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2019 Workshop - Connected Health: Serving Consumers at Home

Agenda - August 27

12:00 P.M.  Registration Open

1:00 P.M.  Welcome: Opening Comments and State of the Market

Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates

1:10 P.M.  Research Presentation: Consumer Interest in Independent Living Technology

Independent living solutions, which encompass a variety of assistive technologies, enhance seniors’ ability to stay in their home safely and enable extended communication with loved ones. Parks Associates analysts present data revealing seniors’ aging concerns and needs, technology adoption, and interest in assistive solutions. The presentation compares seniors’ attitudes with those of their caregivers and highlights market opportunities.

Dina Abdelrazik, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

1:30 P.M.  Expert Presentation – Impact of MACRA and Telehealth Reimbursement for Connected Health

The accessibility and growth of telehealth and remote patient monitoring services are directly impacted by regulation and reimbursement policies. In the past year, reimbursement has expanded from both private and public payors. This session assesses telehealth and remote patient monitoring policy changes in 2018 and 2019 and how these changes are shaping the market.

Moderator: Kristen Hanich, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

2:15 P.M. Research Presentation: Innovations in Consumer Fitness: Equipment, Content, and Services

Connectivity for fitness devices has unlocked new value for consumers and new opportunities for companies offering fitness services and content. Industry-leading devices offer live-streaming classes and workout tracking and insights by syncing with leading fitness apps. In this session, Parks Associates analysts present research on emerging trends in the consumer fitness space, including consumer adoption of connected fitness equipment, purchase drivers, important features, and use of new fitness services.

Steve Nason, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

2:30 P.M. Coffee Break

3:00 P.M. Research Presentation – Telehealth: The Consumer Perspective

Telehealth services provide remote solutions for physician visits, transitional care after a hospital discharge, and ongoing chronic care management, which can lower costs for both patient and providers. These services are also incredibly convenient for consumers and can expand access for those who have difficulty getting to the doctor. This presentation reveals consumer use of telehealth services, drivers and barriers for use, and consumer preferences for telehealth service features.

Kristen Hanich, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

3:15 P.M. Lessons Learned: Successful Strategies for Engaging Consumers

The push to engage consumers outside of the facility, combined with advances in consumer technology, has created several distinct markets for connected health products and services. This session addresses key strategies to engage consumers with connected health solutions.

Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates

4:00 P.M. Innovation at Transformative Life Stages: New Parents and Caregivers

As individuals transition from one stage of life to another, they often find that they have new needs and responsibilities. Two of the most demanding life transitions are parenthood and caring for elderly parents. This panel discusses how companies identify, engage, and form lasting relationships with individuals undergoing these life transitions and offer innovative solutions that provide real value at these transition moments.

Moderator: Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates

5:00 P.M. Opening Reception

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