Next-Gen CE: Reinventing Consumer Experience with IoT Data

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 | 11 AM CT

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50% of consumers who set up smart home devices themselves report setup problems

This webinar explores the adoption of connected products, the multiple levels of an IoT strategy for CE companies, and the challenges and potential pitfalls in the transition to a connected platform. Speakers explore the opportunities in leveraging user-generated data to drive engagement and capture the lifetime value of a consumer relationship.

Consumers and broadband households are in the middle of a transformation – the average number of connected products per household has steadily increased, growing from eight connected devices per household to over twelve in the past five years. These changes are pushing CE companies to look beyond the single transaction, to create long-term engagement with their consumers.

Consumer adoption of connected products is still in the early stages, but connectivity has already generated a tremendous increase in the amount of user data captured by manufacturers. The user-generated data from connected CE can serve many purposes for manufacturers. It can inform product design, expand customer education strategies, and manage customer relationships. Players can leverage this data to speed onboarding, reduce product returns, improve product ratings, and increase revenue by extending the lifetime vale of the consumer relationship. This type of user-generated data is a new frontier waiting to be explored, but first companies need to deliver a connected experience that engages consumers and keeps them on the platform.

Many CE companies are in a painful transition to becoming IoT companies as they struggle to keep their actual and virtual shelf space among retailers favoring tech-forward solutions. There are many factors in this transition from a traditional to connected solution, including automated updates, UI management, Amazon and product ratings, and messaging to the consumer. As a result, many newer solutions, born in the IoT era, have been able to bypass larger and more traditional CE giants, who have been stymied by rising support costs and low app ratings.


  • Expand the CE business model from a single transaction to embrace the lifetime value of the customer
  • Explore new forms of lifetime value, including subscriptions, ecosystem sales, and brand loyalty
  • Understand key marketplace factors and trends driving CE manufacturers to add connectivity and the factors for success or failure in this transition
  • Explore the benefits in user-generated data
  • See how IoT companies have leveraged user-generated data to better understand and communicate with their customers
  • Learn strategies for using user-generated data to drive customer engagement, improve product strategy, and lower returns
  • Explore the strategies of companies successful in the IoT CE space and the tools needed to make the transition


Frank Zvi, Co-CEO, Copilot

Tejas Shah, Senior Vice President of Product and Chief Information Officer, Arlo Technologies, Inc.

Kristen Hanich, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

Kristen Hanich Kristen Hanich, Director of Research, Parks Associates
Twitter ID: @KristenAtParks

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Consumer electronics, mobility services and devices, connected health and wellness

Kristen Hanich heads Parks Associates' consumer electronics and mobility research, with expertise in other verticals including connected cars, mobile networking, healthcare, wellness, and independent living. She leads a mix of custom and syndicated research projects throughout the year, with a focus on major players and emerging trends. Kristen specializes in bridging the gap between data-driven and narrative approaches to understanding the consumer markets via a mix of qualitative and quantitative research approaches.

Kristen has dual master's degrees in applied anthropology and public health from the Universities of North Texas in Denton and Fort Worth. She earned her BSc in health at the University of Texas at San Antonio and has a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems.

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Tejas Shah Tejas Shah, SVP, Commercial Strategy & Analytics, FilmRise
Twitter ID: @wearefilmrise

Based in New York, Tejas Shah is SVP of Commercial Strategy & Analytics for FilmRise. In this role, he manages FilmRise's Direct-To-Consumer offering. Tejas also manages their Analytics infrastructure; driving FilmRise's data-driven approach to content acquisition, go-to-market strategy, curation, and programming. Prior to joining FilmRise in 2019, Tejas held various Strategy & Finance positions at J.P. Morgan, PepsiCo & Bloomberg and is a graduate of Indiana University.

Frank Zvi Frank Zvi, Co-CEO, Copilot

Zvi Frank serves as Co CEO at Copilot. Previously he held the position of executive chairman at Zemingo mobile group, a service company focused on app development. Frank founded a number of companies including Boatbook, SeaWise and Interwise, a web conferencing platform that was later sold to AT&T where he served as AT&T VP of Unified Communications. Frank co-produced the Emmy winner documentary Google Baby and served as a fighter pilot in the IAF.

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