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Comments from attendees and sponsors about their experiences at previous CONNECTIONS™ events. Have a question or comment about CONNECTIONS™? Send it to Parks Associates.

I really enjoy the fact-based atmosphere that is in CONNECTIONS™ - you guys do a lot of research and you often have very strong participants. Your analysts are always very good on the work of developing good Q&A. Overall, a very good experience.

Paul Brody, Global Industry Leader, IBM Global Business Services

CONNECTIONS Testimonials - IBM

It was a good event. Looking forward to next year.

Ken Wirt, Vice President, Consumer Marketing, Cisco

Cisco - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

As always the CONNECTIONS™ event was a high-quality affair. I hope to have an opportunity to participate again.

Peter Smyth, CEO, RedMere

RedMere - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

I thought that the show was great this year, and we ended up having some great conversations and gathering some great leads.

Jeri Lyn Egbert, Sr. Marketing Manager, Events, PacketVideo

PacketVideo - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

Our marketing work with ... CONNECTIONS™ have both been fruitful. We look forward to continuing the relationship, returning, and extending it as we grow.

Melissa Simpler, CEO, Affinegy

Affinegy - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

I did enjoy being on the panel, and found it quite interesting and effective. Looking forward to collaborating with you in the future.

Yaron Raz, Director of Video Solutions Marketing, BigBand Networks

BigBand Networks - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

Again CONNECTIONS™ was very useful to network and get a sense of the questions asked and the first successful answers from the industry. We are always willing to share our experience. I hope to come again next year.

Alexandre Geiss, Orange


Thanks for all of your (and Parks Associates) help in organizing and executing this event – I think it turned out great. We found it very valuable and look forward to doing these types of events with you in the future.

Stasia Fogg, PlumChoice Inc.

PlumChoice - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

We loved being part of the program. Can’t wait till next year!

Chris Taylor, Sonic.com

Sonic.com - Rovi - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on the CONNECTIONS™ conference.

1. The Conference: Though I was only able to attend 2 breakout sessions (Remote Service Providers and 3D) and visit the trade show floor, I thought it was well done. The speakers were articulate, engaging and had insights to share that you wouldn't otherwise hear unless you attended.

2. Speaking: I enjoyed the opportunity to speak and was heartened to see that 150 of the conference participants attended.

3. Verizon-sponsored cocktail party: Two-words: Nacho Bar! Seriously, it was a well-attended and festive environment with quality appetizers and adult beverages.

Frank J. Mona III, Executive Director- Sales Execution, Consumer Home Services-ConnecTech, AT&T Operations, Inc.


I wanted to send a note of thanks on behalf of ExtendMedia for involving Extend in last week’s CONNECTIONS™ panel – TV Everywhere and Online Video. It sounds like the discussion was lively and well-received, and I know Todd appreciated the opportunity to be a part of it!

Jill Newberry, Senior Associate, BluePoint Venture Marketing for ExtendMedia

ExtendMedia - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

I wanted to thank you once again for helping to coordinate the VIP Dinner last week and extending the invitation to Roger and I. We had a lovely dinner and were able to not only hear from industry players through the panel session but also made meaningful “connections” with those seated at our table. The entire week was unforgettable.

Joanna Lawrence, FTTX Product Development Manager, Bell Aliant

Bell Aliant - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

I'd like to express my appreciation for another great experience at CONNECTIONS™! I think more than any previous CONNECTIONS™ event, this one ranked at the top of my list in terms of value, relevance and networking strength.

Andreas (Andy) Melder, Vice President Business Development, Gigle Networks

Gigle Networks - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

Just wanted to say thank you for a great conference. I feel like I learned a great deal and spoke to some interesting folks. I enjoyed the panel on Thursday. As I said, I'm very impressed with the research work that you are doing. Tuesday's pre-session was very educational for me.

David Bercovich, VP, Business Development, AlertMe


I just wanted to thank you all for the opportunity to attend the event and participate in the evening gatherings. I thought the staff, materials, and attendees were top notch and I look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Thomas Sachson, Ikanos

Ikanos - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

Connections was a success from my perspective. Thanks for reaching out and having iTOK represent and introduce itself to the industry. I gained a lot of insight at Connections that will help shape a future strategy as well.

Seth Bailey, Chief Executive Officer, iTOK, Inc.


I just wanted to thank you very much for the Parks Associates CONNECTIONS™ conference.

Dennis Goldenson, Director, Corporate Strategy and Development, DTS


All of us from LEVEL enjoyed attending CONNECTIONS™. I appreciate you letting us participate as sponsors.

Garrett Colburn, Research Analyst, LEVEL Studios


Wynn and I were talking this morning and he went to great lengths to say how much he enjoyed and appreciated the entire event; including your help and the rest of the Parks team.

Michael Phelan, Executive Director of Marketing, PlumChoice Inc.

PlumChoice - CONNECTIONS at TIA 2012

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