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2016 Workshop - Addressing Consumer Needs in the Connected Health Market

This research workshop digs deep into Parks Associates' new 2016 consumer data, including details on the firm's advanced segmentation and strategies to leverage this information to develop and deploy successful consumer-focused solutions. Presentations include analyst insights, industry perspectives on healthcare challenges, and audience Q&A to discuss the IoT solutions that best engage consumers and caregivers. Register Now

Agenda - August 30

1:00 P.M.  Welcome

1:10 P.M.  Who Are the Healthcare Consumers? Insights from Parks Associates

In this introductory presentation, Parks Associates’ Senior Research Director Harry Wang provides a detailed look at the firm’s segmentation for healthcare consumers, including the fourteen distinct consumer persona identified and verified through multiple annual surveys. The presentation focuses on consumer behaviors and motivations regarding their healthcare needs as well as how the industry can benefit from a deeper understanding of its consumers.

Harry Wang, Senior Research Director, Parks Associates

1:30 P.M.  Understanding the Chronic Care Patient Experience*

Leading experts evaluate the needs and experiences of chronic-care patients and caretakers and identify areas where monitoring and technology could improve care. These presentations offer insights into the costs and challenges that arise from the epidemic of chronic conditions in the U.S.

Karissa Price, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Healthways

Eric Rock, CEO, Vivify Health

2:00 P.M.  Addressing Chronic Care Challenges through Technologies: Consumer Perspectives*

Two-thirds of U.S. consumers have at least one chronic condition, and they consume a disproportional share of healthcare resources and drive healthcare costs higher. The healthcare industry is working to address these consumers’ needs while reducing costs through behavioral changes and coordinated care models. By 2019, seven million people in more than five million households will use connected health monitoring solutions for their chronic conditions. This session highlights the best strategies to assist consumers with chronic conditions. The presentation features new consumer data and industry research on self-management among these patients and their expectations of care professionals to reveal areas where technologies can improve lives and outcomes.

Harry Wang, Senior Research Director, Parks Associates

2:30-3:00 P.M. Coffee Break

3:00 P.M. Roundtable: Impact of Social Influence on Connected Health
higi - Connected Health Summit Session SponsorSponsored by higi

The practical applications of socially influencing systems have been frequently applied and measured across industries. Take a look at Facebook’s current impact on the 2016 presidential election with its Trending News function; Twitter’s ability to rally people to action ahead of traditional media outlets; or YouTube’s knack for launching new dance trends like the Harlem Shake or twerking. The principles of social influence on connected health, although nascent, are quickly emerging as a new tool to motivate individuals at a mass scale. Armed with components such as social recognition, social competition, social comparison, etc., this roundtable session illustrates how concepts of social influence are taking shape both in the labs and in the market today, dramatically changing how individuals approach their own health behaviors and influence those of others.

• Tom MacTavish, Assistant Professor, IIT Institute of Design

Dr. Khan Siddiqui, Chief Medical Officer & Chief Technology Officer, higi

• Dr. Agnis Stibe, Social Engineer of Persuasive Wellbeing, MIT Media Lab

4:00 P.M. Independent Living and Connected Home: A Caregiver Perspective*

As healthcare transformation broadens, more care will be delivered in non-acute settings, including in people’s homes. This research presentation leverages Parks Associates’ consumer and industry research related to independent living solutions from the perspectives of family caregivers. It examines the potential of smart home infrastructure to support a better in-home care experience and provide improved tools for caregivers to monitor aging family members.

Harry Wang, Senior Research Director, Parks Associates

4:30 P.M. Personal Wellness: Devices and Apps for Connected Consumers*

Fitness devices and wellness apps continue to play a large role in personal wellness for consumers. These solutions are also expanding the reach of the connected health market as new consumers come in through wearables, connected devices, and corporate wellness programs. This presentation addresses new research related to the usage of these solutions, including the impact of technologies on traditional wellness programs and facilities and how they are changing consumer behaviors.

• Dave Swartz, Co-Founder / President, Medl Mobile

Harry Wang, Senior Research Director, Parks Associates

* These sessions conclude with a ten-minute Q&A, with the audience encouraged to share their experiences and dig deeper into the discussion on these topics.

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