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Extending Peace of Mind: Security Adjacencies
The User Experience: Integration and Controls
Independent Living: Serving Seniors; Aging Boomers; Chronically Ill
Smart Home Solutions: Channel Expansion
Business Models: Service-Driven Consumer Market
The User Experience: Integration; Interoperability; Controls
AI and the Smart Home: Proactive and Predictive Intelligence
Investing in the Future: Tech Driving Innovation
DIY: Impact on Smart Home and Security
Clean Energy Trends: Electric Vehicles; Batteries; Solar
Support: Onboarding and Ongoing Services
Growing Up Smart Home: Engaging Different Generations
New Channel Strategies to Capture Consumer Engagement
Monitoring: Expanding Beyond Security
Health and Wellness: Wearables and Market Growth
Point Solutions vs Whole-Home Systems
Energy Management: Driving the Smart Home
Service Providers: Value-added Services
Personalization and the Connected Home: Partnership Strategies
5G; AI; and the Connected Home: Looking Forward
Home Network and Wi-Fi: Connectivity Driving the Experience
Converging Ecosystems: Entertainment and Smart Home
Privacy and Security: Protecting the Consumer
Connected Car: Extending the Smart Home
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