Chat – Understanding Early Adopters: Next Stage of the Connected Home - The Grand Ballroom

Multiple channels are competing for a share in the smart home market by offering different products and services, looking in particular to attract early adopters as a foundation for future growth and brand identity. This special session analyzes innovative business models needed to attract the early majority, examines the evolution of products and services to move beyond early adopters, and discusses efforts to balance the different needs of individual countries while seeking to promote Pan-European growth.


Jon Carter, UK Head of Business Development - Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom

Mario Moura, General Manager Home Comfort & Energy Systems EMEA, Honeywell

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates


Networking Lunch - The Winter Garden
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OTT & Pay-TV Integration: Cloud-based CE & Hybrid Devices - The Grand Ballroom

Operators are launching online bundles of linear TV channels to connected consumer devices, streaming media players, and new hybrid set-top boxes that can blend OTT, pay-TV, and over-the-air broadcasts into a unified experience. They can also leverage cloud-based solutions and product virtualization in order to extend their services and features in new ways. This session examines the dramatic changes in CPE product design and deployment as the OTT, broadcast, and pay-TV worlds come together and as more functionality moves into the cloud.


Jonathan Beavon, Director Strategy, Video Software & Solutions, Cisco Systems

Itai Tomer, Head of Cloud DVR, Ericsson

Simon Trudelle, Senior Product Marketing Director, NAGRA

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


Seamless Interoperability: Driving Mass-Market Adoption - The Grand Ballroom

Interoperability is a true challenge for new entrants and existing players in the connected home, but it is necessary for mass-market adoption. Consumers from the U.S. to Europe expect their smart devices to work together, regardless of the original use case or purchase source. This session examines ways to ensure interoperability and analyzes the solutions and new consortia recently formed to satisfy all players, including the consumer.


Avi Barel, Director Business Development, ULE Alliance

Frank den Hartog, Senior Innovator, TNO; TWG Chairman, HGI, HGI/TNO

Mitch Klein, Executive Director, Z-Wave Alliance 

Wouter van der Beek, Vice President, UPnP Forum

Mark Walters, VP of Strategic Development, ZigBee Alliance

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates


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IoT and APIs: Expanding the Role of Connected Devices - The Grand Ballroom

APIs provide a means for product manufacturers and service providers to expose key assets to developers. They create a competitive advantage by opening up new markets, expanding capabilities to include new use cases, and providing an immediate opportunity for manufacturers, service providers, and developers to work together to expand the market. In this session, industry experts discuss the impact of APIs, their role in the design and sales of connected devices, and strategies to attract developers.


Shane Dyer, Founder, Arrayent

Wendy Toth, Vice President of Marketing, Ayla Networks

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates


Wearables, Health Monitoring, & Connected Health Opportunities - The Grand Ballroom

Form factors such as the smart watch are creating a new space for wearables in the connected home, with home controls and health applications near the top of the list for potential use cases. This panel analyzes innovations in wearable computing and their potential to expand consumer-focused health-based applications, health and wellness monitoring, aging-in-place, and control of smart home systems. Speakers highlight the business opportunities for service and technology providers, component suppliers, and software designers.


João Bocas, Co-founder & Chief Wellness Officer, Salutem

Emre Tavsancil, Head of Mobile Health Department, Turkcell

Martijn Vastenburg, Founder & Managing Director, ConnectedCare

John Worsfold, Innovation and Implementation Manager, Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

Marc Wullings, Head of Commercial Operations, Wellmo

Moderator: Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


Integrating IoT into Smart Home & Entertainment Platforms - The Grand Ballroom

This session examines the direction ahead for the connected home and brings together concepts discussed throughout the conference, including optimal go-to-market strategies for new technologies. Speakers discuss how the leading consumer technology channels—including broadband service providers, energy utilities, retailers, and home security providers—will leverage smart products to generate incremental revenues and profits.


Johan Ambuhm, Vice President Business Development & Digital Solutions, Inwido AB

Richard Collins, Smart Home Expert, Neotion

Kevin Garton, CMO, Zonoff

Olivier Ribet, Vice President, High Tech Industry, Dassault Systèmes

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates


Wine and Cheese - Opal Room

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