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2013 Agenda

Tuesday, November 12

Business Strategies and Consumer Engagement


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Welcome & Opening Comments

Parks Associates welcomes attendees.


Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


Engaging Consumers: Connected Home Business Models

Consumers are showing renewed interest in security, controls, energy, and home management, but interest is not uniform across regions or consumer segments. Operators have to develop strategies that reflect this diversity of demand but can still capture the mass market. This session examines trends in consumer demand and strategies for providers to expand their service footprint while maintaining the flexibility necessary for this market.



Mike Harris, CEO, Zonoff, Inc.

Mark Lee, Commercial Director, Intamac

Daniel Schellhoss, Founder & Executive VP, ProSyst Software


Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates


Keynote - The Evolution of TV 2013-2020

Patrice Slupowski - Orange - CONNECTIONS Europe Keynote

Patrice Slupowski
VP, Digital Innovation & Communities

Orange - CONNECTIONS Europe Keynote

With TV meeting the Internet a few years ago, the landscape of digital services targeting the first or second screen has become extremely populated, with an evolution of hardware, platforms, and customer behavior. Trying to follow the sun, this session will be an opportunity to try to imagine what the future of TV services look like.


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Integration of Security and Energy into Service Provider Offerings

The growing ecosystem of connected products and home systems opens up new options that were once out-of-scope for service providers. New security and energy solutions promise to improve consumer "stickiness" and generate new recurring revenues, but service providers have to meet consumer expectations and overcome challenges in perception, deployment, and service design to succeed in this new space.

In this session, leading platform and service providers discuss the obstacles to move to an open platform strategy for connected systems in the home.


Simon Harrison, Product, Innovation, Technology & Trialling Manager, npower

Jody Haskayne, Corporate Communications Director, AlertMe

Matthieu Loreille, Vice President and GM of Connected Home, Amdocs

Duane Paulson, Senior Vice President of Product and Market Development, Linear LLC

Dick Seger, CEO and President, Securitas Direct – Verisure


Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates


Networking Lunch


Multiscreen Services and TV Anywhere

Multiscreen services have rapidly transformed from differentiator to standard offering. Providers are exploring ways to monetize these services and means to tie their services to the growing number of mobile and connected devices in use throughout households.

This panel analyzes the challenges and revenue potential in new video services, especially as the costs for content rights escalate and consumer demand changes. Parks Associates research has shown the use and preferences among young consumers for video are notably different than today's average consumers. Speakers explore the impact of these differences on the industry's approach to video services.


Michael Lantz, CEO & Founder, Accedo

François Moreau de Saint Martin, CEO, Viaccess-Orca

Daniel Riddell, VP - Operations, SmartOTT | Wild TV

Lisa Skelton, Head of Marketing, Content Delivery, Ericsson

Bram Tijdhof, Senior Strategy Manager,  Ziggo


Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates


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Discovery and Personalization for TV Services

OTT services, free and paid VoD, and cloud DVR offerings are changing video consumption into an on-demand experience. Content owners and distributors are challenged with formulating effective cross-platform video delivery and discovery approaches— ones that connect with users at any touch point on an individual basis.

This session addresses new technologies that enhance the video experience for the end user and explores strategies for providers and manufacturers to forge a direct line to users and their viewing preferences.


Stuart Cleary, Director Product Marketing, Media, EMEA, Akamai

Olaf Loerz, Director, Product Management, Rovi

Johan Nilsson, Head of Analysis & Competitive Intelligence, Com Hem

Ignacio Rebollo, CEO, SAFEVIEW


Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


Keynote - “IoT” connects devices, but Cloud-Enabled Services provide the real value

Paul Dawes - iControl Networks - CONNECTIONS Europe Keynote

Paul Dawes
Executive Vice President, General Manager
iControl Networks

iControl Networks - CONNECTIONS Europe sponsor

“IoT” is technology that connects devices, but Cloud-Enabled Services provide the consumer-facing value and revenue for service providers.

Virtually all top-tier service providers in North America have launched Connected Home solutions that are not only attracting new customers but generating new, and lucrative, revenue streams. But it’s a misconception to believe the “Internet of Things” is the driving force behind these offerings, and it, in and of itself, will not drive successful Connected Home deployments in Europe.

Paul Dawes, Executive Vice President & General Manager at iControl Networks, presents the afternoon keynote, highlighting the opportunity for European service providers who embrace the secret to successful Connected Home launches – Cloud-Enabled Services. The keynote also covers the advantages of open platforms, and how iControl’s software architecture and extensive deployment experience are addressing the needs of the European marketplace.


TV Apps and the New Customer Experience

Broadcasters, pay-TV providers, networks, and other players throughout the industry continue to invest in mobile apps related to the TV experience. Each player has its own goals and strategies, but in the end, consumers actively use only a handful of apps on the TV.

This panel explores the consumer side of TV apps, the evolution of usage, and whether this sector will ever match app usage on mobile devices. Executives will address the different strategies for each player and forecasts the winners in the TV app space.


Ajey Anand, Chief Commercial Officer, NORIGIN MEDIA

Ralf Jacob, Head of Interactive Business Development, Viacom International Media Networks

Colas Overkott, CEO, VISIWARE

Jan Van Ottele, Co-Founder, ZappoTV, Inc.


Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates


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Wednesday, November 13

Services, Technology, and New Opportunities


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Welcome & Recap of Day 1


Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates


The Future for the Set-top Box

Consumers are increasingly using devices such as media boxes and game consoles to stream video content, while pay-TV providers can lower CPE costs and expand service flexibility by delivering content directly to smart TVs. The growing presence of connected devices in the home has renewed debate on the future role and form factor of the set-top box.

This session examines current deployments of set tops throughout Europe and innovations that will deliver new features and enhance the experience of TV viewers. Speakers address the impact of set tops on customer satisfaction, content browsing and discovery, advertising, and OTT content delivery.


Darren Fawcett, Chief Technical Engineer, Pace plc

Richard Crossley, Business Development Director for EMEA, Intel

Klaus Milczewsky, Senior Mgr. Technology Management, Products & Innovation, Deutsche Telekom AG

JT Taylor, Director, Service Provider Video Technology Group, Cisco

Jason Wong, Senior Director of International Products and Services, TiVo Inc.


Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates


Keynote - Creating Smart Home Revenues through Customer Focus and Partnerships

Dick Seger - Verisure - CONNECTIONS Europe keynote

Dick Seger
CEO and President
Securitas Direct - Verisure

Verisure - CONNECTIONS Europe sponsor

The connected smart home market is here – all key prerequisites are in place, companies are creating true customer value, and consumer demand is increasing.

Research clearly shows that the customer is requesting an integrated seamless solution with an intuitive interface. This increasing consumer demand will drive the market, and suppliers need to have a clear consumer focus and form partnerships in order to offer a truly integrated consumer experience. Long-term and successful partnerships are based on a simple and clear business model that acknowledges the unique interests and drivers for all involved companies. In short, we should all be in the driver's seat.

Dick Seger, CEO of Securitas Direct - Verisure, presents the morning keynote, highlighting the importance of partnerships and a consumer focus in order for the connected smart home market to take off. He will point out the cornerstones for a successful partnership and briefly describe the possibilities with the Verisure platform.


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Special Session - Fireside Chat: Changing Role of Service Providers in the Connected Home


Sue Furnell, Senior Strategy Manager, Connected Home Division, British Gas

Marc Westermann, General Manager – Home by SFR, SFR


Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates


Special Session - Fireside Chat: New Entertainment Platforms and Content Distribution



Klaus Milczewsky, Senior Mgr. Technology Management, Products & Innovation, Deutsche Telekom AG


Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates


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Interoperability in the Home Controls Market

Every channel is developing its own strategy for the connected home, which creates challenges for interoperability that could inhibit consumer adoption and create confusion in the market.

This session examines the varying strategies and technologies in use among providers, OEMs, security, and utilities as they develop solutions in home controls and management. Speakers also explore areas of common interest, opportunities for partnership, the benefits of interoperability, and the standards and technologies that will simplify integration.


Benoit Joly, SVP, Smart Home, Technicolor

Jim Kitchen, Vice President, Product Strategy, iControl Networks

Corrado Rocca, Vice President, IP Networking Business Unit Head, Advanced Digital Broadcast; Marketing Committee Chair, HGI

Ricco Winther, Director of European Sales, Z-Wave, Sigma Designs


Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates


Consumer Tech Support in a Multiscreen Home

The market for support services is expanding as each new screen, including smart TVs, tablets, DVRs, and even thermostats, creates new technical demands in the connected home. There is industry-wide pressure to ensure each part of the connected-home ecosystem delivers as promised.

This panel examines new technologies enabling support offerings and the potential for new revenues and future opportunities as growth in connected devices sharpens the need for holistic support options.


Alan Atkins, VP and Global Head M2M, Wipro Technologies

Vishal Dhar, Co-founder & President of Marketing, iYogi

David Stronach, Vice President, Sutherland Global Services

Jens Tackmann, Head of European Business Development, Pie Digital


Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates




Content and Service Strategies to Capture the OTT Consumer

OTT services, combined with widespread adoption of connected CE in European households, have conditioned consumers to expect direct access to desired content and services. These expectations create new challenges in content licensing and can fracture subscriber loyalty.

This session analyzes new strategies for attracting and retaining consumers and the role of content and personalization in monetizing new services.


Roi Oron, Senior Sales & Business Development EMEA, Tvinci

Ola Steinsrud, Vice President New Markets and Content, Magine

Simon Trudelle, Senior Product Marketing Director, NAGRA

Peter Taylor, Affiliate VP, Fox International Channels


Brett Sappington, Director, Research, Parks Associates


Big Data and Cloud Services in the Connected Home

Data analytics enable home systems to operate more efficiently while increasing user comfort, convenience, and security on an individual basis. Cloud services provide storage and access services for the data used by the connected home to create this intelligent ecosystem.

This session addresses the complementary roles of data analytics and cloud services in the home. Speakers analyze the opportunities for partnerships, differentiation, and product deployment as data assume a larger role in operating the connected home.


Shane Dyer, President & Founder, Arrayent

Robin Ford, VP Business Development, Global Cache'

V. Rory Jones, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, PlanetEcosystems

Maria Nordgren, Vice President, Consumer Security Business Line, F-Secure


Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates


Analyst Insights & Closing Comments with Wine and Cheese

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