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March 19, 2015

Parks Associates to Address Consumer Health Technologies at 2015 Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers

AARP, Humana, Johnson & Johnson, Omron Healthcare, UnitedHealth Group, and Walgreens join 2015 Advisory Board 

Parks Associates today announced the Advisory Board and agenda topics for the second-annual Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers, taking place September 9-10 in San Diego, CA. The executive conference will focus on innovations in connected health technologies, the impact of new players such as Apple, Google, and Samsung, and new business models to drive consumer behavior, usage, and satisfaction. The firm estimates 20% of U.S. smartphone owners currently use at least one health-based app on a monthly basis.

“In 2014, U.S. consumers bought almost 10 million connected fitness trackers and smart watches that support health and wellness tracking functions,” said Harry Wang, Director, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates. “Health devices and apps are establishing their roles in the connected home and Internet of Things. This year’s Connected Health Summit will again put consumers and technology at the heart of the event, with the broader vision for successful technology and business strategies to maximize investment returns and increase consumer satisfaction and adoption.”

Connected Health Summit brings together key healthcare stakeholders from insurers, health systems, and physician groups with technology companies, consumer brands, broadband service providers, retailers, and entrepreneurs to offer a unique informational and networking experience. Members of the Advisory Board help to shape the agenda and focus of the event. 2015 participants include:

  • AARP - Keith Epstein, Senior Strategic Advisor
  • Humana - Kristine Mullen, Vice President, Wellness Strategies & Solutions
  • Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions - John Vander Meulen, General Manager
  • Omron Healthcare, Inc. - Randy Kellogg, Chief Operating Officer
  • UnitedHealth Group - Ron Ozminkowski, Chief Scientific Officer, Optum Consumer Solutions Group
  • Walgreens - Adam Pellegrini, Vice President, Digital Health

“Technology-based health management is not a ‘trend,’ it’s a critical tool in the drive to improve population health,” said John Vander Meulen, General Manager, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions. “The Connected Health Summit is an excellent opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities that cutting-edge consumer health technologies can play in engaging patients and building new care service models.”

“Making the consumer experience something that is pleasant, easy to engage, and targeted to the individual is vital,” said Kristine Mullen, Vice President, Wellness Strategies & Solutions, Humana. “But it is also paramount that as partners in health, the connections we make between consumer-based devices, the data they collect, and the partnerships that we foster help lead consumers to their next best decision in terms of better health and well-being. Events like the 2015 Connected Health Summit help us to collectively do just that.”

The event agenda focuses on consumer health technologies which require active consumer participation to be successful. Event topic includes:

Technology Strategies

  • Integrating Wearables for Consumer Care
  • Implementing Technology for Accountable Care
  • Building Platforms to Embrace Connected Health Opportunities

Consumer Engagement

  • Engaging Consumers at Every Touch Point
  • Personalizing Consumer Experience: Challenges and Best Practices
  • Bringing in Outside Experts: Guiding Consumers for Behavioral Changes

Partnerships and Business Strategies

  • Making Sense of Partnerships in the Connected Health Market
  • Assimilating Health Analytics into Business Strategies

Disruptive Business Models

  • Connecting the Dots: Roles of Service Providers in the Connected Health Market
  • Disrupting and Rebuilding: New Care Service Models for Consumers
  • Venture Capital and Investment Trends in Consumer Health

Parks Associates is accepting speaking submissions for this event at http://www.parksassociates.com/chs-agenda. For information on participating, visit http://www.connectedhealthsummit.com or contact sales@parksassociates.com, 972-490-1113.

About Connected Health Summit: Consumer Engagement and Innovation

Parks Associates’ Connected Health Summit is an executive conference focused on the impact of connected devices and IoT healthcare solutions on consumers at home.

Connected Health Summit provides insights on consumer behaviors and changing demands driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and new business models, IoT technologies, and deployments emerging to target these new needs. The conference addresses opportunities for new solutions, including smart home platforms, on-demand services, voice assistants, and wearables, to empower consumers, caregivers, and providers with new insight into patient health and to meet the growing demand for services in independent living, chronic care management, remote access to care, and wellness and fitness.

The ninth annual Connected Health Summit: Independent Living and Wellness will feature an in-person conference in September 2022 and virtual sessions on January 20: Health and Home: State of the Market; March 24: Telehealth and Remote Monitoring: Health to Home; June 16: Smart Home and Health: Modern Living; and October 6: Seniors and Caretakers: Living Independently.www.connectedhealthsummit.com

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