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August 29, 2016

Technology innovations and market disruptions are key topics at Parks Associates’ Third-annual Connected Health Summit this week in San Diego

Adoption of connected healthcare devices, 36% of U.S. broadband households, creating new opportunities for consumer engagement in health and wellness solutions 

Parks Associates will host the third-annual Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers, August 30 – September 1, at the Omni Hotel in San Diego. Nearly 300 executives will attend, and keynote speakers include executives from Samsung, Medtronic, HumanaVitality, and Walmart. Registration is open, and media are invited to register for a press pass.

“The adoption of connected healthcare devices has increased 40% in the last two years,” said Harry Wang, Senior Research Director, Parks Associates. “We are at a pivotal time in understanding this evolving market as businesses work to involveconsumers in managing their health – whether it’s through wearables and smart watch apps, connected blood pressure monitors, personalized health coaching services, or new IoT platforms in the smart home that could adapt health-focused use cases.”

Parks Associates has studied the digital health sector since 2006, analyzing the development of this market and the implications for multiple connected home industries. The connected health market has seen continued innovations in devices, apps, and services as well as the emergence of successful strategies to increase consumer satisfaction, enhance care quality, and reduce costs. At the forefront of the industry’s growth is the continued expansion of the connected home concept and the consumer-based Internet of Things (IoT), which is growing the “opportunity footprint” for health solutions.

“There is an ongoing shift in healthcare from afee-for-service to a pay-for-performance model, and customers of connected health solutions and services are picking their winning vendors and partners for long-term commitments,” said Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates. “Now more than ever, sharing best practices and success stories is critical for theprogression of the connected health industry.

“We are in the sickcare age and not healthcare age. Exponential adoption of mobile phones and Internet is the change agent helping us transition to healthcare age,” said Sachin Chaudhry, Founder and CEO, TrustCircle, who will be speaking in the special session “Everything Disruptive: What Consumers Can Expect from Care Innovators,” at 2:30 p.m. on September 1. This session and the following “Venture Capital and Investment Trends in Consumer Health” offer a unique opportunity to experience healthcare innovators pitching their ideas to VC executives, who will then analyze the presentations and discuss the investment environment for connected healthcare.

The agenda for Connected Health Summit analyzes the role of innovative connectedhealth solutions in driving changes in consumer behaviors as well as healthcare systems, insurers, and hospital networks. The event also examines the role of the smart home in expanding the connected health experience for consumers and successful approaches in the deployment of connected healthcare products and services.


What: Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers

When: August 30 – September 1, 2016

Where: Omni Hotel
             675 L Street, Salon AB, 4th Floor
             San Diego, CA  92114

Who attends:  - Device makers and distributors
                        - Healthcare providers
                        - Insurance and health institutions
                        - Software and app developers
                        - Telecom and broadband service providers
                        - Technology enablers
                        - Brands and merchants
                        - Mobile infrastructure providers

Registration: http://www.parksassociates.com/events/connected-health/register

Press passes: http://www.parksassociates.com/events/connected-health/media#pp

Twitter: @CONN_Health_Smt

Agenda: https://www.parksassociates.com/events/connected-health/agenda

Keynote schedule:                         

Wednesday, August 31

9:45 a.m. - "Beyond Devices – Addressing the Diabetes Epidemic with Data and Services" by Annette Brüls, President, Diabetes Service and Solutions, Medtronic

4:00 p.m. - "Connected Health & Retail – Re-imagining the Future of Preventative Care Delivery" by Alex Hurd, Senior Director, Product Development, Growth and Payer Innovation -- Health & Wellness, Walmart

Thursday, September 1

9:45 a.m. - "Applying Digital Health Technology to Engage Patients and Consumers to Better Health" by David Rhew, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Healthcare and Fitness, Samsung Electronics America

11:45 a.m. - "Strategies to Implement Effective Employer Wellness Programs" by Stuart Slutzky, Chief, Product Innovation, HumanaVitality

Special events:

Tuesday, August 30

Research Workshop: 1-5 p.m. - “Addressing Consumer Needs in the Connected Health Market,”pre-conference workshop hosted by Parks Associates

Wednesday, August 31

11:45 a.m. - "Fireside Chat: Best Strategy for Health Systems to Thrive in Value-based Care Model" with Kelly Macken-Marble, VP, Ambulatory Care, CentraCare Health

Thursday, September 1

2:30 p.m. - "Everything Disruptive: What Consumers Can Expect from Care Innovators," where innovators present new ideas to the audience and a group of venture capitalist executives for input and feedback, with executives from CirrusMD, Life365, Sensoria, Inc., TrustCircle, and WEGO Health

3:15 p.m. - "Venture Capital and Investment Trends in Consumer Health," where investors and directors provide feedback on the innovations pitched in the prior session and share their outlook on how to raise money and gain the trust of investors, with executives from Flare Capital Partners, mHealth Israel, Norwest Venture Partners, Nokia Growth Partners, and Providence Ventures

Conference sponsors include Independa, higi, ARM, Care Innovations, Healthways, Alarm.com, Honeywell, MEDL Mobile, MultiTech, New Fields Technologies, PokitDok, Z-Wave, ZigBee, the California Health Care Foundation, Bright.md, Medable, and Home8.

To schedule an interview with a speaker or analyst, or to request specific research data, contact Holly Sprague at hsprague@gmail.com or 720-987-6614. 

About Connected Health Summit: Consumer Engagement and Innovation

Connected Health Summit, hosted by international research firm Parks Associates, is an executive conference focused on the impact of connected devices and IoT healthcare solutions on consumers at home. In its ninth year, Connected Health Summit brings senior industry leaders together from all aspects of the consumer experience ecosystems to provide insights on new business models, IoT technologies, consumer behaviors, and deployments relevant to consumer healthcare solutions.

The conference features Parks Associates quarterly consumer readdresses opportunities for new solutions in the care giving and senior markets and the wellness markets. This includes smart home platforms, on-demand services, voice assistants, and wearables, to empower consumers, caregivers, and providers and to meet the growing demand for services in independent living, chronic care management, remote access to care, and wellness and fitness solutions. www.connectedhealthsummit.com

Follow the event on Twitter at @CONN_Health_Smt.